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[Story] She Knows Her Place

She knew she was in trouble. Somehow her phone had disappeared while she was having girls night out with Julie and some other friends. She desperately tried to find it; even calling it from Julie's phone hoping to hear the familiar ringtone. But to no avail. Now she had missed calling him to check in. His instructions were clear: Call at exactly 9pm. Not a minute early, not a minute late. And it had to be from her phone.

At 11:30pm she walked in after Julie had dropped her off. The house was quiet but she knew he was waiting. As she walked into the living room, there he sat. An emotion... Continue»
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I get a lot of pictures of guy's junk. I have one piece of advice; MANSCAPE!! Being well groomed down there is a turn on for us gals. Some of the pictures I get I can't even see your weiner through all the hair. LOL!
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I Graduated!!!!!!

Finally, I finshed my degree. BS in Business. Guess what? I'm still broke and working the same job for peanuts. Oh well. As my mom says I can be a bum on the street but at least I'm a bum with a degree! :)
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Tits! I get it!

I really understand where guys are coming from when it comes to tits (yes, I said "come" twice). I love other girl's boobs, especially when they're bigger than mine, which isn't hard to do. There's nothing better than feeling a big, round tit with your hands and rolling the nipple with your tongue.

I get it!
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Cleaning in the Nude

A friend at work told me about a friend of hers that does her house chores in the nude. I'll clean and do housework in panties and a t-shirt, but nude? I mean, I don't mind showing off my body but what's the point of scrubing the toilet naked?

Apparently, this girl gets off on it. Would you guys find it sexy to see your wife clean the oven in the nude?

I guess everyone has their kink.
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The Downside Of a Threesome

I've had many requests from couples (I assume it is a couple, but it's probably a guy)if I was interested in joining them. While this sounds like fun, it has it's downsides.

Once I was at friend's house for a party and felt I was too d***k to drive home. I decided to stay over. The wife (who was a friend of mine for years and I have got it on with once) was being frisky and flirting with me. I, of course in my d***ken state, played along. Long story short, we ended up in bed and her husband joined us. I thought it was a good time and didn't think much of it.

Apparently, my friend though... Continue»
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Faking It

I watch alot of videos on here. If I was a porn star I think I could fake a girl/guy scene but not a girl/girl scene. What do the rest of you think?
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Blowjob Advice

A blowjob can be a great experience for both me (the giver) and you (the receiver) but there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to the ultimate kiss. I gave a guy a bj just the other day and he definately had some mixed-up expectations and poor training when a girl goes down.

1. Don't grab my head: There is a big difference between pounding my pussy and pounding my mouth. My pussy doesn't have a gag reflex. I've seen vidoes where the girl is able to take an 8" dick all the way down her throat, but that is the exception, not the norm. So until you know the depths of her throat, I ... Continue»
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[Story] My Voyeur


It's been really hot this summer in Dallas. Sometimes the only way to bare it is to, well, bare it all! My aunt and uncle took off for a vacation in Europe a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to house-sit. They live in a really nice neighborhood in Carrollton, just north of Dallas. They offered a fully stocked fridge, bar, and a pool. Who would say no to that?

I love to be tanned, and I hate tan lines. My boobies and butt are bright white without some color. Usually I tan in a salon but during the summer here it's really nice to have sun bronze your skin. At my place I have... Continue»
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Cum in your mouth

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[Story] The Adventures of Cheryl – Voyeur

Cheryl slipped under the covers of her bed and turned off the lamp on her nightstand. She rolled over and closed her eyes while her mind began thinking about what she needed to do the next day. In the silence of the room, her thoughts were broken by a soft murmur. Sitting up in bed, Cheryl focused her ears on the sound.

“Someone is having sex.” she thought. The sound, although very faint, was undeniable. At first, she thought it was one of her roommates, but she knew Michelle was at the bar working and ... Continue»
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[Story] The Adventures of Cheryl - Mr. Roberts

Cheryl woke up and rolled over expecting to see Katie, but the other side of the bed was empty. She had spent the night at Katy's because her friend would soon be going away to college. Cheryl knew from experience that when friends left they usually drifted apart.

Cheryl sat up in bed and looked around. There was a note on the nightstand.

“Cheryl, I forgot that my mom and I needed to get some stuff for school.
I didn't want to wake you up. We'll be back around noon. Luv' ya! Katie”

Cheryl looked at the... Continue»
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[Story] The Adventures of Cheryl - The Pizza Game

“Okay, it's pizza time!” Rachel excitedly called out to the group. The other four girls all squealed with delight. Everyone knew what it meant to order pizza. It meant it was time for the pizza game.

The game was really simple but extremely fun and exciting. First, the girls would decide on a game game to play; usually spin the bottle or poker or something easy like that. They didn't play for money, but for the clothes they wore. The first girl nude was the loser and had to order and pay for the piz... Continue»
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[Story] The Adventures of Cheryl: Caught Nude

After a night of trolling the club scene, Cheryl, Michelle, and Rachel were heading back to their apartment. Michelle was the most sober so she was behind the wheel. Cheryl sat in the passenger seat and Rachel was in back. Cheryl's head was spinning a bit from the alcohol, but was looking forward to getting home and climbing into bed with her roommates for a some girl fun. Even though it was 3am the girls were fired up and ready for mingling.

About half a mile from their apartment, the car started to sputter.

“Shit,Cheryl,” Michelle said, “You needs gas!”

Michelle quickly pulled in... Continue»
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My Stories

Just FYI - My stories are just that. Stories. Some are based on something in my life, but these are all fantasies.
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To all of you that have sent messages over the past few weeks, I'm sorry I didn't reply. I'm kind of stuck living at my parents house and I can't get online here as much. It really sucks!

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[Story] The Adventures of Cheryl - Mother's Milk

Cheryl hadn't seen Lacy in some time. Her and Jeff had gotten married nearly two years ago and she began playing the role of wife. It was only a few years agothat Lacy, Cheryl, and the rest of their high school girlfriends were out partying until dawn. Now Lacy was pregnant and expecting in just a month. Cheryl felt bad that none of the others cared to visit and that Lacy was pretty much house bound. So one day she decided to pay her a visit.

The two women sat on the couch chatting.

"So what's it like being pregnant?" Cheryl asked.

"Uggh." Lacy moaned. "My back hurts, I'm peeing all ... Continue»
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Movin' on

My relationship with my older lover is done. No worries! It was fun and I wish her well, but it was time to move on. I'm going to stay with my parents for a bit until I find a place.

One thing I have discovered about older women, they don't want young men, they want young girls. I never realized how many older married women fantasize about having sex with a young woman. I guess we're safer.
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What I Like About Men

Check out this video

If I passed this guy on the street I may not notice, but look at that cock!

That's what I like about you guys. You never know what's in the gift until you unwrap it.
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I like to watch the girl on girl stuff here,but I always laugh when a girl goes down on the other and starts kissing her panties. I'll never kiss or lick a pair of panties that a girl has been wearing all day. YUK!!
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