My Friend's Mom Maria (Pt. 1)

Fiction, but inspired by my own life :)

I was 15 years old, and i didn’t know much about sex, apart from what I had learned in porn movies. I had seen naked women before, like my mom, but never in a sexual way. One thing I knew was that I longed for sex, like any teenage boy does. The first time I saw porn was at the tender age of 12, when my friend showed me a trailer for a porn site. I thought it was a bit weird, but when I started watching porn at home, I liked it. My first orgasm was wonderful; I had never felt anything like it. After that, I was hooked. I masturbated quite often, and I felt a bit of shame in the beginning. But soon I saw it as normal.

At this time I had a friend, Nicolas, to whose house I went often. It was fairly big, they were not exactly rich, but they had enough money for a house with a fantastic view from the hill on which the house was located. Nicolas lived there with his dad, his younger s****r, and his mom, Maria, who i looked forward to seeing every time I went there.
She was heaven. In her 30’s, 1,70 meters tall (5’6), long brown hair, a relatively thin waist, but thick hips and thighs, a beautiful face with a great smile, and, above all, 32GG natural breasts. The first time I met her she was dressed modestly, without much cleavage, but even so my heart started beating faster when she shook my hand and smiled at me, since I could see the sheer size of her boobs. My first thought was just of her tits, but I quickly realized her natural beauty. She was just perfect. That same night I masturbated thinking of her, touching her breasts. That was the first time I thought about her in bed, but certainly not the last.

One day, I slept over at Nicolas’ house. I loved being close to Maria, I helped her cook the dinner for that night, after I had said that I enjoyed cooking, which was a lie. Nicolas was playing video games in the meantime. I was chopping carrots, and Maria came over and laughed:
“You’re making the pieces too big. Here, let me show you.”
I gave her the knife, and she chopped my pieces into smaller once, and then she quickly chopped the rest of the carrot into good sized pieces. I dared to look at the opening of her blouse and at her cleavage, and from the corner of my eye I saw her full tits jiggle slightly from her arm movement. I got a slight hard on, and my heart was pumping. I looked away quick before she would notice anything. She gave the knife to me, and I tried on the next carrot.
“See, much better, keep on going like that”.
She smiled at me, and went to check on the pasta. As she turned around to the stove, I looked at her big, thick ass, covered by a skirt. My boner got bigger; the head of my cock was poking the kitchen counter in front of me threw my shorts. Eventually I calmed down, luckily before I was done chopping all the vegetables.
That night, after my friend had fallen asl**p, I felt that I needed to go take a piss. The bathroom was down the hallway, so I went out of my bed which was next to Nicolas’, and opened the door. I walked as quietly as I could on the wooden floor, but as I was walking, I heard a noise. The TV in the TV-room was turned on. I saw a flickering light coming from the slightly opened door to the TV-room. Out of curiosity, I snuck up to it and peered through the opening.
Maria was sitting in a sofa to the right of the door, watching a news channel. I could not see her face, only the left side of her, but what I saw was quite enough. She was wearing a thin, purple nightgown, ending just below her waist. Her huge tits were perfect shaped under the gown, even without a bra. They were barely sagging, still very round. Her small nipples were clearly visible through the thin cloth. My heart missed a beat, and I got an instant hard on. I noticed her hand was moving back and forth in her lap, which I couldn’t see clearly from my angle, and that was when I realized; she was masturbating.
My face turned red, my heart was beating even faster, and my cock was rock hard. She leaned her head back, and I feared that she would see me, but she had her eyes closed, whilst biting her lower lip. I just watched as her hand started moving faster and faster in and out of her pussy, which was, unfortunately, covered by the end of the nightgown. Her forehead was a bit moist from sweat, and she moaned silently. I couldn’t get enough of the view. My friend’s mom, masturbating right in front of me. I wanted to stroke my cock, but I didn’t dare. Her hand moved faster and faster, until she lifted her hips up, climaxing, which caused the nightgown to slip down to her stomach, revealing her shaved, wet pussy. It had big lips, and was completely smooth. I almost came in my underwear as I saw her shoving her middle finger deep into her cunt. Her eyes were shut hard, her face showing an expression of extreme pleasure. Then her body tensed, and she squirted a thick stream of juice onto the carpet, moaning, almost hitting the TV with it.
That became too much for me. I took a last look, walked as quickly as I could to the bathroom, closed the door with caution, pulled down my underwear, and started jacking of in front of the bathroom mirror. The feeling was fantastic, my cock had never been this stimulated before. I was pulling the skin as fast as I could. I came hard, so hard I almost had to sit down. I blew my cum straight into the sink, and sat down on the floor, panting. My face was warm from the excitement. After I while, I heard Maria walking through the hallway, coming towards the toilet door which was at the end. I was afraid she would come in, I had forgot to lock the door. But she quietly opened the door next to the bathroom, leading to her and her husband’s bedroom. I waited for about ten minutes before slowly opening the bathroom door, afraid that she might hear me. But I didn’t hear anything from her bedroom. I walked down the hallway, into my friend’s bedroom, and laid down in my bed. Nicolas was still asl**p, but I lay awake for many minutes, thinking about what I had just seen.

Watch out for part 2, where things go to the next level ;)

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2 months ago
Oh, what fun!
2 years ago
3 years ago
this is october & still no part 2
3 years ago
wheres part 2
4 years ago
want more now
4 years ago
i like it
4 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
4 years ago
You caught my interest... looking for part 2
4 years ago
My first story, btw :)