Movie With My Girl Neha

We were on a date that day and went for a movie during the movie; we started playing with each other. I first pressed her boobs from over her shirt then slowly put my hands under the shirt she opened her bra hooks so that it’s easy to access then slowly I moved down and put hand in the panty and started playing with her clit she was in heaven then I took her hand and put it on my dick while opening my zip she took it in her hand gripped it well and started putting pressure on it and it was an awesome feeling.

I can’t express she was totally wet and my dick also showered some pre cum drops we played this game the whole time till the movie ended. I still remember the name of the movie it was “traffic signal” but I don’t know what was the story of the film. After movie got over, I planned to take her to my uncle’s place as no one was there and I had the keys with me. I asked her to spend some more time and she agreed then we went to my Uncle’s place.

We entered locked the door and locked our lips too we both kissed each other passionately for 5 min I guess then we came back to senses and started talking with each other after while again, we started kissing each other and this time I started to take her shirt off she was also enjoying and I was pressing her boobs with one hand and taking her shirt off with the other now she was in bra in front of me. I was kissing her wildly then I started sucking he boobs from above her bra and slowly took one nipple in mouth by taking it out of her bra.

She was enjoying it too and was playing with my hairs then I also took my shirt off then I started playing with her cunt with my fingers and started fingering her she was wet again and I slowly pushed her jeans down and panty too I took my jeans off too took her hand and put it on dick then I asked her to just kiss on my dick she did that then I said if she likes she can play with it then I said if she likes she can play with it and also if she likes she can take it in her mouth she slowly started gripping it and started moving her hands on it.

I again said please take it in mouth she took her mouth close to it touched it slowly with her tongue and then slowly swallowed it was heaven for me now my dick was in her mouth and I was enjoying it a lot then we laid on bed and came in 69 position she was sucking my dick and I was licking her cunt as well as fingering her too we both were getting wild it went on for a while I was telling her to keep on sucking my dick and she also seems to enjoy the sucking and licking thing going on after some time she said she is feeling itchy.

I knew what she meant but I started playing with her and asked her why she feeling itchy I said “what happened Neha, do u need me to put one more finger inside so that it feels good she said, No I don’t know but I am feeling very itchy inside please help can you do something I said “ok, I can try can I put my dick inside may be it will take care of the itching..” she said “ are you sure… will it make me feel better I said “well we can try, she was silent for moment I knew what her silent meant I got up made her lay down had

My dick covered with condom that I had with me and placed it on her cunt then slowly I pushed my dick inside she took out a small sigh like aaahhh and then the game started. I asked “how you feeling Neha she said nothing just said “mmmmmmm! I said Neha what that means tell me na she said “I am feeling good now keep on doing this. I was fucking her like crazy now it went on for 10 min. we changed few position in between we tried missionary then I asked her to come on top of me she stood and came in front of me and sat on my dick it was best feeling.

Then again after that we came into missionary position now I was pumping faster she came after some time it was clear with her shivers. I must say when she shivered I was feeling like I was in heaven I don’t know how she did but she contracted her cunt that put pressure on my dick I felt real pressure and it was too good she kept on ding this putting pressure then again releasing it and I was in heaven after few minutes it was my turn.

I came while I was having my dick inside her. I was also shivering and came and just laid on her with my dick still inside her it was an awesome feeling after that we were in each other’s arms for few moments exchanging lovely kisses then we got up… put on our clothes and went outside again for a pizza that’s how it went for me and my girlfriend that was my experience with my girlfriend. I am also into i****t real i****t done oral with my cousin s****r.

It was also an awesome experience I will write about that if I get some encouraging remarks on this submission let me know how you like my experience mail me at or waiting for your responses as this is my first writing and it’s a true incident that i shared. Please feel free to respond as I want to connect with like minded people
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