A sex filled holiday part 2

She had a tight black dress on that hugged every inch of her body. It squeezed her breasts together and barely covered her ass and pussy. Long legs looked incredible and high black boots fit perfectly around her calves and came up to her knees. The heel was about 4 inches this time. She had a necklace on with a heart shaped pendant that dangled just above her cleavage. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her make up was dark. She held a small black purse in her hand, some bracelets on and a look like she meant business.

"Spin around", I said.

She did as she was asked. Wow!

"I'm hungry, lets go eat", she said.

I got up and walked over and kissed her and grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her close to my crotch. I ran one hand around and went for her pussy. I pulled her skirt up and found a tiny black panty that just barely covered her pussy.

We smiled and I darted into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I was done and ready to walk out the door in 10 minutes. I had on black pants and a dark button down shirt.

We walked out the door and headed to the elevator. Inside the elevator I stood behind her and pushed my hard dick against her butt. I reached around and tickled her pussy while we rode the elevator down.

We decided to eat at the hotel right in front on the sidewalk. South beach is famous for this. People walk by while you eat. We ordered our food and got d***k on margaritas. The looks and stares she was getting was crazy. Dudes couldn't take their eyes off of her. I even got a couple of nods, like they knew I was getting laid that night.

We decided to walk a little after we ate but it was hard for me with my constant erection. We talked about dancing but I had to fuck her with those boots on! We made it a couple of blocks before we couldn't take it anymore and decided to walk back to the hotel and we would go dancing tomorrow instead.

I had my hand on her ass and she was rubbing my dick through my pants before we got to the hotel. The elevator took forever to open. I pinned her against the wall and we started to make out right there in the lobby. I pulled her dress up a little and rubbed her pussy.

Finally the door opened and we fell in. We were alone and we went right at it. Hands everywhere... Grabbing and exploring. I pulled her dress down and her tits fell out. She undid my zipper and pulled my cock out and was rubbing it.

The elevator stopped and I knew it was not our floor. The door opened and an attractive, slightly older lady looked in on us. We just smiled and said hello. She looked at my hard cock in her hand with a glisten of pre-cum on the tip and the older lady just smiled.

"That looks yummy!", the lady said. "You both enjoy... I'll get the next one", she continued with a wink.

The door closed and we went back at it.

Finally we made it to our floor and ran down the hall to our room. We pushed into the room and she went right for my dick in her mouth.

I pulled her up and said, "listen here. I've been nice until now", I continued. "You're mine now! You will obey everything I say or face the consequences! Is that clear?"

She stood there with a little shock on her face but a whole lot of excitement!

She nodded her approval.

"Now... Walk back and forth in front of the bed!" I demanded.

I got on the bed and propped the pillows up and watched her walk back and forth. She did this for a few minutes. I knew she wanted to touch herself.

"Now, slowly take off your dress", I said.

She did and her tits fell free. She kept walking in just her boots and panties.

I looked through her bag and found a medium sized dildo. My cock hurt so bad just throbbing with all the bl**d flowing through it. I took off all my clothes and stroked my cock a few pumps. My pre-cum continued to ooze out. I scooped a little on to my fingers and teased her with a taste on her tongue.

I sat on the edge of the bed and told her to lay down on my lap with her ass up. She did. I spread her legs. I rubbed her ass and slid down and found her pussy leaking juice all over. I teased her pussy and ass hole with my fingers. Occasionally spanking her for squirming or making a noise.

"Do you like this?", I asked.

"Yes sir," she replied.

I smacked her ass hard and she whimpered. I continued to spank her and told her I was in charge! Her ass turned pink from the slapping. I continued to rub and slap. I reprimanded her for the slightest thing.

I positioned my hard cock in between her legs right near her pussy. She was still laying face down on my lap. I pumped my cock every so often in between her legs. She squirmed to try and get my cock to touch her pussy but every time I would spank her and tell her no.

Eventually I spread her legs just far enough to position the dildo slightly in her pussy. I teased her with the dildo and spanked her if she tried to f***e entry into her. She would squirm and I would spank. This went on for a little while but all along my cock ached with an erection. I teased her pussy with the dildo and alternated to her ass. I spread the slippery juice that was on the dildo all around her asshole. When she relaxed enough I penetrated her ass with the dildo and kept sliding it in further. She grinded her pussy on my legs and I slowly eased my hard cock into her soaking wet slit. The position was a little awkward but it gave me the ability to control her ass fucking.. I pumped her a little with my cock and teased her ass with the dildo for a few minutes.

I couldn't take it anymore and I told her to get up and get on the bed on all fours with her ass up in the air. She did and she took her drenched panties off but left her boots on as I instructed. I came in behind her and spanked her a few more times.

"Spread that filthy, whore, ass for me", I demanded.

She did and I slide my hard rod into her pussy. I fucked her a few times and then slid the dildo into her ass at the same time. Then I pulled out and traded the dildo for my cock. I pushed right in and started a slow steady rhythm. I continued to spank her and grab her hair from her pony tail and pull her head back.

"Who's fucking your ass bitch?" I asked.

"You are..... stud", she answered.

"Who's owns this ass?" I asked.

"You do, sir", she answered.

"That's right.. And don't forget it", I continued, "this is my ass and I will lick it, fuck it and spank it whenever I want!"

She whimpered and whined.

"Sir, your cock is too big for my little ass"' she said.

I spanked her for talking without being asked a question.

She looked incredible. I couldn't believe how lucky I was fucking this beautiful woman. And extra lucky that she let me penetrate her ass!

I could tell she was enjoying it and was close to an orgasm. We rolled on our left side and I stayed buried in her ass. She raised her right leg up in the air and I grabbed her leg near her boot and helped support her.

"Grab the dildo and fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass", I whispered in her ear.

With a free hand she did as she was asked and I licked and kissed her ears and neck. I removed my hand from her leg and I pinched and played with her nipples. I pumped her ass from behind and she shook with a huge powerful orgasm under all the stimulation.

My orgasm peaked at the same time and I shot my load straight in her ass. We both laid there for a minute and caught our breath. We were sweaty and soaked with our love juices.

I stayed behind her and spread her ass and told her to push my come out of her ass. She did and my white chalky cum poured out of her tight little hole.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned her ass for her. We both jumped in the shower and washed each other. We dried off and crawled into bed and under the covers and watched tv while we held each other completely naked and talked for a long time.

I looked at the clock at 2:35 just before we both drifted off to sl**p....

The first day was awesome... We had 2 more days to go....

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