Victorious Girls Take A Trip

"Finally we're here!" Daniella exclaims pushing by her friends carrying her bag and heading straight for the couch she grabs for the remote at the same time as Liz.

"Hey bitch, I had it first!" she says grabbing it out of her grasp and flipping through some channels. Daniella sits on the couch complaining whenever her co-star stops to watch a show.

"We came all this way and all you do is watch T.V?" Victoria snickers as she turns to thank the woman helping to carry their bags.

"You would think they could stay home and do the same thing." she adds.

As soon as the door closes Ariana runs into one of the rooms with her bag and jumps on the bed digging through her luggage. The other girls look at her confused.

"Ari, you're always the first to the mini-bar what's going on?" Liz claims.

Ariana comes back into the room with a big plastic bag full of her candy stash smiling at everyone as she sits down between the two girls and produces a roll of smarties, popping a couple into her mouth. As the other girls laugh at her and try to steal some of the candy, Ariana slaps their hands away.

Victoria sneaks up from behind and grabs a purple pixie stick and before Ari can stop her, VJ empties the straw of sugar into her mouth. The Victorious stars had just finished shooting an epic three weeks of episodes and had decided to escape for a mini vacation before having to go back to work.

Fortunately for the girls Daniella's cousin had told them of this spa on in the Florida Keys and they had jumped at the chance to get away together and to unwind. They had managed to get one of the fancier suits that had two extra large bedrooms and an even larger joining room with the couches and other furniture.

As the girls all get unpacked and settled in, Liz saunters into the room wearing a plush black cotton robe which she spins and models for the girls who laugh and applaud. Walking to the minibar she starts pulling out the little bottles of alcohol.

VJ stands by the window looking out at the stars as she chats on her cell phone in a purple tank top and black and purple plaid PJ pants.

"Has anyone gone to get ice yet?" Liz asks looking around for the plastic bucket and finding it empty. She shares a couple choice words with her friends before heading out the door in search of the ice machine.

Daniella, still in her jeans and t-shirt from the trip reaches for the remote to change the channel and finds it covered with empty candy wrappers.

"Ariana! I swear you make the biggest mess!"

With a proud smile on her face, Ari unwraps a strawberry flavored lollipop and slips it into her mouth and licks it seductively.

"You want some Dani? I know how much you like to suck on things."

Wearing a white tank top and purple shorts, Ariana has her legs tucked under her as she holds her sucker out almost teasing her friend with it and as it gets stuck first to her cheek then on her hands.

"Ari you're so frustrating sometimes." Monet replied, but she can't hold back a smile for her friend as she gets up.

"I'm going to take a shower, so no one come bug me OK?"

Pulling off her t-shirt as she walks in the room she's sharing with Liz showing off her bare back. After flipping through some channels Ariana gets kind of bored and walks over to join Victoria. Ari and VJ had been friends for a long time and liked to spend time together even to the point of flirting a little, and VJ thought there was no harm in it but Ari was really hoping for it to be more.

Meanwhile, Liz was walking down the hall searching for the ice machine in her black robe when she hears some screaming up ahead.

"Where are you going?"

"Where do you think? I'm not going to stay with you if you keep trying that."

"Trying what? I thought we were having fun."

"We were till you tried to put your dick in my ass!"

Liz has to cover her mouth to quiet her laugh and surprise at hearing this conversation just a little ways from her. Walking around the corner and filling up her bucket of ice the couple realizes they're not alone and the girl's face turns bright red as she runs back down the hallway in just a blanket wrapped around her.

Smiling a little Liz fills her bucket up and remarks, "Rough night?"

"You have no idea." he says laughing. "Have you ever dated someone that when you get in bed doesn't say anything and just lays there?"

Nodding in understanding Liz replies, "Yeah I've known some guys like that."

Looking around to see if anyone is listening, Liz smiles at the guy a little as she continues.

"What you need is a girl that can blow your mind and make your eyes roll into the back of your head."

Hiking up the back of her robe showing off her bare ass as she walks down the hall only to have the guy follow her and pull her into a supply closet and roughly feel her up squeezing her bare ass. Arching her back and moving her hips showing off her ass enjoying the attention. Reaching over rand flipping the light off.

"Come on baby take it out already you know you want it."

Reaching behind her, Liz squeezes him through the boxers as he pulls his hard cock out and Liz sighs feeling the hot and hard penis on her bare ass.

"Fuck me, come on stick it in my ass! I want it! Come on give it to me!"

A cool sensation on her ass confuses her at first then she realizes its lube coating her and preparing her.

"Mm come on baby! Slide it in I want it in me deep!"

Sliding her hand over her own bare skin, she plays with her nipples as she feels the head slowly penetrate her. Bracing her hands on the wall she quickly bucks her hips once causing the cock to penetrate all the way in, bringing a moan to both their mouths.

"Come on, fuck my ass! Fuck me like the little whore that I am!" she hisses back at him.

Fucking her harder and harder he can already feel himself on the edge amazed at how good it feels. Sliding his hands over her bare skin and squeezing and rubbing her bare breasts.

"Your ass is so tight! It feels so fucking good!" he grunts as he pounds her ass hard.

Humping and grinding back, Liz pulls her legs together trapping his cock in her ass as she squeezes her butt and shakes on the dick feeling him building up.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!"

Smiling Liz moans and with a few more words of encouragement as he explodes in her ass. She can feel stream after stream of cum shooting inside her. After pulling out she adjusts her robe and turns the light on giving him one last glance at her amazing ass before she walks back to the room; the bucket of ice under one arm and a little stream of cum dripping down her bare leg.

Swiping her card at the door, she settled the bucket down and notices Victoria and Ariana standing by the window and shakes her head smiling. Ariana had talked to her BFF asking for advice on how to get closer to VJ and she had told her just to spend more time together and be herself.

Hearing the door VJ smiles at Liz, "Daniella is in the shower."

An evil grin spreads on Liz's face as she walks into her room.

Turning back to the stars, Victoria points up.

"That one that looks like a 'w' is Cassiopeia. Can you see it?"

Ariana can of course but, pretending, she keeps looking as VJ steps closer to her and their faces are placed side by side, their cheeks touching a little as VJ points again. Enjoying the closeness, Ariana gives her friend a friendly little hug to which VJ finds adorable and reciprocates.

"Yeah I think I see it now. Do you know any others?" she asks as she moves her hand resting it gently on her friends.

Smiling at each other, Ariana feels like it might actually happen this time as she leans her head back and closing her eyes leans in a little hoping for a kiss.

Victoria's heart is racing, she had been hoping for a chance like this, and she leans in slowly closing her eyes and right as their lips are about to touch they hear a scream from the other room and they jump apart as Daniella storms into the room.

Dripping wet from the shower her hair matted to her skin.

"I can't stand that bitch!" Monet screams but the other girl's just laugh knowing how much they like to tease each other.

"What did she do this time?" VJ manages to ask.

"What did she do? What did she do? She comes in and turns all the water to cold and then makes it so I can't get out of there!"

Daniella is so flustered that as she waves her arms around the towel drops a little giving the others a clear view of a bare breast.

"Um, you may want to cover up?" Ariana says pointing out her wardrobe malfunction.

Blushing a little, Daniella covers herself as Ari grabs her bag of sugary treats and saying goodnight to everyone goes to her room that she's sharing with VJ.

A moment later, Dani charges back into her room yelling at Liz and calling her names as VJ looks around and suddenly finds herself alone. Recalling the tense moment earlier, she bites her lower lip thinking to herself of the moment she and Ariana almost shared.

In the room Ariana slips her shorts off showing a pair of white cotton panties with little green trees on them, her mind racing, kicking herself for what happened with her friend.

"We almost kissed! It was so close. I hope she doesn't freak out?"

Hearing the door open behind her she jumped on the bed pulling the blanket to cover herself but sure that VJ had seen her only making her heart race more. Closing the door behind her VJ smiles at her friend surprised at how excited she had been to see her in her underwear.

Feeling the tension in the room build, VJ jumps on the bed tucking her legs under her as she picks through Ariana's candy bag.

"So do you have anything good in here?"

"Oh yeah, lots of good stuff! There's pixie sticks? Those are my favorite and some chocolates."

Leaning in they both pick through the bag before VJ finds and unwraps a York peppermint candy and bites into it smiling.

"Ari, can I ask you something?" she stares a little nervously.

Hearing the tone of her voice Ariana looks up, "Of course you can."

"Well, earlier by the window where you um... did you want me to kiss you?"

Unable to look her friend in the eye Ariana blushes a little.

"Yeah I was kinda hoping, but you know it's not a big deal."

"Don't you think it might change things with us though? I don't want to mess up what we have."

"Me neither but I think about you a lot and what it would be like."

Looking into each other's eyes they share a little smile and lean a little closer. Ari feels her heart racing again and rests a hand on her friend's. VJ feeling her friend's hand smiles and feeling bold she leans in, slowly closing her eyes, and feeling sparks on her lips as the girls finally kiss.

Lips brushing softly at first then a little more intense as they pull back smiling at each other; brushing some hair behind her ear Ari smiles, "That was nice."

"Yeah it was." VJ smiles back, lightly touching her own lips then reaching over and lightly caressing her fingertips on her friends mouth.

"Your lips are so soft."

"Yours are too," Ariana giggles a little.

"What lip-gloss are you using? I thought I tasted something... minty?"

Confused at first VJ replies, "I don't have any lip gloss on...? Oh the mint!" smiling she holds up the empty wrapper. "I didn't realize it was that strong."

A smile on her friend's face, "I just had an idea. OK now close your eyes... go ahead do it."

Closing her eyes, VJ hears a little rustling of wrappers.

"OK now open them. I ate a piece of candy and you have to guess what it is."

Smiling, Victoria looks in her friend's eyes and without hesitating leans in and kisses her sensuously, holding the kiss and then a couple small kisses as she leans back licking her own lips a little. Ariana, feeling the butterflies in her stomach, waits for her friend's guess.

"Hmm, I taste a little g**** but it's really sugary?"

Her friend holds up an empty purple pixie stick. "OK, it's your turn!"

Waiting till her eyes are closed, VJ looks through the back trying to find a new piece of candy to work with, and getting some of the sugar stuck on her fingers she puts a couple jelly beans in her mouth hoping to confuse her co-star.

Without waiting for her to open her eyes she leans in and initiates the kiss getting her friend to laugh a little; the kiss lasting even longer but neither girl complaining. Ariana licks her lips then opens her eyes seeing the intense look on her friends face and she gently rests her hand on her friend's knee.

Focusing on the taste from the kiss she smiles a little.

"I think you're trying to confuse me. I taste cherry and lemon?" VJ claims before playfully slapping her friend in the arm.

"Wow! You're just too good at this game." Ariana reassures her.

"Well when you eat as much sugar as I do you better be good then there's you trying to trick me by breaking the rules."

"Rules? You never said anything about rules."

Laughing out loud now as they both feel the sugar rush hit them. VJ lightly brushing her hand on Ari's causing her to look down. Ariana, lifting her friend's hand seeing the sugar coating her fingers.

"Looks like someone has been enjoying the sugar?"

Lifting her hand VJ goes to brush off the sugar but Ari stops her.

"Wait! Don't waste it!" she says smiling and she keeps looking in her friend's eyes as she slowly licks and sucks the sugar off her friend's fingertips one by one, causing VJ to squirm a little and surprised at how much she enjoys it. Taking a deep breath she speaks.

"OK, now it's my turn. Lie down and close your eyes."

Ariana does not need to be asked twice as she quickly obliges and now lays there with a smile on her face.

"OK, what I want you to do is push the blanket down a little and lift your shirt up so I can see you stomach."

Taking a moment to clean up some of the wrappers she picks up a pixie stick tearing the top off and turning back to her friend and her breath caught.

Right in front of her was one of the most beautiful girls she had ever known, and now she has her lying there with her tank top pulled up to the point where VJ can see the bottom of her friend's white cotton bra. That is only part of what takes her breath away as she looks and admires Ari's bare stomach so tight and smooth.

Slowly pouring a little of the pixie sugar onto her friends stomach the grains of sugar bounce and roll on her bare skin; some finding her belly button and more spreading out over her stomach. Ariana giggles a little from the sensation.

"What are you doing VJ?" she asks while squirming a little under the sensation and causing the blanket to get pulled down a little more giving Victoria a peek at the top of her friends panties.

Her breath catching at the sight she looks nervously at her friend and pulls at the blanket more to reveal all of her underwear and some of her bare thighs.

"Victoria what's going on?"

Shaken out of her thoughts VJ slowly leans in brushing some hair behind her ear as she lightly runs the tip of her tongue over her friend's stomach picking up the sugar. Ariana gasps in surprise at the warmth and wetness of her friends tongue on her and she slowly slides her fingers through her friend's hair letting her know how much she is enjoying it.

"It tickles a little Vee, but I like it. I like it a lot."

She opens her eyes to watch her friend but Victoria lifts her head, "No silly, you've got to keep your eyes closed."

Smiling in mock frustration Ariana moans a little and puts her head back closing her eyes as VJ runs the tip of her tongue in a circle around her belly button.

Feeling the warmth spread through her she rubs her friends back in appreciation. Turning her head to the side as she continues to explore her friend's bare skin she glances down and notices a little wet spot on her friend's panties.

Not really surprised since she could feel the moisture in hers but liking the feeling of knowing she caused it. Climbing up by her friend and kissing her cheek, resting her hand lightly on her friend's bare stomach and looking into each other's eyes.

"Is it my turn now?"

"Yes it is and you better not let me down."

"I'll do my best" Ari giggles as she sits up looking around.

"OK, well stay lying there and pull your shirt up like I did with mine."

She reaches in to help and feels the smooth skin of her friend's soft stomach, and then seeing bare skin where she expected to see a bra.

"Are you not wearing a bra?"

Smiling a little, "No I'm not."

Ariana's eyes are glued to the bottom of her friend's breasts just a little exposed under the shirt.

"Do you want me to close my eyes?"

Nodding, she waits till her eyes are closed then leans on and planting small soft kisses all over her friend's bare stomach, travelling from the waist of her PJ pants all the way up to the edge of her tank top.

After a few minutes of kissing she feels her body relax under her kisses and she slowly reaches up with her left hand finding the tie of her PJ pants and slowly pulling on it. VJ can feel what's going on and allows it rubbing her friend's bare back a little surprised she didn't pull her shirt back down.

VJ raising her hips a little as she feels Ari pull on her pants letting them slide to her knees. A smile on Ari's lips as she sees the red cotton panties and a nice wet spot on them.

Forefinger and thumb on the elastic of the panties pulling them up and down a little letting her kisses roam a little further down and not feeling any resistance she pulls them down from the hips until she can see the top of her friend's clit.

VJ a little hesitant reaches down to stop her friend but then feeling her friend's warm breath on her exposed sex moans quietly and puts her hand down. Never having done this before the only knowledge she had on this was what Liz had told her and what Ariana knew she liked.

Taking a deep breath she slips the tip of her tongue out making sure it's nice and wet before running it over her friend's clit. VJ breathing deepens as Ari keeps licking and rubbing her friend. Straddling her legs, and her hands on her friend's hips rubbing her bare skin as she licked and flicked her tongue on Victoria's clit.

"Ari that feels sooooo good."

"I'm glad you like it you're so smooth down here" she says as she rubs her hands on her bare skin. Spreading her legs encouraging her to go on.

"Tell me if you like this" she slowly rubs her fingertip over her clit and feeling the moistness build slides it down and slowly wiggles it inside of her feeling how tight and warm she is almost hot inside of her. VJ grabbing handfuls of the blanket and smiling still keeping her eyes closed

"Oh fuck that felt good do it again I like how your finger feels sliding in ant out."

Sliding her finger in and out exploring her friend

"you're so tight I love how you feel"

Licking her clit a couple more time before kissing up to her friend's neck and biting a little making them both laugh.

"VJ will you touch me too?" she asks little self-consciously but is rewarded by a smile as she feels VJ's hand slide over her bare stomach and underneath her panties through her little patch of hair that she had dyed to look like her red hair for the show and finally felt the fingers shaking a little as they rub on her clit.

Arching her back and moaning softly as he pushes up against her friend's fingers.

"Victoria that feels so good please don't stop"

"Don't stop what?" she ask teasing

"Don't stop rubbing my clit" a little surprised by her friend's words but enjoying it at the same time. Ariana leans her head back and smiles and VJ takes the opportunity to slide her middle finger into Ari's tight wetness causing her them both to gasp, Ari in surprise and pleasure, and VJ surprised at how tight she is.

Lying there side by side fingering each other slowly feeling their wetness build. VJ's eyes open wide in surprise as she feels a hand slide up her stomach and cupping her breast squeezing it. Turning she sees Ariana's bright eyes smiling back at her as she plays with her nipple a little,

VJ slides her free hand up her friend's shirt and pulling the bra down letting her friend's firm round breast to pop out and slowly squeezing it as they finger each other a little harder. Looking into each other's eyes

"VJ please don't stop that feels so good"

Grinding their hips on each others fingers

"Ari stick it in deep please I love how that feels."

"You love how what feels?" Ariana asks with a naughty smile.

"I like it when you finger fuck me like this Ari." Surprised from her friend's answer Ariana's hips involuntarily buck tightening around her friend's finger.

"oh shit VJ keep fingering me finger my tight wet pussy it feels so good."

"Yeah you like it when I finger you like this?"

"oh fuck yes I do I've wanted this for so long"

"I have too I've wanted to be with you for so long.

" Looking deeply in each other's eyes they can feel their orgasms building as the hump and grind more intensely on each other. Their lips meet over and over again and VJ is only a little surprised at feeling Ari's tongue on her lips then up against her own tongue as they moan into each other's mouth.

Their bodies tensing up together as they start to shake a little

"Are you going to cum for me Ari?" asked in a whisper lost in her moaning so she asks louder "Ari are you going to cum for me"

Ariana nods as she bucks her hips and fingers her friend's tight pussy faster

"I'm so close VJ I want you to cum with me." Smiling VJ wraps her legs around her friend's hand and encourages Ari to do the same thing as they grind on each other's fingers.

In a quick motion Ariana climbs up straddling her friend as they finger each other. Ari looking down into her friend's eyes

"Cum for my Vj I want to feel it all over my fingers."

Not able to hold it in VJ throws her head back and moans silently, breathlessly at first then turns into screams as her body shakes and the orgasm rocks through her followed quickly by Ariana's orgasm causing her to collapse on her friend, their bodies covered in the effort.

Smiling at each other and jumping a little as their friends bust through the door worried by the screaming. VJ raises her head

"Can we help you with something?"

Ariana's pulls the blanket up over them as their friends just smile,

"Way to go Ari….finally" All the girls laugh and then they let VJ and Ari get their well deserved sl**p.
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anther great story
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please part too, this was so hot
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part 2 please would love to see daniella and elizebeth together