Carole’s hairy cunt and the massage

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Since being with Keith (my husband) most of my sexual encounters have been with him in attendance and indeed filming the action or joining in.

However, some have occurred without him being there and Keith tolerates this as long as I tell him all the graphic details later and I let him act out the encounter afterwards. So a win, win for me!

One such occasion occurred a few years ago when we were at Cap d’Agde the French naturist resort.

I had suggested that I’d like a massage whilst we were on holiday and there were a few places ‘on camp’ that provided the service. We got chatting to one guy (Phillipe) who ran one of the parlours and he said that he was free most afternoons if I wanted to call by.

A couple of days later we were sunbathing beside the pool when Phillipe entered the pool area and seeing me came over and reminded me that I hadn’t been into see him. I said we’d been busy but would call in within the next few days.

As the pool side was quite quiet he pulled up the sun lounger alongside mine and we sat around chatting for some time. After a while I asked Keith if he’d rub some sun tan lotion into my body and he duly set about it. Phillipe soon commented that Keith was doing it all wrong and that there was a technique better than the ‘slap it on’ method Keith was using!

Phillipe asked whether we’d mind if he applied the lotion on my body instead and Keith happily agreed. Whilst Phillipe was at least 20 years older than me I didn’t object either. “A cool Frenchman expertly rubbing his hands over my naked body!” No I wasn’t going to object.

I laid on my front and he started very gently but firmly working his way down my back from my shoulder blades and eventually on to my bottom and down my thighs and legs. I separated my legs slightly for him so that he could rub the lotion inside my thighs and in full view of Keith he caressed the top of my thighs and brushed against my pussy with the back of his hand. I gave out a gentle moan.

I turned over and he applied the rest of the lotion down my arms over my tummy and gently into my breasts which made my nipples harden. I could tell from the erection Keith was getting that this was turning him on too but all too soon Phillipe stopped and said he had to go.

A few days later Keith agreed to play tennis with another guy we had met up with and so I thought I’d renew my acquaintance with Phillipe and get that massage after all. However, when I got there a young lad was just locking up the parlour. He told me that Phillipe had gone into town and wouldn’t be opening the parlour again until the morning. I asked him if he worked there and he said that he did.

I said tomorrow wasn’t very convenient and so could HE ‘do me’ instead. He thought for a moment, looked at his watch and then looked me up and down before agreeing that he could. We went inside and I found out his name was Pierre and that he was Phillipe’s son.

I laid on the table on my back and Pierre started massaging me but it was hardly the same gentle technique that his Dad has used. He did however, seem to enjoy lingering at the top of my thighs and perhaps because I have a hairy bush seemed fascinated by the sight.

He was wearing shorts (which most of the shop assistants do) but I could tell that a bulge was appearing and when he started rubbing my tits I too started to get turned on. After a few minutes I said to him “You’re not a masseur are you?”

He confessed that he wasn’t and that his job was only to answer the phone. He also confessed that he just wanted to touch me up. “Well you better finish the job off”. I said. Whether he was just relieved that I wasn’t going to report him or whether he really did fancy me and my hairy pussy I don’t know, but he certainly put on a good performance.

I spread my legs so that they were either side of the massage table and he climbed up and pulling his shorts just down to his knees was soon thrusting his cock inside me. Before ejaculating he pulled out and watched in excitement as his cum soaked all over my hairy pussy and half way up my body.

I eventually did get a massage from Phillipe a few days later but that’s another story.

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2 months ago
Lovely, id pretend to be anything u wanted if it meant getting inside that lovely pussy xx
3 months ago
Thinking of fucking you oiled up has really sent my cock into overdrive xxx
10 months ago
Lovely story Carole thank you it certainly got me hard and having to knock one off.
11 months ago
A great story lucky guy
12 months ago
I love this stiry Carole, mad me hard as fuck. I lwft Sharm El Sheik yesterday and after check out, I needed a shower which I took in the sauna showers, I started to wank off hoping someone would see me and offer to help but, alas, I was alone. Still had a lovely shower and a great wank xxx, love your stuff and your hubby is a lucky man, love your cunt xx
1 year ago
1 year ago
Eu Amo buceta peluda. Adorei a história
1 year ago
Rubbing oil all over your hot body and seeing you get aroused by my lust for you is my fantasy. My hand stoking oil all over your pussy, on your rising clit with my fingers teasing your vagina deeply. Then you grab my balls and pull my cock inside so you can feel my cum.
1 year ago
Great story Caraole I like the part where Keith was getting turn on as Phillipe was putting oil on you I would getting hard too as I put the oil on you Carole Was Phillipe getting hard as he was putting oil on you
1 year ago
fantastic, I'd love to give you a massage and more. Can't wait to hear what happened with Phillipe, xx
1 year ago
I dont normally do the story reading thing on xhamster, I may however have to reasses after reading this horny story, maybe a little more about how the young guy did the "deed" but a great bit of titivation xx
1 year ago
n0t so g0od
1 year ago
I would love to give you massage
1 year ago
Glad he was able to "finish" the job.
1 year ago
Yet another toy boy to add to my collection!