Love Your Neighbor

Hey friends! This is Ranju panda from Bhubaneswar again. I have already replied to the emails sent to me commenting on my previous stories published in this site. I am writing another story for the esteemed readers of this popular ISS network. During my service period I was staying in a two storied government quarter of 3BHK which is of Type 3 flat. One room of each quarter was projected forward in such a way that the inner portion of the said room was clearly visible to the projected room of the adjacent quarter through the window and vice versa.

In my house I myself, my wife Sapna, my six years son and four years daughter lived. In my adjacent house a civil engineer Mohapatra by name was staying with his two sons and one daughter within the age group of ten. The wife of Mohapatra has expired recently and he has again married to a young lady of nineteen named as Maya to take care of his c***dren. Mohapatra has undertaken f****y planning operation and has already informed this fact to Maya and her parents before marriage.

I had a good friendship with Mohapatra and our f****y relation as neighbors was also excellent. From the day Maya came to the f****y of Mohapatra, I was marking a shadow of sorrow on both their faces. Once I asked Mohapatra about the reason which has created the gap between them. Mohapatra told me that Maya is always demanding a c***d knowing very well that it is not easy on his part to fulfill her desire. Maya was constantly suffering from headache and expressing her anger even on small matters.

Mohapatra once took Maya to an ENT doctor who after examination couldn’t find out the cause of her constant headache and referred her case to a psychiatrist. Mohapatra requested me to accompany them while going to the brain doctor. In three sessions the doctor interviewed them separately and jointly. The doctor one day in my presence told Mohapatra that it has been deeply entered into the mind of Maya that unless she becomes a mother, her birth as a woman is fruitless. He advised to think over the matter seriously and do the needful.

Mohapatra gradually feared to sl**p with Maya and once he told me that the sex relation between them has come to an end. Mohapatra was only of 35 years of age and even after his vasectomy operation he had a good sexual relation with his late wife. His present inability for the sex performance was due to the noncooperation of the opposite partner and his personal fear psychosis. I once advised Mohapatra to tell a lie to his wife that the doctor has administered him medicines for recanalization of his sperm tube by which, of late, she will be the mother of a c***d.

To have sex games in our f****y we normally use the projected room of our quarter leaving the sl**ping c***dren in other room. I once told my wife Sapna to have the sex with lights on and window open. Sapna was confused and told me “are you crazy? Our entire movements shall be watched by Mohapatra and his wife from their room.” I replied that our live erotic action may excite them and they can regain their sexual vigor.

While discussing these things I was m*****ing the breast of Sapna in order to arouse her. A hidden idea was forming its nest in my mind to show my naked body to Maya with the intention to attract her to be fucked by me. Sapna disagreed with my proposal to keep the light on while playing the game. Next night having lights on and window open, sl**ping on bed I was looking at a magazine having porno pictures. Sapna making the c***dren sl**p came to my room and slept near me to see the sexy pictures of the new book.

Looking at the big size of a penis in the picture Sapna asked whether that was real or printed by enlargement. I told that size to be real and dicks vary from man to man having different taste. While looking at the sexy pictures I was brushing the pubic hairs of Sapna by raising her saree. I dipped my finger to her love hole and found that it had started to ooze which was the impact of the porno pictures.

Sapna whispered in my ears to look at the window of the adjacent house. I saw the shade of two heads standing at the window making their room dark and peeping in to our room. I was sure they were Mohapatra and his wife Maya waiting to see the match. I told to Sapna in whisper that Mohapatra is interested to see your bobs with pussy and Maya is eager to see my dick and they both are waiting to see how your pussy eats my dick.

Sapna although knew that we were observed by our neighboring couple, she did not press either to put out the lights or to close the window. Resting our heads on one pillow we were looking at the erotic pictures in the porno book. I removed the blouse and saree of Sapna and she also pulled my trouser from my body. We both were sl**ping stark naked. Sapna began to handle my dick and I started sucking her breast and caressing her cunt hairs.

I told in her ears to close the eyes and imagine me to be Mohapatra. In reply she told me to think her body to be of Maya. My prick became hard and erect. I could feel that the pussy of Sapna was oozing heavily. I couldn’t believe that exhibition of nude body to other couple has the power of generating so much excitement. I allowed Sapna to climb me and sit on my dick. She opened the lips of her cunt and entered my erect dick in to it and started giving strokes. Holding her hanging boobs and raising my heaps I returned the strokes in rhythm.

I told her to imagine as if she is eating the prick of Mohapatra in pieces. She was excited to a larger extent and gave more powerful stroke to my pelvic region. After this heavy exercise she became tired and slept flat on the bed. Within no time I slept on her body keeping my mouth on her lips, my chest rubbing her breasts and entering my hard dick on her love hole. Sapna murmured in my ears to treat her as Maya and fuck the pussy so vigorously that she can’t walk smoothly for many days.

I was fucking Sapna thinking her to be Maya and Sapna took me as Mohapatra. She was trying again and again to show her nude breast and vagina to Mohapatra who was standing at a small distance in the dark. I also lost no chance to show my erect penis to Maya who must be watching the game. At my last stroke I drained my sperms in the love hole of Sapna and she encircling her legs around my waist and raising her buttock signaled that she had reached the orgasm.

Next night when we were going to sl**p, we saw that Mohapatra and his wife Maya were chit chatting on their bed with the lights on and window open. Mohapatra was trying to kiss the lips of Maya. But she was shaking her head refusing the action pointing her finger to the open window. Mohapatra wanted to repay the debt incurred by them in last night’s visual. Making our room dark, I and my wife Sapna stood near our window to observe the forthcomings.

Mohapatra could see our image and whispered to her wife something. With f***e he removed rather tore the blouse of his wife. The golden white breasts of Maya jumped out as if freed from the prison. She tried to cover her breasts with both her palms but in vein. He pulled her saree and threw it to a corner. Maya was trying to hide the beautiful parts of her body but it was not possible. There was dense growth of hair on her pubic region. My liking is always more towards hairy pussies than bald pussies.

Mohapatra sucked the nipples of Maya again and again and caressed her pubic hairs. At the sight of her fleshy white breast, attractive ass with big mounds and hairy pussy with lofty lips, my prick became rock hard which Sapna standing close to me could feel. She told Maya to be a frigid woman as she by then had not removed the pant of Mohapatra and handled his prick. Sapna could not see the dick of Mohapatra and therefore failed to enjoy the game which was played by Mohapatra only.

Suddenly Mohapatra pulled his own pant and made himself nude. A semi erect long dick appeared which was nodding the head. I could mark a smile on the face of my wife. Mohapatra by pulling the hand of his wife made it catch his penis and shook it hinting her for handling the same. Maya was constantly marking towards our shades and was making herself sure that their nude action is watched by us.

Maya after exhibition of her nude body to another couple became gradually hot. She started to open and close the cover skin of the penis of her huby indirectly intimating me that she is handling my prick. She raised her buttock showing the pussy and shook her chest giving some vibration to her breasts behind which there was her invitation to me to fuck her hard. Mohapatra started finger fucking his wife and knew that her cunt had started oozing indicating the beginning of the match.

He made her kneel down and holding her waist inserted his erect penis in her vagina from the back side. While giving strokes the breasts of his wife were swindling in a lovely manner which created a burning sensation in our bodies. Stretching the legs of his wife Mohapatra slept on her and fucked her vigorously. After sometime their game was over and they put out the light. On alternate days we both the couples exhibited our sex play to each other. One day Mohapatra told me to play the swapping game. I asked him whether his wife is willing for it.

He told that she is not consenting to the proposal even after much persuasion. From our side I was confident that my wife Sapna will give her consent to the proposal. I have indirectly obtained her answer to it. I told Mohapatra to fix the date for the game leaving the matter of Maya on me. I informed my wife about the proposal who though kept silent expressed her joy through her eyes. Mohapatra told his wife that they have decided to exchange their partner and that night he will go to Sapna and I shall meet Maya.

In reply Maya said that she has no objection to allow Mohapatra to sl**p with Sapna but she will not allow any outsider to play with her body. Mohapatra told me those things but I simply advised him to play the game with Sapna by putting the light on and opening the window. As scheduled at about 10 p.m. Mohapatra entered our room. I went out silently and our room was bolted from inside. I rushed to the room of Mohapatra and closed the door from inside. Their c***dren were sl**ping in main room and in the projected room Maya was sl**ping making it dark.

But due to the light burning in our room the surrounding was visible. I sat on the corner of the bed on which Maya was sl**ping and told that Mohapatra was interested to eat the cunt of Sapna and Sapna was also eager to suck the dick of Mohapatra. I informed that they have already started the game whereas we are sitting here separately. I told Maya that I would not f***e her to play the game with me. I requested Maya at least to stand near the window to watch their match. With much hesitation Maya rose up from bed and went to the window side.

Maya and I stood near the window looking to our room. In our room Mohapatra was talking something to Sapna on the bed with lights on. We could see every bit of action of the game that was going to be played in our room. Mohapatra embraced my wife tightly and pressed her breasts which were inside her blouse. Making her sl**p on the bed he rubbed his nose from her face to foot. He gave close kisses to her lips and sucked her chicks with soaring sound. We could see the swelling dick of Mohapatra inside his pant and

Sapna touched it again and again as if her hand by mistake reached there. He removed her blouse and saree one by one. She was sl**ping on her back full naked making her thighs wide apart from the V joint. Her pussy was showing the face from the back of the dense forest grown over her pelvic region. With the help of her legs Sapna pushed the elastic pant of Mohapatra down and made him naked. His shaking monster with a great knob jumped out and Sapna instantly arrested it in her grip. Mohapatra was sucking the nipples of Sapna and was caressing her pubic hairs.

Sapna was handling the dick of Mohapatra. They slept on 69 positions. He removed her pubic hairs, separated the fleshy lips of the hungry cunt and entered his tongue to her love hole and started licking it. She in return opened the foreskin of his penis with her lovely fingers and started sucking it. I marked at Maya who was standing at the window near me. She was observing the game with full concentration. Mohapatra who was tongue fucking the pussy of my wife slept on the bed and allowed her to sit on him.

Sapna making her thighs apart sat on the erect pole of Mohapatra and her pussy completely swallowed his cock. Maya who was observing the game of his hubby with my wife came closer to me and I could feel the pressure of her boobs on my back. Her ice had perhaps started to melt. I placed my hand on her solder and she started shivering. I made her bend on the railings of the window to watch the erotic match of our room and stood at her back.

I hugged her from behind by holding her breasts firmly in both my palms. My throbbing dick was pushing the crack between the mounds of her ass. She shook her waist line in such a way that my dick was striking the fleshy curves of her ass. She moved her one hand back to cover her ass hole but rubbed my erect dick. I turned her face to my side and implanted powerful kisses on her lips. By encircling my hands on her butt I brushed her ass mounds with my palms. She was moaning slowly. I concluded that she had agreed to play the same game with me which her hubby was playing with my wife.

I lighted the room and holding her body tightly lifted her to the bed. She was sitting on the bed with her head down. I moved around her bed and observed her beauty from all angles. Marking the delay in my action she raised her head and looked at my face. A sign of shy was still on her face. I smiled at her and jumped to the bed. I moved my hands to press her breasts but she resisted by holding my hands. I tried to kiss her lips but she moved her face to other side. I told that if she is not interested for the game then I am leaving and saying so I rose up from the bed.

Maya at once caught my hand and dragged me by which I fell on her. I hugged her tightly and placed my mouth on her burning lips. We continued sucking by entering our tongues to each others mouth and exchanged our saliva. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and suddenly her both ripe melons came out like birds coming out of the nest. Wow! How beautiful were those breasts. Two separate swellings on her chest with snow white skin having peanut of brown color on each of them. I garbed the breasts and sucked the nipples one after another like a hungry c***d.

She was making movements on her body like a snake which moves faster out of fear. I slowly made her lie on the bed with her head facing the roof and slept by her side. Sucking her breast in mouth I moved my palm on her body. My hand reached her navel pot and then moved to her thigh joint.

The portion of the saree covering her pelvic area was wet. This was the indication that her cunt had cried a lot. My fingers were itching to brush her cunt in order to wipe out the tears. I pulled her saree. She gave a mild resistance, but I succeeded in making her nude. Alas! An angel was lying on the bed. Hairs of her head were s**ttered on the bed encircling her white face like the clouds covering the moon.

Her fleshy chick spotted with rose color created the illusion of ripe sweet apple. Her pointed snow white boobs with small brown nipples were appearing like ice covered mountains with a nice valley in between them. The navel pond on her slim belly was very attractive. Both her thighs were looking as the trunks of fleshy banana trees. Her ass mounds which were pressed on the bed were like heap of cheese. On the V joint of the thighs there was a velvet lawn hiding a rose flower with unfolded petals containing full of nectar.
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