An Amazing Man

This past weekend, I was out with some friends. During the night of drinks and dance, this nice light skinned man was checking me out. Later we had a dance, a drink and started to part ways. I wrote a note and my cell down on a piece of paper and slipped to him as he was putting his coat on. The note was asking if he would be interested in drinks alone somewhere else. My friends were tipsy and didn't notice. As he walked out the door, he called, and invited me to his place.
I told my girlfriends that I had to leave and call it a night. I walked out and he motioned me to follow him in his car. We drove not even a mile from my house where hubby was waiting up watching TV. I got nervous because I wanted him bad. I was so wet driving that I waited till i put my car in park, and slipped off my panties. They were sopping wet.
He e****ted me to his place, walked into the kitchen area and I sat squirming sitting on the bar stool as he fixed us drinks.
He walked around the counter, handed me a drink, I sipped it once to wet my lips, and he leaned over and kissed me. I melted right there. He continued kissing my as I began fondling with his belt and pants. He finished stripping and he had the best body I ever seen. I stood up, he lifted my blouse off me, I dropped my skirt. I fell to my knees and slid his boxers down slow. Revealing his semi rigid beautiful black cock. I took him in my mouth as he continued getting hard in my mouth.
I was enjoying sucking his wonderful cock, whenhe lifted me up and set me on the counter, he kneeled and began licking my aching pussy. I wanted to feel him inside me like non other. he stood up, slipped his cock in me, and burried it deep. It was feeling so wonderful. He then leaned over kissed me again, and picked me up. With my legs wrapped around him and his cock deep inside mehe carried me to the couch and continued fucking me like crazy.
I came about 3 times when he was pulling out to cum. I stopped him and told him to cum in me. He was implressed and gave me everything he had till he came. His thick cock twitching inside me was intense. He pulled back and slowly continued sliding his weakened cock in and out of me. Then I felt him getting hard again. Not even 2 minutes after he came, his cock was rock hard and ready to go again. Feeling his cock get hard in my was intense.
he tossed me around and fucked me in another 4 different posistions, and finally came again. By the time I left we were exhausted, sweaty, fullfilled. I got home, feeling so dirty, and having his number saved in my phone, and only a mile away, I know I will be calling and visiting again soon. A wonderfull fuck I wont forget.....
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