The Polaroid Christmas Gift

The Polaroid Christmas Gift
By Catalyst500

This story is very tame by XHamster's standards, but if you enjoy it, do so because it is a true story!

When my father passed away, I was cleaning out his home so that I could prepare it for sale. I came across a metal strongbox in the back of his closet. I recognized it immediately and remembered that's where he kept all his important paperwork.

After sorting through all the expected documents (his will, insurance policies, birth certificates etc.) I came across an unmarked sealed manila envelope. This was unusual, because my Dad always documented things pretty well.

Of course I opened it. Inside were ten fairly aged Polaroid pictures of MY wife totally nude! Now, I bet you're thinking "Dude you must have been pissed!" Quite the opposite as a matter of fact. It actually brought a big smile to my face because I was there when they were taken. I always wondered if he had kept them. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did actually experiencing it!

I had been with Susan since she was eighteen. She has always been very uninhibited about sex and certainly showing off her body. Susan is about "5 7' with dark brown hair, very beautiful (and natural) 36C breasts and a delightful bush (which has gone through many shaving phases over the years). I consider myself to be a lucky man to be with this beauty.....

It all began one Christmas when Susan was in her early twenties. We always had my Dad over for Christmas day; he had been widowed since I was 9. The two of them always got along well, so Susan wasn't ever really concerned about what she would wear in front of him (mind you, I'm not talking about see thru lingerie or anything like that, I mean pajamas, robes and such).

That year, we decided to get him a really good Polaroid camera (now you know how long ago this happened) and several packs of film so he could take pictures on his fishing trips.

The night before, as we were wrapping the gifts, Susan had been enjoying several glasses of wine. During one of our conversations she said "Hey, I've got a fun gift idea for your Dad!" "Oh yeah?" I replied "like what?" "Well, he's been alone a long time, so I guess he doesn't get to see many naked women" I chuckled and said "That's why they make men's magazines and videotapes, honey".

"No I mean in real life" Susan said. "Yeah, probably not, he's not the type to go to strip clubs anyway" I said. A few minutes passed as she continued to wrap gifts and quietly said "Well, we're giving him all these packs of film, so......". Now, knowing her as well as I did, I kind of knew exactly what she meant and where this was going.

"You don't think that would be weird?" I asked. "Look, you're a're Dad's a guy......all guys like naked women" Susan said. "Yeah, but usually they're not their son's girlfriend" I said, laughing really hard. "True, but I thought it might be fun and give your Dad something he'll always remember" she said.

"I think that wine has gone to your head, sweetie" I chuckled. "Maybe......but just think about it" Susan said in an amorous tone. We continued to wrap and the conversation turned to other things.....

We finally finished the wrapping and Susan said "I'm going to give your Dad a separate card, OK?" she said. "No problem" I replied (but thinking to myself "hmmm....interesting"). She went to the kitchen table and started writing. About 15 minutes passed and I glanced over at her. It looked like she was really deep in thought, so I said "Hey, are you writing a novel in the card, or what?"
"You'll see" she said along with a sly smile. A few minutes later she uttered "There, that should do it". Susan walked over and handed me the card to read. This is how the card read:

Merry Christmas,
Hope you enjoyed your presents! Save one pack of film, here's why.....
This card entitles you to take some pictures of me.....totally nude!
There's only one're not allowed to ask when or where it's going to happen. Rob and I will decide that. Even if it takes a year or more, if you ask or even mention it, the deal is off!

"Wow" I replied "You are really going to do this?" "Yup" said Susan "It will be fun for all of us". "Wait a minute" I said. "How is this going to work, suppose we pick a day and he doesn't bring the camera?" I asked inquisitively. "Well, if you were him, wouldn't you carry it all the time, then?" Susan stated. "Yeah, I guess I would too" I said laughingly.

Christmas day came and we did the usual things; gift exchanging, dinner, good conversations etc. Around 11 p.m., my Dad decided to head home, so we began to say our goodbyes. "Oh wait a minute" Susan exclaimed, I forgot to give you this". She handed my Dad the card and said "Open this when you get home, OK?". "Sure" he said, not knowing why of course. He then departed and afterwards I said to Susan "You know I hope he doesn't have a heart attack or something when he reads it"

"Oh" she exclaimed "I hope not". We both headed for the kitchen to clean up the dinner dishes. About 20 minutes later, the phone rang, it was my Dad calling to say he got home ok and to thank us for the presents. I didn't mention anything to him, of course and neither did he (I really didn't know whether he had opened the card or not at that point).

The spring and summer came and went, it was now early September and my Dad kept his silence on things for the past nine months.
Right after Christmas, I had met this guy at work whose grandfather owned a huge farm about twenty miles from our house. His grandfather had recently been placed in a nursing home, so the farm was vacant. During one of our many conversations, I relayed to this co-worker that both my father and I were avid fisherman. Joe stated that the farm had a huge lake that was just brimming with fish. He said my Dad and I could fish there whenever we wanted, just to let him know so he could give me the gate key.

One night at dinner I mentioned to Susan that I was planning on going fishing with my Dad on the upcoming weekend. I told her about the farm, it's privacy and that I was excited about fishing on a private lake. Susan often accompanied me when I fished, not to fish herself, sometimes she read, or, if the weather was warm enough, sunbathed. "Hmmm...." Susan said "That sounds like maybe.....a photo opportunity?"

Of course I could never have forgotten about the Christmas "gift" as I called it, but to be honest, Susan and I had not discussed it since right after Christmas. "OK, if your still up for it" I said. "Yes, after all, it's been nine months" she said jokingly.

I called my Dad to tell him about the new fishing spot and that we should go there the upcoming Saturday. He was excited, since there aren't many spots near us that aren't overfished. I told him we would meet him at the farm Saturday afternoon.

The day finally came and on the drive up, Susan was very excited about what was going to happen. "I have been thinking about this for months" she said. "Well, I hope that he brings the camera" I said. "Maybe we should make a bet" Susan said. "I bet you twenty bucks he brings it" she said confidently. "OK, you're on" I replied.

We arrived at the farm and my Dad was already there. "I'm going to go ahead of you so I can unlock the gate, so just follow me" I said to my Dad. We drove past the house and barn, the driveway soon became a narrow, dirt and gravel road. It was a lot longer than I thought it would be and even Susan commented "Wow, this is really isolated".

After about five minutes of driving on what was starting to look like a jungle with all the overgrowth, the gate appeared around the next bend in the road.

I pulled in front of it, stopped the car and was just about to get out to unlock the gate when Susan uttered nervously "I can't wait anymore, I have to do it right now"

Now, I must tell you, even though I knew it was going to happen sometime during the day, when Susan said that, I got really nervous and excited.

"Walk back to your Dad's car with me" Susan said. "Ok" I said, not knowing what her plan was. We got out and walked back to his car. My Dad rolled down his window (He always had the air conditioning on) and said "What? did you forget the key or something?"

"No, we didn't forget the key" Susan said jokingly "Did you forget the camera?" I'll never forget the look on my Dad's face, his sly smile when he said "Yes, of course I have it" "Good" Susan replied, "Today is the day, are you ready to take those pictures?

"Oh my" my Dad exclaimed "I thought you forgot about it" he said, lighting up a cigarette. "Well here's a preview" Susan said.

She lifted her blue tank top up over her head and tossed it on the hood of my Dad's car. I could see the outline of her hard nipples through the thin black bra. Then she unbuttoned her denim shorts and slid them slowly down to her ankles, and they soon joined the tank top on the car hood. The she stood there, hands on her hips waiting for my Dad to say something. I think my Dad set the world speed record that day for smoking a cigarette, because he already had another one lit when he said "I have to load the film, ok?."

"Ok", Susan replied "I'll be standing by the gate". As she walked away, I could see my Dad looking at her magnificent ass through the shiny black panties. My Dad loaded the film and proceeded to get out of the car.

My Dad and I walked past both cars and towards the gate. Susan stood there in her black panties and bra (I think rather nervously, which was unlike her) hands on her hips and said "Are you ready?" with a sly smile on her face. "If you are" replied my Dad. He looked over at me then, as if to get my acceptance. "Go for it" I said. With that, she unhooked her bra, allowing the pair of magnificent 36C breasts to be free.

I think she was extremely turned on too, because her nipples were rock hard and it was about 80 degrees out. She hung her bra over the gate and began to slide her panties down and off. She turned, put her hands on her hips, looked at my Dad and asked "How do you want me to pose?"

Now, I must say, I've had some pretty erotic moments in my life, but this ranks near the top. Some of you may think that it would be "twisted" to have your girlfriend standing totally nude in front of your father. If you understand the whole dynamics of the situation, it really wasn't........

"That's fine right there" said my Dad as he snapped the first picture. He placed it on the hood of our car to let it develop. When I think of the digital technology we have now, I think it takes a little out of the excitement, because back then, you didn't know how the picture was going to turn out.
Then my Dad asked Susan "Will you pose anyway I want?" in an inquisitive tone. "Sure, why not?" remarked Susan. "OK, face front, get down on your knees and put your arms up behind your head" my Dad said. She obliged and he then proceeded to put her through several more erotic poses (I never knew that my Dad had photographic talent......but he had a great eye!).......

Then he reached the last picture (back in those days, Polaroid's only came in ten packs). He said to Susan (rather hesitantly I might add) "Umm...umm..would you lie in the grass on your back over there, and spread your legs?"

I thought she'd might draw the line on that request, but she didn't. I guess she figured she'd went this far, what the hell? She went over to the side of the gate in a grassy patch, laid down, got up on her elbows and spread her legs wide. When she did, I could see her pussy was wet. It took all the strength I had not to fuck her right there on the spot!

My Dad snapped the last picture and placed it on the hood of our car as we all watched them develop. We all had our favorites of course! Susan said "Well, I might not as well get dressed, because I'm going to do some tanning." My Dad turned to Susan, gave her a kiss on the cheek and said "Thank you". "You're welcome" she said. My Dad turned and said "I'm going to lock these in my glove box" "Yeah, don't want those falling into the wrong hands" Susan said amorously.

I unlocked the gate as Susan gathered her clothes and got into our car, still bare assed naked. I asked her how she felt. "It was a little strange at first, but then I realized it was turning me on" she said. "Hey, by the way, where's my twenty bucks?" she said with a laugh. I opened up my wallet and handed her the bill. "After all, a bet's a bet!" I exclaimed. "Yes it is" she replied, giving me a kiss on the lips as I looked over.

We proceeded to find a good spot to fish and one for Susan to sunbathe. She spent almost the entire day nude, even when we started to eat our picnic lunch! We caught a hell of allot of fish that day, Sue got a great all over tan and it was a day I'll never forget!

As we were leaving and I was locking the gate, my Dad walked over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and said "I don't think anyone will be able to top that gift, son........"

I've included the very first Polaroid he took. Sorry I had to put a piece of paper over her face, she has a high position in a major company and we don't want any issues! I'm also kindly asking the readers not to repost the photo. Let them enjoy it at the end of the story too!


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25 days ago
Thank you cleo, glad you enjoyed it. Let your wife read it and maybe......
26 days ago
Great story. My wife is adventurous, but not to this degree. Fun to read your story.
9 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it sir!
9 months ago
Great story. I enjoyed reading it. I wish I could see the pic. I am no techie and can't help with any advice on how to post it tho
9 months ago
Great story. I wish I knew how to help you upload the photo. I would love to see it.
9 months ago
Thanks bandaazul! Glad you enjoyed it!
9 months ago
Hey that is a great story, thanks for sharing; have fun here.
9 months ago
If someone can give me specific instructions on how to upload/put a photo within the story, I will put the original polaroid up. Do not know why it didn't upload. Sorry.