Bengali Neighbor Aunty Ratna

Hi ISS readers…I am a great fan of ISS stories. Now I want to share one of my experience with My neighbor aunty Ratna. I am a sex loving guy and like to have sex with matured married lady. I am Sourabh, 25 years old good physic..having 7” tool. Before telling the story… I want to introduce Ratna aunty 1st. She is around 38 to 40 years old…her figure was very much attractive, having slit fat in belly area and on buttock which makes her more attractive. Her figure was like Bengali house wives. Figure size was around 38 34 38.

Ratna’s husband, my uncle was a Govt. high level officer and was used to busy in office tour and work. Now directly come to the story…I would never say that I do not have any feeling about her but I was not thought to do sex with her. But that day it became true. That was around 2 pm and my mother sent me to her house to give some food which she loves very much. I went to their house. It was not far. When I was about to knock the door then I noticed that it was actually opened I just gave a small push and it was opened.

I entered the house without any hesitation as I am well comfortable with their f****y. So I headed towards the drawing room. Suddenly I heard some moaning sound from bed room. Being curious I just silently moved toward the bed room and placed myself beside the door. Door was completely open and once I piped on the room I was just speechless. Hey what I am seeing…I cannot believe on my eye. There were Aunty and Shubho uncle (our another neighbor). Aunty was lying on the bed lifting her saree up to her west with bared naked two white legs with few hairs and

Subho uncle in his underwear and his head was just between her 2 legs and was sucking her pussy. I were not able to see her pussy as Subho uncle was back facing to me and that is why they were not able to see me. 1st I was bewildered but then I started enjoying the view. She was moaning louder and louder may she had excited a lot and reached her climax. Suddenly she had grabbed the hair to Subho uncle and pushed his head more inside her V shaped pair of legs and then suddenly sat on the bed may be for the next move.

I did not get any chance to hide myself so she saw me and just jumped and pushed Subho back and stood up. Getting very frightened she stood on the side of the bed facing toward the floor. She was very much afraid as well as very much shy. In the mean time Subho uncle was escaped. Then I do not understand what to do.. I was not able to say anything. Suddenly a wicked plan comes in my mind. I just moved towards her… 1st I assured her I will not tell it to anybody but asked why she was doing that. Was not she satisfied with uncle?

She was then started crying…. I wipe her tear and make her sit on the bed…after some time she started… she told me that she was not having sex with uncle for more than last 4 – 5 years and whenever he did he was ejaculated with in 2 or 3 stroke. She was very much thirsty for sex and with some incident she had started doing sex with Subho uncle for last few months. Then she jumped on chest and started crying again… and requesting me not to tell anybody…Then I was feeling her soft boob which was touching my lower chest.

I rounded in my arm and pulling her toward me to feel her boobs better. Then I was started rubbing the bare area of her back started moving towards buttock. Move my hand over her saree. I was so soft. I was getting more excited. Then make her heads up and wipe out her tears and moving my finger all over her face…she was not opposed … I was moving my finger beside her ears.. Then she closed her eyes… I got a bit green signal for my next move I then started moving my finger over her lips …. She was enjoying it closing her eyes… then I moved my finger on her neck area and going below.

She was wearing a low cut blouse and her cleavage was clearly visible to me I was sated moving my finger on cleavage area then she just moan “Ahhhh!!”. Now I touch my lips on her lips and she opened her to give me the access on her lips so I started soft kissing then bit hard she was responding on same also. Then I put her pallu off started pressing her boobs over blouse. She was moaning hard… “Ahhhhh!!” then started kissing her deep navel area she was moaning hard and hard…then I removed her saree and jump on her boobs…pressing heard over blouse then sucking…

A fluid is coming out of her breast…it was milk surly…then I put my hand busy to pressing her pussy over petticoat. She was moaning hardly…enjoying the new sex…the I untie her petticoat an she had removed her blouse…there were 2 pair of white melon in front of my mouth. She then place my hand on her breast to rub them and pressed my head between her 2 legs…it was a busy pussy which made me more excited. I was pressing her boos hardly as well as sucking her pussy…milk was coming out of her boobs and making her wet.

After 15 mins suddenly she pressed my head hardly with to leg and suddenly her body was jerked then a fluid came out from her pussy and made my face wet. I was orgasm for her but mine was not cleared so after 1 min break I again started sucking which make her on again with no time. After few mins of sucking I have dropped my pajama and started rubbing my tool on her pussy. After few rubbing I gave a jerk and put it inside her pussy…she moaned with a great “aaahhhhh”

Then I was started pumping in her pussy…she was enjoying passionately after 15 mins we both had orgasm together and I was not able to take my tool out of her pussy so I had cum inside. Then we were sl**ping together for a while and left the place…my next story will come soon, while I had applied wild sex on her Please send me suggestion or your feedback on my below email hotboy.200984gmailcom or hotboy.200984yahoocom . You can share your experience too with me.
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3 years ago
VAGINAS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
well you had me jacking off to that one thasnks
3 years ago
very good but next time spend more words on sex act.