Portugeuese MILF Pt 2

So there I was, licking my own cum out of this tiny Portuguese cleaner, while she composes herself, arms above her head on the bed. Sally has a lovely pussy, her clit is a bit larger than normal (a first for me)and her lips are quite loose. I can suck on the folds as i'm cleaning her and run my tongue round the inside quite easily. I start to move back to her anus with the odd lap of the tongue and my hands,which have been resting on her buttocks, start to massage them. With one long final lick I move right over her asshole up between her cheeks and rest my chin on the small of her back. Sally Sighs and raises herself up, stretching like a cat.
"that was very considerate of you" she says smiling as she turns to face me. Our legs interlock and i reach for her breasts. I tell her I love licking out pussy after I've come. She reaches for my cock, starting to get hard again, and looks up at me as she starts to jerk it off. I tell her she seemed to be saying a lot of dirty things in portuguese earlier. She leans down and takes one long lick of my cock, then kisses me hard before leaning to my ear. " I said that you like licking my fucking asshole so much, you fucking cunt, I'll piss on you. Fucking piss on you, you bastard" All this in a husky low voice, right in my ear. She's still playing with my cock, and now she raises herself up and straddles me. Holding the base of my cock she starts to use it on herself, flicking it across her clit hard and fast. She stops and rubs the shaft between her pussy lips so the tip of my cock sits against her anus. She pushes me back on the bed, then gets off me altogether (Awww!!) but only for a moment.
she's got some lube in her hand which she massages into my penis. She's started on the Portuguese again as she straddles me once more, and works my cock onto her ass. Sally's on her honkers over me, the glans of my penis just about to pop past her sphincter. She squats down and I can feel the ring of muscle slide over. Her ass is hot and velvety on my cock. Sally's face is red and her eyes blazing again. she moves up and down over the head of my cock and I can feel her tight muscle pushing over my tip every time. I reach for her clit and start to pinch it from the base up. Sally starts chanting " fucking bastard, fucking bastard" in time with her squats. Shes getting louder, and her squats have started to get deeper every third or fourth stroke. She stops suddenly, drawing herself slowly up and stopping. Her face is contorted and she lets out a loud "Euaguh" as she concentrates her ring on the base of my glans. She squeezes, and I nearly come. She starts popping her ass over my tip again, but slowly and squeezing me as she does so. Her breath is coming deep as she looks me in the eyes " I said i'd fucking piss on you you cunt" she flicks her hair like a wild a****l and lets a squirt of pee out which runs down my crotch and around my balls. Her teeth are bared, and shes snarling obscenities as she picks up the pace again fucking now as fast as she can. I come right up he and she grinds down on my pumping cock still sneering down at me. She rubs her hands down over my chest and stomach as she calms down a bit. Then she gets off me unceremoniously turns around and crouches over my face again. " Fucking lick that out then, prick."
I do, Her anus is dripping wirh come and I get stuck in as she squirms above me. She till hasn't come and wants satisfaction. I start to frig her clit again, and finger her. Theres still a few drops of her pee caught on the lips, and shes now really soaking with pussy juice. I pull her cunt right down on my mouth as my free hand wraps round her leg to her Anus. I'm pinching her clit, Thumbing her anus and my tongue is right up her when she quivers and comes right in my mouth. Her own index finger penetrates me and she sucks on my flaccid cock as she comes long and deep.
After about ten mis of not moving, she gets off me without a word and goes to the bathroom.
I lie there thinking I'm the luckiest man alive.
75% (3/1)
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4 years ago
Good memories of a similar experience that I had. Thanks.