A favour returned

After me & Sally's little encounter in the toilet, we had to cool things a bit so that I could actually get some work done when she was around. She still tended to dress in a subtlety revealing way though. Loose skirts cut to the knee that floated a little as she moved, that kind of thing.
But eventually I finished up what I was doing (Hardwood Decked roof terrace with Cedar clad walls and benches, as it happens) and we would soon be parted. No more twice weekly flirtathon.
However.. She did have a job for me if I wouldn't mind. She needed a chaise lounge picking up from another client she cleaned for. This other client was looking to get rid of it and it was just perfect for her daughters bedroom. Well I was only to happy to oblige.
This was two summers ago, and it was one of the hotter days when I met her in Tooting. I put the chaise in the back of the van, secured it, and offered Sally a lift to her flat rather than get the tube. (She lived north of the river, not far from Blackfriars bridge)
I was in swim shorts (No underwear) and a vest top. She had on a ankle length flowery pattern skirt, with a loose cut semi vesty type top. We set off across london, chatting along the way. The windows open a crack so she could smoke. Sally had one foot up on the bench seat, her back against the door as we drove. I was wishing her skirt was shorter. The only time we touched at all was when I (quite Unselfconsciously)rested my hand on her ankle. There was no objection, and I don't think either of us realised it until a couple of minuets had passed.
So, park up. Chaise out. I carry it up the stairs to her flat (only first floor), put it in the living room till she tidy's her k**s room, and then Sally makes me a cuppa. Lovely.
When she faces the sink, I come up behind her and lift the hair from her shoulders, breathing on her neck. My cock is caught in the material of my shorts as it rises, and is sticking almost straight out, pulsing as it tries to rise. I push it right between her buttocks, forcing the cotton of her skirt into the crack of her ass. One hand on her hip, I place the other on her left breast, squeezing out towards the nipple then pinching it . Sally whispers something I cant hear but it sounds like "you fucking cunt". She rises up on her toes and my freehand moves to her throat, the fingers in her mouth. She bites them a little as I'm kissing her neck. Sally turns around, eyes blazing, and pushes me back to the chair. I sit, facing the table while she bends over it. She lifts her skirt and shoves her ass in my face. I part her cheeks and get a good eyeful of her swollen pussy and her anus. Where to begin. Fuck it, tongue right in the centre of her asshole. I work it in as much as I can, gripping her thighs. I slide off the chair onto the floor and she follows calling me a fucking dirty bastard. She gets my cock out and leans forward to suck on it, but I have to stop her as I'm too close to coming in her mouth again. I pull her back on my face by the hips, and start to lick her from inside her hole to her clit and back again, over and over. Sally's really soaking now, and she wants more than tongue. She gets off my face and walks to the bedroom. I follow. She's talking a mixture of Portuguese and filth. I remember "You like to lick my fucking asshole so much, I'll fucking piss on you you cunt I'll fucking piss on you, fucking piss on you" all in a low voice as she's walking to the room. She falls on the bed face down, ass up, and I get right on her. Standing over her I squat behind her and fill her cunt with my cock. I reach round with one hand and grab her tits as they slap against her chest, and frig her clit with the other. Sally comes before I do (God knows how), and her muscles do their damdest to squeeze the life out of my cock as she does so. That sends me over the edge, and I grip her hips, then her hair as I fuck the life out of her, coming in her at last. Not a word is said. I slowly pull out of her, step of the bed, and start to lick her clean.

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