Portugeuse MILF Pt 3

After lying on my back for a while thinking about what we'd just done, I got up to see where Sally was. She was now naked (skirt and top semi on previously) sitting on the toilet smoking, blowing smoke out the window. "I have to smoke here so my daughter wont catch me, she's eight and she hates me smoking" I wash my face and sit in front of her. I ask her does she remember how all this started? she laughs and nods her head exaggeratedly, killing the cigarette. "how much longer have you got?" she asks. Well traffic is usually bad at this time so I could stay a while longer. "That's good" she says as she gets up and shoves her cunt in my face again. She's pushing my face into her as i suck on her clit once more. Her clit is poking out from it's hood of skin, almost like a cock as I start to work on it. My hands are moving up and down her legs, then on to her ass, and I pull away, kissing my way up her stomach to her breasts. I start to suck and bite on her nipples while one hand slips between her cheeks and fingers her anus. Sally responds in kind, easing a finger into me as my erection throbs between us. I stand up, and she withdraws. I don't.
Still with a finger up her ass, I walk around behind her. I lean in to her, "get on your knees" she does. "now crawl to the bed" she starts to move across the hall, still penetrated. She reaches the bed and gets her upper body on before I stop her. I tell her to turn around so that she's facing me. She sits on my finger on the bed as I take her in with my eyes. My thumb starts to play with her clit again. I push her back on the bed with my other hand and use it to rub her all over while I masturbate her. Suddenly she grabs my wrist and takes control. her other hand fingering herself to climax. Her knees come up and her legs clamp shut while she pumps on my finger and thumb, rolling over onto her side.
To my surprise she gets up almost straight away, looks me up and down, then reaches for the bedside drawer. she reaches in and brings out a pair of Sharon Sloane double dildo pants. "Now I get to fuck you you bitch" I am amazed.
Sally puts her legs in the pants and pulls them up till the interior cock is touching her. I crawl over to watch as she spreads her legs and inserts the black rubber penis in herself. I help her neaten the pants round her ass, and there she is, a fine looking woman with a big black cock. and she wants to fuck with it. " Now you get on your fucking knees, you get on your knees" she keeps saying as she pushes me into position, ass in air. Sally reaches round and grabs my cock, squirts a load of lube on my anus and her own cock, then slowly pushes in. It's tight as fuck as it goes in my ass, and it takes a long mime to get going, but sally is determined to fuck me as I fucked her. I can feel both her hands on my hips as she pushes forward into me, then pulls back, and I can feel the rubber filling me up. She picks up the pace as she fucks herself and me at the same time. She starts to give long strokes to my cock from the base to the tip, like she's milking me, and I cant take it any more and come in her hand. She smears it over my belly and withdraws.
Sally bends over me and kisses me deep and hard. "Come on, lets get cleaned up in the shower" she says, and gets off the bed, Dildo still inserted. I don't feel like moving anywhere.
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