Carole's Hairy Cunt and the League Table Chal

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My friend Marie got a job in the Netherlands and invited me to join her and share her bedsit. That’s when the slutty behaviour really got into top gear.

One game we regularly played was our League Table Challenge. We’d keep a log of all the guys we fucked in a chosen week and the highest tally would win the game. To ensure no fibbing we had to take a Polaroid photo of the guy as proof of the encounter.

I always won. However, that might be because I cheated!

Finding two guys (or more) to fuck on a Saturday and Sunday was no problem with us leaving our phone numbers with guys on a Friday or Saturday night whilst we were out clubbing. However, finding a stud on a Tuesday or a Wednesday wasn’t as easy.

Marie and I would go our separate ways cock hunting but occasionally the hunt proved fruitless. That’s when I hit on the idea that wherever I was at midnight, if I hadn’t scored, I’d get a taxi back to the flat.

Using the classic line of “Do you want the fare or what?” was usually enough to get the driver into the flat so that I could fuck him and send him on his way without him losing too many fares.

Occasionally though, a driver would say “I can’t. I’m married” or “We’re very busy” and so I’d have to up the offer with “I’ll let you cum in my mouth or arse, if you want”.
That ALWAYS got a result.

To say that I’d fucked most of the taxi drivers on the west coast of Holland is a slight exaggeration (note the word slight).

Actually, not that many of them got to cum in my mouth or arse after all. I always insisted that they fuck me on my back, in my pussy first so that I got my satisfaction. And if they wanted to they could then go oral or anal afterwards.

Most of the time they either couldn’t manage a second session or they’d have to get back to the cab to get to their next fare. However, one guy who I got to know quite well (in every sense of the word) was Erik, a middle aged black guy.

The first time I offered the ‘In lieu of the fare’ service he took me up on it and then took me doggy style, up the arse and then in my mouth, shooting his cum on each occasion! I wasn’t going to let him go in a hurry and so I kept in touch with him even outside of our ‘challenge’.

Marie cottoned on eventually that I was cheating but agreed I was only slightly bending the rules.

Quite recently my husband (Keith) and I came across a box that I’d thrown the pictures into when I moved from Holland and it made quite interesting reading. I’d written the name of the guy on the back of the photo plus the date and a number which I can only assume was the score I’d given the guy out of ten. The single or double asterisk clearly meant something extra and I leave you to use your imagination on that.

Sadly, I could only name one or two of the guys in the photos. Which probably says more about my life-style rather than my memory!

The ‘flashing dares’ also continued unabated at this time with both Marie and I getting more adventurous on where the ‘flashing’ would take place. We now had each other doing it in very public places.

I dared Marie to walk from the Shopping Centre with her coat open revealing her tits and pussy and she had me completely stripping off at a wooded area that was adjacent to a very busy road and quite a few cars stopped at the lay-by nearby to get a better view.

Before we moved from the flat Marie got a call from an old friend of ours: Charles, who she was going out with when I was seeing Duane. Charles and his new girlfriend (Simone) were coming over to visit the resort we were at and wanted to come and see us.

Allowing Charles (a fit, black guy) and his girlfriend Simone (a gorgeous, black girl) to visit us two nymphomaniacs who had just started to enjoy girl on girl action was very dangerous.

But that’s a different story…

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3 months ago
Wow, you've got nerve.
6 months ago
Marie and I took the photos of each other.

Sometimes when I was taking photos of my conquest they'd also take one of me (and one for themselves)
6 months ago
Who took the pictures that accompany the story? Also if you have a chance and really want to drive us crazy scan the polaroids of the various men and write whatever you can remember about the encounter.
2 years ago
Love this story! I'd be a taxi driver, JUST on the chance that it might happen to me lol
2 years ago
loved it very hard to get a taxi in the village
i live in but if you were in town bet the rank
would be full with me at the front i hope!!
2 years ago
nice sounds like you've had some fun good on you
2 years ago
hot story and great pictures. We need more girls like you 2:)
2 years ago
Stiff nipples always add to any "affair"...a hairy wet pussy just seals the deal and we know what kinda deal you like...the kind bubbling up in my balls right now.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Marie always got me to do my dares outside when it was wet or cold or both!

Still my stiff nipples probably add to the picture.