girlfriends first black cock....TONIGHT

tonight i am getting my girlfriend fucked by a black cock for the first time. it has been on the cards a while but been hanging on due to arrangements etc. i have been waiting for a man i know, who coincidently, has fucked one of my other women, and left her slack, sloppy and abused for me to use after. i thought it would only be fair for my new woman to treat her to a cock of the same size, as i dont think you could possibly find bigger, yet i didnt want her having smaller for i want her to be slackened off big time. her and him have been txting, swapping photos, but i am aware of all that is sent, for my gf doesnt really want to go through with it and to keep it a fantasy, but i am forcing her to take that big black cock and be bred by him.

he seems not to have any problem with this and i have given him the ok to f***e her if he has to, maybe bruise her legs as prises them open, and he has stated that he is going to mark her neck and tits as a reminder that he has turned her.

i am going to film as well as take pics, then join in here and there the first time...but have said that after that he can have her as his whore....tell her what to do etc....

i am hoping that the gf ends up enjoying this, as i am hoping to make her a total black cock whore, and sell her to men/groups/couples to use overnight....i wont be charging much, but think its only fair that people pay for the privilidge of bareback breeding her as i want her to be......

i am only writing on here as i wanted to know if anyone wanted to buy a copy of the video i make tonight....i promise i will be getting some good shots and filthy action...gush, cum dripping, creampie, abused, crying if possible and rough fucked.

anyway, let me know. cheers
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2 years ago
lucky girl! post some videos here!
3 years ago
Fits my interests!
3 years ago
interesting thanks
3 years ago
sexy story
4 years ago
its not a story its allmost spam
4 years ago
No we did not come here to buy porn. That is what the pay sight are for. And if you really loved watching black cocks beat that pussy up, you would want to share it with us
4 years ago
Can't think why anyone would want to buy any shit from you. There's so much free stuff out there and Xhamster's not for profiteers.
4 years ago
I don't think this is the medium to profit for yourself.