Fucking a hot Sissy in the woods

Well, this is what got me into CD myself I guess. Despite getting off being the subbie from some men and women, I always liked girls, gurls and sissies. These I liked more from an angle of domination. So this beautiful early summer day I am out on the streets with my car, doing my "travelling salesman"-job. Taking a short break, I start browsing profiles in "gayromeo". I stumble over "Melinda23". The picture was only her chin and lipstick mouth and a sweet snub nose. She wrote that she's looking for a sensible, dominant man to explore the world and have a nice fuck :) She was obviously around 23 years old and liked to be a devoted girl whenever possible. As she lived in a small town that was not too often, she had told me later. Being in men and living there was already hard enough. So I chatted with her a while, said I am like 1h away, would love to meet. She sounded super sweet and after I send her a picture of me she agreed to meet at a bench near a forest some miles away from her hometown. Quite remote I thought when I searched it sometime later with my car. Leaving a low-traffic country road I saw the parking lot. And there she was! She had made herself beautiful in her car and sat with her incredible long legs crossed, in a white dress, under a huge tree on a bench. I had to park 50yards away and, I admit, quite nervously walked towards her. She was wearing a black haired wig and very subtle makeup, light red lipstick and this sweet little white dress. Wow, I thought. As I came near her we smiled and I kissed her on the cheeks. Melinda used a light and flowery perfume that smelled very lovely in this summer breeze.
First we talked a bit about this and that and nothing, but as I started complimenting on her looks she got all flirtatious. So, very soon, I started kissing her on her mouth. She opened herself willingly and our tongues went all crazy. And then I started discovering what that hard and warm thing under her dress was. She was already very excited and kissed me full of obvious pleasure. I stroked her wonderful and perfectly shaved cock and balls under her dress while we sucked and kissed each other. She was an entirely obedient little girl. Getting quite hot now I sat back and told her to suck me. And how she did that! She kneelt in front of me, took out my hard cock and started doing her magic. Caressing my balls, up the shaft, tongue all over the tip of my dick, taking me deep in her mouth ...it was breathtaking. All that happened like 100yards next to a street with cars passing by. After some minutes of pure joy she asked me with a naughty expression on her face: "will you fuck me, pretty please?" I focused my thoughts, smiled about her girlieness and of course said: "Sure my little baby, right here?"
Well, she knew the area, put my dick back into my trousers as good as possible and took my hand. "Let’s take your car, I know where." I couldn't believe really how nice and easy things were with little Melinda. It all felt so very normal, how we talked, what we did.
So we took my car and drove 10min into the nearby forest until the street just finished at some long forgotten logs.
I loved seeing her next to me in my car in this sexy look, her heated face, her smile. She worked a moment with her lipstick, got out and stood in front of the car. There she lifted her dress up and turned around. Hmmm her super nice bum, her dick half erect, the panties not able to contain her excitement. I got out as fast as I could! I took her into my arms, pressed my hard cock against hers and we started kissing again. Now she took my shirt off and opened my trousers and sucked me just a little bit. It was wild! I wrestled myself free from my pants and shoes and watched her taking of her panties. She then sat on the hood of my black BMW.
Man! What a sight! I sucked her beautiful cock right there until it was hard like the branch of a young tree. I turned her soon around, her arms and face on the hood and started kissing her sweet boypussy while stroking her hard cock. Pressing my tongue into her made her moan beautifully and I was horny like never before. She started soon moaning "please fuck me, ohh fuck me. Fuck me with your dick please....Fuck my pussy, baby, please..." So I did. I turned her again so that she was laying with her back on the hood, fumbled a bit with a condom I had in the trousers and was very fast all prepared for a "nice fuck", as Melinda called it. She was all wet from my sweet tongue fuck, so I began slowly entering her, deeper with every movement, looking in her face, big eyes, open, heavy breathing mouth...white dress on the black hood...
Soon I felt her balls touching my belly while I fucked her so deep. She started stroking herself and moaning when I took her legs up onto my shoulders. A perfect moment. A beautiful breeze around us, the sounds of the forest and both of us fucking like happy rabbits. After a while of sweet lovemaking she started begging me to let her explode while covering her with my cum. What a naughty little bitch! "Please cum on me baby, cover me with your juice baby...."…you get the picture.
So I took the condom of and jerked myself while keeping her with my other arm. Pretty fast I came all over her; some big drops even reached her face and mouth. I must have made some noise; I came so hard that my legs got all shaky there, but when she felt my cum squirting all over her, little Melinda started to shoot, too. She breathed so hard and moaned and shot a huge load over herself. It was just incredible how much cum was now all over her. I played a bit with it and put my fingers into her mouth while we recovered from our orgasms. She kept her naughty expression and licked my fingers. Soon we started laughing stupidly and began sorting us out.
After a short cleanup we drove back to her car, kissed goodbye and never saw us again...but the first dress I bought some years later was a little white one ;)

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2 months ago
Mmmmmmmm HOT story
5 months ago
Super hot story!