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It's been really hot this summer in Dallas. Sometimes the only way to bare it is to, well, bare it all! My aunt and uncle took off for a vacation in Europe a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to house-sit. They live in a really nice neighborhood in Carrollton, just north of Dallas. They offered a fully stocked fridge, bar, and a pool. Who would say no to that?

I love to be tanned, and I hate tan lines. My boobies and butt are bright white without some color. Usually I tan in a salon but during the summer here it's really nice to have sun bronze your skin. At my place I have a secluded spot on the deck that gets about three hours of sun each day and I'm able to lie out nude comfortably.

When I first got to my aunt's house I immediately put on my suit and jumped into the pool. It was great to have a pool all to yourself unlike my apartment pool with screaming k**s and blaring music from five different radios. I slipped into the pool and began swimming back and forth. I checked out the area to see if I could lose my suit. Their house has a privacy fence and is surrounded by single story houses, except for one two story. It had a window that slightly overlooked the pool. Someone could easily see me from that window if they happen to look. I propped up a few floats that would block my nude body from that window on the far end of the pool. I slipped out of my suit and climbed onto a float. I grabbed the edge of the pool to hold me in place while the sun did it's job.

I must have dozed off. When I woke up I was in the middle of the pool fully exposed. I lifted my head to glance at the window and noticed one of the slats in the window was lifted up. Then it dropped back into place.

“Holy shit,” I thought, “someone's watching me.”

I slid off the float and looked around for my suit. It had drifted to the other end of the pool. Oh well, whoever was watching had already got an eyeful while I was asl**p. I swam down to the other end in full view of the voyeur and got dressed.

Later that afternoon, I was curious to see who had watched me. When I went out to get the mail, a middle-aged man came out of the house. I said “Hi” and he did as well, not really noticing me or anything. That was odd. I figured he'd have a shit-eating grin on his face. He wasn't bad looking, or really handsome either. Just an average middle-aged guy.

The next day I figured I'd put on a show for this guy. I decided to leave the suit inside the house and over cover myself with a towel. Once at the pool, I dropped the trowel and stood completely bare to the world. My heart was beating out of my chest as I stood completely nude in the backyard. I carefully laid out my towel across the chaise lounge and laid down on my back. I sat there for a moment peeking through my sunglasses at the window. Suddenly, I saw the slat lift up. He was watching. I started applying oil to my body; very slow and deliberate. I was sure he was up there rubbing his cock. I paid special attention to my boobs. I gently dragged my fingertips across my nipples. This stimulation, the warm sun, and the fact that I was being watched was really turning me on. My hand found it's way to my tingling clit and began stroking it. It didn't take very long to reach an orgasm. I closed my eyes, arched my back, and pointed my toes as my hips released their energy.

I peeked back at the window as I was trying to catch my breath. He was still there. I rolled over onto my tummy and my hand found it's way back between my legs. My hips slowly pumped up and down dragging my fingers across my clit. This is my absolute favorite way to masturbate. I closed my eyes and imagined my voyeur pumping me with his cock from behind. I spread my legs slightly so he could get a better view of what my hand was doing. My hips quickened their pace bouncing up and down as one finger slid in and out of my pussy and another worked my love button. The second orgasm hit hard and I was seeing stars. I laid satisfied in the warm sun and drifted off to sl**p while my voyeur watched.

When I woke up, I glanced over to the window. The slat was down. I guess he'd had enough. I wondered how many times he beat off watching me.

After doing some shopping, I returned to my aunt's. As I pulled in there was a woman in the yard next door. She was working her flower beds. That must be his wife I thought. I wonder what she you do if she knew her husband sat upstairs all day beating off to me. I grabbed my bags when I heard her approaching.

“Hello,” she called, “you must be Kate's niece. I'm Rachel.”

“Hi. Cheryl.” I responded.

For an older gal, Rachel was very attractive. She seemed out of place with her ordinary husband.

“My, you're such a beautiful girl, so blonde and tanned.”

“Thank you.” I said, not quite sure where the conversation was going.

She leaned in a little closer. “You know, you really should be a little more careful in the sun. You don't want to burn that cute little ass of yours.” Rachel leaned back and smiled while her eyes did a once-over of my body.

I blushed with embarrassment as I realized it wasn't her husband who had been watching, it was Rachel.

“Well, I have to get back to my garden. Nice meeting you Cheryl.”

“You too.” I stammered and quickly walked to the house.

“Oh, Cheryl,” Rachel called, “would you mind if I come over later and take a dip in the pool? I really need to cool off.”

“Sure.” I smiled knowing that this woman wanted to do more than cool off.
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5 months ago
I just downloaded your story. If I like it, I will read others. I can see from your collection which direction you are heading. Not into that myself but know people who are.
8 months ago
I am not sure if this is a real account or a story, but either way, it is extremely well written. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
and ??????
2 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
You should invite her to your place.
3 years ago
Very nice, i like women that have alittle risk in there life. By the way you are sexy!
3 years ago
Fun story, you're welcome at my pool anytime.
3 years ago
Great story, is there there an ending, did she come over for as dip in the pool?? :)
3 years ago
Great turn, Cheryl! Please, tell us some more about Rachel´s plonge in that cool pool - Peter Pan
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good so far. But it's just getting interesting and it's over. I want the rest of the story!!!
3 years ago
Great story!