It's good to be a pirate. Chapter 1 The maid

I grew up on boats so when my c***dren had grown and started their lives it was my turn to follow my dream of sailing the caribean. I cashed in my nest egg and some cash I had been socking away and purchased a 55 foot cruising yacht. I had been researching and planning this day for years. I had everything needed to check out of the rat race that I had been running for years. Mortgages, car payments, tuition.. I paid it all and worked my ass off to do it.

I'm a tall, attractive guy but my marriage had fizzled years before and I never pursued another relationship. Instead I focused on my k**s and making money. I was ready to be selfish now and make up for the lost time.

I set sail in June and headed down the Carolina coast toward Florida. I stopped in a few marinas along the way to get familiar with the boat and living aboard. Towards the end of the first week I pulled into a marina just south of Jacksonville. As I secured my boat I heard the "nightlife" sounds of a nearby bar. The dock master pointed me in the direction and informed me that it was a great place. I showered and shaved and decided I'd go mingle with the locals.

The place was your typical waterfront restaurant/bar. Jimmy Buffet playing on the jukebox and surfboards hanging from the rafters. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer from a bartender with a great smile and even better tits. She caught me staring but a sheepish smile made it all right.. I tipped her an extra 10 bucks and I knew she'd take care of me all night. I ordered some food and settled in to a steady flow of beer. I started a conversation with the bartender and found out her name was Tricia. The place got rocking as mostly younger people flowed in. Just as I was about to call it a night two very attractive, mid forties women came in and sat at the end of the bar about two stools away from me. They started laughing and talking to the bartender. I knew immediately they all knew each other.

The two new arrivals were both blonde. One had longer hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. She had on a short skirt that came to just below her ass. She had on a button down shirt that was mostly unbuttoned to expose her ample cleavage. Her tits were held in suspension with a bra that was too small and squeezed her tits to overflow. She finished it off with cowboy boots.. I'm a sucker for boots! The other blonde had shorter hair that was pulled up in a clip. She had heavy eyeliner on and her thick lips were wrapped with a deep red lip stick. She had on a short sundress and her breasts were pushed up in a bra that made them appear larger than they really were. Her legs were shapely and they were finished off with black heels. She had an incredible ass that the sundress accentuated. I noted that she was the only one with a wedding ring on her left hand. They both looked like they took well care of themselves and they were certainly on the prowl...

I ordered another beer and when Tricia came back I asked about her friends. She introduced us and we had a great conversation. The blonde with the longer hair and larger breasts was named Michelle and the delicious ass concealed in the sundress belonged to Carmen. They asked where I was from and I told them about my boat and my plan. They were both very eager to learn more. I talked some about me but I wanted to know more about them. I quickly found out that Michelle was recently divorced and Carmen was trying to get her out of the house and socialize. As we drank more, we became more uninhibited. Our conversation covered everything from daily life to sex.

I got up to go to the restroom and Michelle said she needed to go too. We walked together down the dark hall. She asked me to wait for her to come back out. I finished up and met her in the hall. She looked hot as hell when she came through the door. I took a chance and decided to grab her and push her against the wall and kiss her. She immediately kissed me back. Our tongues explored each other. I pushed my growing penis against her stomach to let her know what I wanted. When she grabbed it with her hand and pumped it through my shorts I knew she wanted it too. We came up for air and decided we should get back to Carmen.

When we got back to the bar I think Carman could she Michelle's smeared lipstick and traces of red lipstick on my face. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be but I was more concerned with trying to conceal the massive erection in my pants so I sat down quickly. Apparently Michelle was not concerned because she slid her hand up my shorts and went right for my cock. Carmen gave me a wink and I knew the night was going to get even better. Michelle had her hand discreetly up my shorts and fondled my shaft. She playfully smiled at me and licked her lips seductively. Carmen stood next to us and shielded the view from everyone else. She began to kiss my ear and lick my neck.

She whispered, "do you want to fuck us both?"

"Yes", was all I could get out.

"Then let's get out of here", Carmen said.

"Check please", I stammered.

Tricia came over with the bill and I threw a handful of cash on the bar that was more than double the required amount. Tricia thanked me and gave me a wink as we headed for the door.

Both girls were too d***k to drive so Carmen called her husband and told him they were taking a cab back to Michelle's and would get the car in the morning. That, however was not the plan. Instead we made our way toward the marina and my boat. We stumbled and laughed the entire way and somehow found my boat.

My boat is large and very comfortable. The below decks is very spacious and plush. I have three staterooms with mine, the largest in the stern. The salon area is where you land when you come down the steps from above. There is a large sofa area that converts to the dining area. The galley or kitchen is just in front of this space and is large and has every current appliance there is.

I was going to offer the girls another drink but none of us wanted any more alcohol. We just wanted to explore each other's bodies. I sat on the sofa and both girls sat on either side of me. I kissed Michelle first and started rubbing her breast through her shirt. Carmen started to lick and kiss my neck and ear again. I reached back with one hand and slid her skirt up to find she did not have any panties on. I pinched her pussy lips together and she began to moan. Michelle slid down from me and went for my shorts. She unbuckled my belt and button.. She slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled them and my underwear off. While she worked my clothes off I turned my attention to Carmen and began to kiss her. We had not kissed yet. Her lips were much softer than Michelle's. Carmen was an incredible kisser. I got lost in our make out session until Michelle began to work my cock with her expert lips.

How crazy was this.. My first sex session on my boat and I had two hot milf's to fuck!

Carmen and I released our lip lock and she stood up and dropped her sundress to the floor. She quickly removed her bra and her tits were still in great shape for her age. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with a small patch shaved in a line. Her body was smoking! She got down on her knees and worked her way to suck my dick with her pal. Michelle looked up and released her suction hold on my cock long enough to kiss her buddy. The two girls made out for a few seconds before they alternated their dick sucking talents on my cock. I pulled Michelle up next to me and unbuttoned her shirt.. It was time to see those tits.

She stood up and removed her shirt and skirt. She had on a black underwire bra that was defying gravity to hold her massive tits up. She had a very tiny g string that barely covered her pussy mound. She undid her bra first and playfully let the big cups fall away to let her boobs free. They were enormous. Surprisingly they stayed up high. She squeezed and pinched her nipples and they doubled in size. Her breasts were easily 38 inches and I would guess DD's. She pulled her panties down and showed me a bare pussy. I had to taste that sweet thing!

I removed my shirt and now we were all naked. I take good care of myself. I eat well and stay active but I do have a bit of a beer gut. My cock is not huge but I've never had a complaint that it was too small. I keep it trimmed very neatly. No hair on my balls or shaft but a trimmed patch above the shaft.

Michelle climbed up and stood in front of me on the sofa. Her pussy was right in front of me. I grabbed her ass and pulled her mound in to my face. I devoured her pussy like a starved a****l. I spread her lips apart and found her clit. I sucked and licked her clit and tasted her juices.

Carmen continued on my cock and I was afraid I would shoot my load if she kept up her pace. I didn't want to stop eating Michelle's sweet slit but I had to make a move. Carmen sensed my dilemma and moved up.

We decided we needed more space so we moved back to my stateroom. I threw the comforter off the bed and we all hopped up. The girls began to make out and I watched for a few minutes as they made out and fondled each other breasts and fingered pussies.

I eased back in between them both and Carmen was first to climb on my cock. I laid on my back and she straddled me facing toward me. My cock slid right in to her wet gash and we went into a steady pumping action. We kissed briefly until I guided Michelle over to sit on my face. She did and now the two girls could kiss and pinch their nipples while each one enjoyed my stimulation. This position was awesome and we stayed like this for a few minutes.

Michelle's pussy tasted like honey. Her asshole was right by my nose and I hoped that someday I'd be able to fuck it.

Carmen was pumping my shaft faster and I felt my balls begin to boil. I knew I was close to orgasm. But I didn't want to come yet. So I decided to switch up positions. I guided Michelle off my face and moved Carmen onto her back. Michelle dove in for her pussy and I moved in behind her to fuck Michelle doggy. I love this position and I prefer to come like this.

We all were in heaven. Each one of us were blissfully getting off from each other's bodies.

I gripped Michelle's hips and slapped her ass while I rode her like a mustang.

Carmen yelled out, "ohhh god... I'm coming!"

Michelle moaned and groaned with my dick pumping and I knew she was close. She picked her head up and yelled.

"Fuck yeah..fuck that pussy!", she exclaimed.

I pulled out and Michelle rolled over and laid next to Carmen. They both out their heads close together and I moved in and stood over them. I pumped my shaft as they begged for me to come.

"All over my face", Carmen yelled.

"Fuck yeah... Shoot on my big jugs and face.. Stud!", Michelle asked.

I couldn't hold out any longer and a thick stream shot out of my hole and splattered on Michelle's right tit. I pumped another shot on Carmen's cheek. Then the two girls took over my pumping with their lips and hands. Trying to drain every ounce of my load from my balls. They kissed each other and traded my load back and forth before Carmen greedily swallowed it all down.

We were sweaty and tired but not done!

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6 months ago
As an ECU Pirates fan, this was very much appreciated. :)