my first cuck session

It seems black cucks are rare on here, but I enjoy my women getting fucked by any dick black or white. The first time was with a good friend or mine, my wife was attracted to him and we joked about her fucking him. When I told her he had a really big dick she got serious. I knew he had a big one because we use to play college football together and a mans locker room dont hold too many secretes. One day he came over, I showed him some nasty pics I took of her and he went crazy. I told him about her being interested about seeing how big he was. She came home from work and we all sat around talking and drinkiing. I put her on the spot and told him she wanted to see it. SHe was pissed at me but noticed he didnt mind. He pulled it out and her eyes popped out her pretty little head. Later she told me her pussy got so wet and her body got flushed. He stroked it and I nudged her to get closer to it. She hesitated so he came to her. Standing infront of her with this huge slong hanging out. The was red as an apple. we all were a little buzzed from the drinking and it seemed like it was going to actually go down. SHe excused herself and went to the bed room. She returned 10 min later in a bath robe. She asked to touch it and he dropped his pants. I sat there watching as she stroked his shit and seen the growth. He took her robe off and started playing with her tits and pussy. She was soaking and aching to feel him in her. I told her it was ok, and they got it on. He was gentle but a dick that big, atleast 10" and fat like a soda can has to do some damage. He fucked her slow at first but they turned up the heat and he rode her doggy style and made her cum so hard I looked her in the eyes and seen emotions brand new to me. SHe told me he had a big ol dick and hit spots she didnt know she had. He fucked her missionary and came on her tits and face. She massaged his balls until he went limp form draining his big black dick. Then we just enjoyed the moment. He left and me and my wife never said anything about it for the rest of the week. how ever two weeks later she asked me to give him a call, I did and they went at it again but let me get in on the fun also
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3 years ago
You lnow opnce she has a good hot black cocl she do0ne and will find it very hard to cum back thaks
3 years ago
i want to be a cuckold hunbby so much
4 years ago
Wish my wife would cuck me like that, very hot