Miley Cyrus Slut s****r

It had been five years since my mother had married Billy Ray Cyrus and I gained my bitchy new step-s****r Miley Cyrus. Over the years, I had watched her become a perfectly clean Disney girl and her transformation into the dirty slutty woman she was now.

Every night she'd be out with various friends and wouldn't return until at least 3am, if at all. I had seen some of the guys she had been picked up by and there was no doubt in my mind about what she did most nights and I often locked myself into my room to think about it.

One night, my mother and new step-dad had decided to go out for a rare night out, leaving me in charge of the house and Miley. After her most recent scandal, Miley had been grounded, despite her age, and forbidden to leave the house and it was up to me to enf***e that rule but we all knew if Miley wanted to go out, some way or another, she'd go out.

"Right, we shouldn't be later than 12." My mum said while putting on her ear rings and my step-dad stood waiting at the door.

"Oh, you going?" I turned towards the stairs as Miley came down wearing nothing but a tiny tank top and even tinier shorts. I tried not to stare at her perfectly round ass since both our parents were still stood at the door.

"You guys have fun" Billy said as they stepped out the door, swinging it shut behind him.

"We will" Miley called with a small wave.

I turned back to my laptop while Miley strutted across the room to peek through the window and watch the car reverse off the drive. As soon as they were out of sight, she spun round, I looked up and she merely glared at me with her intense blue eyes. I was frozen to the spot as she slowly walked towards me, not quiet knowing what was going on or what to do.

She grabbed the laptop off my lap and snapped it shut before placing it on the table behind her. She then turned back to me and straddled me, my ever hardening cock only inches away from her pussy.

"Umm-" I started before she pushed her lips onto mine, pulling me in to a passionate kiss to silence me. Eventually I pulled away, "What the hell are you doing?" I asked, gasping for air.

"Well I'm grounded and horny as fuck, since you've got the only cock in this place, your dick will have to do." She replied bluntly.

I paused for a moment, watching her; suspicious of any tricks she might be playing. She quickly stopped my thought process though by suddenly roughly grabbing my cock through my trousers.

"Ooooh yes, this should definitely do the job" she whispered while she rubbed my dick to full attention.

"Fuck it" I declared, pulling her face towards mine to kiss her again, this time our tongues mingled in our mouths while my hands fell down to grasp her nice, firm ass, giving it a small squeeze and gentle slap. The spank caused Miley to jump and moan into my mouth.

While we kissed, Miley's hand continued to rub me while her other struggled desperately at my belt buckle. Eventually, we had to part so she could free my aching cock with a sharp tug. At the same time, I lifted her tank top over her head, exposing her perky bare breasts beneath, her nipples were already rock hard when I took one in my mouth, gently biting it while Miley pulled my head into her chest, encouraging me to continue.

Eventually, Miley pushed my head away and began to slowly slide down until she was knelt on the floor. Her eyes never left mine as she took my dick in her hand and rubbed it slowly. She then leant forward and stuck out her tongue, placing just the tip at the bottom of my shaft and agonizingly slowly, she licked up to the tip where she planted a gently kiss. She continued to tease me with her tongue, always licking and kissing but never putting the thing in her hot, wet mouth.

"Fucking suck it." I gasped after a few minutes of this unbearable teasing.

Miley giggled at my reaction, "Hmm? What was that?" She asked innocently.

"Put it in your mouth." I groaned.

"Ooooh, so you want your little step-s****r to suck you off? You want to fuck my slutty little mouth with this biiiig cock don't you? Ok then, I'll stick this right down my throat until you cum then I'll swallow every last drop."

With that, she opened her mouth and went straight down, engulfing nearly the entire 8 inches in one movement. The sudden warmth and wetness almost made my blow instantly but I held back, releasing a long groan as she began to bob her head up and down on my lap.

I looked down, past her s****rs bobbing head to see her hand down her shorts furiously rubbing herself. The site made my cock throb inside her mouth, dragging a moan of satisfaction from my s****r. Her eyes flicked up and locked with mine while she desperately and nosily sucked me. Eventually she lifted her head up with a small pop as my dripping dick slid out of her mouth.

She panted as she took my length in one hand and continued to jack it off while she stared at me, gritting her teeth while she carried on rubbing her slit.

"I want you to cum for me b*o," she stated, "then I want to take you upstairs and you're going to fuck me like the little whore I am. I don't want to be able to walk tomorrow."

It was all too much, I reached forward and grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her forward, forcing my dick back into her mouth and into the back of her throat where I instantly began cumming.

Despite the initial surprise, Miley handed it like a pro as I shot stream after stream of cum straight down her throat. Eventually, I collapsed back onto the sofa and released Miley's head which she slowly lifted, drawing her tongue back up my length.

"Mmmm, that was so fucking hot." She whispered before sticking her tongue out and showing me a large pool of my seed on it before she quickly sucked it back in and swallowed.

She then stood, licking her lips and took my hands. Miley dragged me up off the sofa and began to make her way across the room, heading for the stairs.

Barely two minutes later, I was sat on the edge of Miley's bed while my younger step-s****r slowly peeled her skimpy tank top up and over her head. I watched open mouthed as her young, perfectly firm tits spilled out and rested high on her chest. While I was barely aware of it, the entire time her beautiful eyes were locked on mine as she judged the reaction I was having to her teasing.

When her top was off her carelessly threw it across the room and took both her breasts in her hands, roughly massaging them and mashing them together. The act made her groan out loud while I began to stroke by hardening cock again.

When Miley was finished playing with her chest, she turned her back to me and bent over at the waist further than I expected her to be capable of. I knew she kept in shape but I never imagined she'd be this flexible. Her legs were rigidly straight as she pulled at the elastic band of her boy shorts and pulled them down her toned, tanned legs inch by inch until they were at her ankles, she then took me by surprise by flicking her foot up causing the soaked shorts jump up into my lap.

Without thinking I picked them up and inhaled her musky scent while Miley giggled to herself and began to spread her legs, still bent over giving me a perfect view of her round ass and dripping lips. I knew I couldn't take much more of this teasing as my s****r rubbed her lips with two fingers and slowly spread them open before collecting some of her juices and bringing her fingers to her lips and licking them sensually.

Finally it seemed she'd had enough of this too. She placed both hands on the mirror in front of her, spread her legs a little wider and wiggled her ass at me.

"Come on then b*o, fuck this tight little teen pussy," she moaned "I need that big cock in me."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I stood up and stepped towards her grasping my hard on. While I aligned myself at her entrance, I saw Miley brace herself for the intrusion by straightening her outstretched arms. I then locked eyes with hers in the reflection of the mirror she was bent in front of and finally, I thrust into her.

The reaction was instant. Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open in a silent gasp while I grabbed her hips and began fucking her. I started with long, slow thrusts while Miley gasped and moaned below me.

"Oooooh yessss" she groaned, smiling up at me in the reflection, "Fuck that pussy, it's all yours b*o."

"You're a fucking whore Miley" I replied as I picked up the pace.

"Yes I'm your little slut, fuck me like the dirty whore I am" my step s****r demanded.

I decided to not bother replying and take her up on her challenge. I knew I wouldn't last very long inside her so I figured I may as well make this a fuck for her to remember.

I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled them open to watch my cock piston in and out of her cunt and really began to pick up the pace. It wasn't long until I was pounding into her like my life depended on it. With each powerful thrust, my balls would flick into her creating a wet slapping sound and soon this was the only sound in the room besides Miley's constant grunts.

"Oh god, oh god, don't stop fucking me like that, harder, faster, FUCK" Miley stammered away as I treated her like a piece of meat. "Jesus I'm close."

Hearing this I railed into her even harder, releasing her ass cheeks and giving them a powerful slap which caused her back to arch and eliciting another loud grunt from my sexy s****r.

"FUCK! Pull my hair, make me cum all over that fucking cock" she screamed.

I took her up on her offer and grabbed a handful of her mess of wavy brown hair and pulled roughly. The act pushed her over the edge as she let out an ear-splitting scream and her whole body shuddered.

The sight I saw in the mirror was mind-blowing. Miley was still bent over at the waist, her back arced and her legs still perfectly straight and opened wide. Her face was pointed almost directly at the ceiling from my hair pulling but I could see her eyes squeezed shut tightly and her mouth opened wide while she enjoyed the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.


Watching my step-s****r cum and feeling her walls clamp down on my cock was all too much and I instantly began shooting my load deep inside her. She felt it immediately and her eyes snapped open.

"Oh fuck you're cumming inside me!" She yelped, "That's so fucking hot, I'm your dirty little cum-dump and its so deeeeep…"

I watched as her body trembled again and her hands began to slip down the wall as her strength drained from her body.

I placed my hands under her stomach and gently lifted her up as I slipped my dripping cock from her sensitive pussy. Her eyes were fluttering as I laid her down on her bed, my cum dripping from her cunt.

"Jesus b*o, that was fucking amazing." She muttered as she lay back, completely exhausted. I then turned and began to walk from the room when she called me back.

"Hey hey, where'd you think you're going?" Miley shifted over in the bed and patted the space besides her. "You think I'm letting you go after a fuck like that? C'mon we'll have a little rest then we'll do it again, I still have another hole y'know?"

She gave a sly wink as I came back to the bed and settled down beside her. "You're a fucking slut Miley." I replied bluntly which she replied to with a short giggle.
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1 year ago
I might be a girl, but i have to say i want to fuck miley now. Who wouldn't. I may only be 15 but miley is a fucking sexy whore and i want her tongue deep inside me
1 year ago
great story, please continue
2 years ago