My First Time With Paul

Paul & I had been chatting on a very popular web site's chat room. He was in Glasgow on business and was one of the rather more fit looking guys who wasn't embarrased to show his face on his profile. I was later to find, his body & manhood were equally as yummy.

We arranged for him to pop round to my comfortable flat in the city centre, confirmed by text & then phone so it was off to get ready for my sexy date.

I showered, got dressed in some nice black lingerie - bra, panties & suspender belt I opened a pack of new sheer black stockings & slid them up each smooth leg, clipped onto the 6 straps of my belt.

I pulled my short leather mini skirt into place & over the top, a loose fitting sleeveless top in a shimmery, glittery purple colour. Yes, I think the attire would get Paul immediately aroused I thought to myself.

I did my makeup, made sure to use my Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick (It stays put no matter what my lips come into contact with - wine glasses, someone's lips or a nice hard cock). I finished off with some matching bling, Lady Gaga Perfume & then to finish, my black leather knee high boots with 4" heels.

It wasn't long after I heard the door entry system buzz. Typical - the remote release wasn't working so i had to leave the flat, walk down the 3 flights of stairs & let him in myself. As I approached the main door, I was very impressed with what I saw, his pics didn't do him justice.

I greeted him with a kiss on the lips and my arms around him. We walked back up to my flat & I could feel his eyes on my bum & looking up & down my long stocking clad legs. We got into my flat & Paul made himself comfortable on the setee while I put the kettle on. He was driving, so no alcohol (Something I liked about him further)

We chatted for ages about everything, from coffee to fine wine, fashion to travel. We hit it off immediately & time passed so quickly. He complimented me on my flat so I gave him a look around the small place that I was renting. The kitchen, bathroom & then into the bedroom with a very comfortable double bed.

As we made pleasant talk, I put my arms around him, his around me & we started kissing gently. His tongue slowly tasted my glossy lips & eased into my mouth when I met it with mine. We deep kissed, enjoying the sensations as I felt him getting hard against my skirt.

A few minutes later, I was sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly easing what I now saw was a very hard & thick cock out of Paul's jeans & boxers. I guessed easily 8" of manhood & licked my lips with glee.

I couldn't wait any longer & was licking & tasting this man's delicious cock while I fondled his heavy balls. I opened my lips & slowly took his length inside my mouth, closing my glossy lips around it as he slid into me. I loved every minute & could hear Paul moan with delight.

Paul pulled him manhood from me & stood me up. He unzipped my skirt which fell to the floor, I stepped out of it & kicked it to the corner of the room with my foot. He took one side of my panties in each hand & slowly eased them down my legs leaving me with a very hard 7" of Girl Clit standing up with no panties to keep it in place.

Paul sat me back down on the bed & parted my stockinged legs. He got onto his knees & before I knew it, felt his warm mouth round my own erection. I was in TGirl Heaven, the warmth, the wetness and the feel of him eating me was a magnificent feeling.

We both knew what we wanted & he wasn't going to let me down. I got onto the bed, on all fours and from my bedside drawer, pulled my bottle of lube out. I got my tight bum ready for his hard cock as he slipped a condom on. I lube'd him too and then with my bum in the air, slowly felt the head of this 8" of joy introduce itself to my hole.

He slid in slowly, Fuck, it was tight! It was painful but I knew, once I got used to the thickness I was going to have his whole cock in me. I like a challenge you see, LOL

He slid in & out, each time his lovely hard lube'd cock going in a little deeper. I then felt his balls touch me & knew, with a smile on my face, it was Caz - 1 : Paul's Cock - 0. I wiggled my ass to make sure I had every last millimeter in me & Paul started to fuck me slowly & deeply. I reached back & played with his balls, squeezing them gently knowing I would have his come this evening.

We changed position, I laid on my back & Paul positioned himself between my long legs. My leather boots were on his shoulders & I felt him again as he slowly eased into my inviting ass. I was his as he started fucking me harder & faster. I dropped my legs from his shoulders, wrapping them around his wait & pulling him deeper inside me.

Paul went rigid & with a final push inside me, had a heart attack! No, just k**ding, LOL He ejaculated gallons of hot man cum inside me, well, the condom anyway & I pulled him deeper with my boots still round his body. We kissed while I felt him slowly fuck the last of his cum from his cock, tightening my inner muscles to squeeze every last drop from him.

The rest is history, so I won't bore you. We got dressed, but my skirt stayed off. He had fucked me hard so it's not as if I had any decency left. After another coffee, wine for myself, Paul made his way out with a kiss at the flat door & a promise to meet up again. In just my lingerie, he made his way to the front foor without me. Heaven forbid what the neighbours would have thought had they seen a tall, half naked blonde waving goodbye to this really fit guy. Instant jealousy I would think, hee hee

Paul & I have met since, but that's another story............

Caz xxx

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1 year ago
thank yoe Caz_Tgirl very hot story I used my trusty dildo and I came all over myself
1 year ago
Congratulations, you lucky slut. We love to hear another story!
1 year ago
Very sexy story. It got me hard :)
1 year ago
A wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
Very sexy story Caz xxxx
1 year ago
wow Caz_tgirl wjat a sexy story thansks