Fuck Session With GF In Cafe

Hi Friends, Rinku once again with another new story. This is my 46th story on this site. This story will satisfy you. This story is about two lovers. They love each other very much but they are not getting place for fun. One day they found one cyber café with cabin facility then all things happened. Let us come to the story. Read this story till the end and I promise all my readers can’t stop themselves from masturbating. My name is Sonu, 24 year old. I have one girl friend her name is Jaanu.

She is from Kerala. She is having very attractive figure 34, 28 and 36. Her skin color is whitish. We love each other very much. We have been kissing and smooching in parks and lonely places. But we now wanted to do real intercourse. But we are not getting suitable place for that. Once I visited on cyber café there, I found smart cabin of 3ft x 4 ft for each computer with gate and complete secrecy for users. My mind has stuck with idea to enjoy with Jaanu here.

This café was having timer facility, we pay as per rate, the computer allows that much time, and in between no one disturbs. I told Jaanu about this. She agreed with me and we decided to visit that café. We booked for 2 hours. That day Jaanu was wearing sari. She was looking very cute in sari. We told café owner, “We have to complete one project so please do not disturb us two hours.” There was one chair and one stool for second sitter. I allowed her to sit on chair and I sat on stool. Then I closed the gate. She started soft music on the system and opened a hot site to become horny.

My arms were around her neck. My fingers opened buttons of her blouse She was wearing white bra. I unhooked her bra and kissed her breasts. Then my mouth was chewing her nipples. Jaanu said, “Aahhh don’t bite. Be gentle.” I was sucking them gently making a sound chup chuup chuup. Her boobs were lovely round shaped. Jaanu began moaning, “Press them hard.” My one hand was pressing her boobs and other hand was inside her sari feeling her wetness. My mouth was sucking one boob. She was dripping wet now.

Then she opened zip of my pant slid my inner wear down and took out my cock. It was erect and hard. She kissed the purple head and within minutes it was in her mouth. I asked, “Suck it hard baby.” Her sari was up to her waist and I opened her panty. Her pussy was dripping wet. Now my thumb was running on her clit and three fingers were inside her pussy hole. I started the fucking motion In & out in & out in & out in & out in & out in & out in &out in & out in & out in & out in & out in & out in & out in & out in & out in & out. The action was too much for her.

Jaanu could barely stop her scream, “Maaa margayiiiiiiiiiii Aur zor se.” In & out in & out in & out in! My rod was also ready. I wanted to fuck her. I told her, “Come on sit on this.” Jaanu also jumped, “Come on then even I am ready.” She was from Kerala and so she knew coconut climbing. She had initial practice of moving her ass up and down while climbing on coconut tree. So I called her to sit on my dick. She sat and adjusted my dick inside her pussy hole. Jaanu squalled, “Feeling hot inside my cunt. Now do it honey.”

I began fucking Up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down. I was holding her waist. Jaanu was enjoying the ride, “Aaaahh faster.” Up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down

Jaanu said, “Chodho mujhe, fuck me uuuuuuuuuuu.” The only sound in the cabin beside music was that of our fucking fuckak fuck fuck Jaanu: Uummmm haaaa aaah ayyyye come on come on. Fuckak fuchak fuck fuckak! I was holding tightly her boobs now her hairs were open and waving in air and her hands were on my thighs. Jaanu was continuously blabbering,” Ooyeeeeeeeeeee maaaaa chooodho re mujhe choodho.” fuchaaaaaaaak! She reached one orgasm. I was feeling her liquid on my balls. My thighs got wet with her liquid.

Jaanu: Aaah aah aah aah fuck fuck u bastard fuck me. fuchaaaaaaaak fuch! fuchaaaaaaaak fuch Her pussy was dripping with liquid and became more slippery. My dick was easily going inside. Then I put her on the ground and her was ass up. I was fucking from top. My hands were holding her and fucking hard. We were enjoying hot fucking session in small cubicle.

Our whole body was wet due to sweating. Jaanu was making nice moaning sounds. She reached her second orgasm. Now she wanted me to leave her pussy. She told me, “Leave my paining pussy.”

Then I showed her my hard dick. She said fuck me in my ass. I can’t take it more in my pussy. She slowly placed chair on the sidewall. And I placed stool inside the table of the computer. Now more free space in that cubicle.
She placed her hands and upper part on the chair and on the floor on her knees. She parted her legs. I parted her ass cracks and spit on ass hole. I placed my dick on her ass hole and with the help of my palms I stretched her ass cracks. My dick was wet by her pussy liquid. I applied some f***e and closed her mouth by my one hand. Because I fear, she can shout due to pain. I pressed hard then my half dick was in. She was moving her body due to pain. But I continue jerking in same condition. I asked her about pain. She nodded in negative.

So I pressed more. Now slowly – 2 my entire dick was inside her ass. I freed her mouth. She was now enjoying ass fuck also. Jaanu spoke, “Now fuck hard, Fuck hard….. Ohhhhhh.” I was now holding her hairs and fucking her badly in her ass. She was now making her body stiff. I moved her down on the floor because chair was making sound while fucking. We continued fucking for more 15-20 minutes. I released cum inside her ass. We got up and dressed ourselves. We sit now like customers and completed our allotted time.

We left the café and went back to our home. At evening I got call from jaanu that her parents were going out of station and she is alone at home for 2 days. I asked her may I come today night to sl**p with you. She refused and said me to come tomorrow morning at 10 am when all her neighbors will go to their work and no one can notice my visit to her home. I went at her home sharp at 10 AM. I knocked her door. She opened the door on towel till her half boobs.

She was going to bath. I saw her in hot attire and made tent in my pant. She noticed that. Jaanu said, “My pussy lips are inviting your dick.” After saying this she went into the bathroom, I followed her trying to catch her. She slipped her towel till nipples. Wow what a scene? So smooth boobs with brown hard nipples. Then she lifted the towel till it covered her pussy. I could not control. My fingers were touching her pussy and my mouth was on your boobs.

I was with her on floor and sucking her boobs and my one hand was running on her clits and other hand was pressing her ass. She was moaning now. We got this chance first time at her home. So I wanted to make it memorable. Well then she kissed me on my lips and in reply I kissed her on his neck. I lifted her in my arms and took her to bedroom of her parents. She opened my shirt and pant in no time and I snatched her towel. Now she was nude on the bed. I saw the most beautifully boobs of the world.

They were in shape very well. I kissed her boobs frequently and my tongue was working so good at her boobs her nipples were erect and going hard and hard. What a feeling. I was kissing on her neck and chewing her earlobes. She was shivering now due to hotness. Wowowowow I saw her naked I saw lot of girls naked in movies but really I was amazing very amazing when I saw her and she is now start playing with my dick. She held my dick inside my boxers. After some time she opened my boxers also.

My dick was in her mouth and she was enjoying and she asked, “Why do you not kiss my pussy.” And soon I was kissing his pussy, what a pussy a very pink and juicy I really enjoyed. Now she was starting sucking my dig Hardly Wowowowow what a feeling I had. Now we were in 69 position, she was sucking my dick and I was licking her pussy. I was opening her pussy lips by my fingers and entering my tongue inside her pussy. Sweet aroma was coming through her pussy. I was not in control. Sometimes I bit her clit by my teeth; she moaned ahhhhhh at that time.

She was also busy in sucking my dick. She sometimes sucks badly my pink part that time my body shivered. Such a nice sucker she was? She started sucking my cock again it was now very lubricated. I said I wanted to fuck her. She agreed then I laid her on bed, adjusted my dick, and inserted in her pussy. She said, “Dhire se abhi tak tumhare siwa kisi ne choda nahi hai” I pushed ¼ of dick in her “Dal aur ander dal” I took out my dick and inserted very strongly with great f***e

She screamed,”Maaaaaaaa! Mar gaaayeee uuuuaaai phad dali meri chooot bhosdike dhire se bola to jor se phatkaya” and I started to and fro her hips also started moving like engine abusing “Sale tuze to nahi baithane doongi din bhar chodoongi, bahot garam lauda hai tera use to aaj main thanda karoongi aur phir meri choot bhi thandi ho jayagi” and she cried ” Aaaaah Ooooooh Aaraam say daalo yaar, meri choot zyaada khuli nahin hai”
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Very discreptive story now where is tht resturant i would like to go thier myself thankis