Carole's hairy cunt 'flashing' in p

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My friend Marie was every bit as promiscuous as me and it wasn’t long before we started setting each other sex challenges (dares) that the other had to go through with.

The dares covered all types of challenges:

Fuck a bald guy; fuck a fat guy; fuck a short guy; fuck an old guy; fuck an ugly guy, fuck a barman, fuck a waiter and so on. You name it and it was probably on our list.

Friday night became ’fuck fest Friday!'

In the three years we were in the flat I don’t recall missing many, if any, Friday night encounters. Wow! Thinking back that's a lot of guys!!

Surprisingly some of the dares turned out to be pretty good in the sack. One of the old guys I got, who must have been in his sixties, was really good and he rammed his cock into me vigorously for ages before finally shooting his load. I climaxed a number of times before his cum erupted inside me.

Marie also said that a fat guy that I’d set her up with had a very small cock but was excellent at anal, with his thumbs providing the equivalent of a DP.

It was the good looking, fit guys who were often a disappointment and so we’d have to fuck them twice to get the satisfaction we desired. Perhaps that was their plan!

Without wishing to generalise or appearing to be racist we definitely came to the conclusion that we could categorise their sexual behaviour by their nationality!

The Irish and the English took the longest to cum and would usually plump for the missionary position; the Dutch and Germans LOVED anal and the black guys would always finish off fucking your face. They seemed to get as much of a thrill out of seeing their big cock ramming in and out of our mouths and watching their seemingly endless cum shooting over our face, as we loved it hitting the back of our throats or inside our pussies!

Meanwhile, the ‘flashing’ still continued but the locations became more and more adventurous. I’d be photographed with my jeans around my ankles or flashing a gang of teenagers passing by or sitting on a rock with my tits on show for all to see. Still I didn't mind. In fact the comments only made me want to do more.

After a while the sexual dares got even more outrageous.

A game we regularly played was our League Table Challenge.

This is where we’d keep a note of all the guys we fucked in a chosen week and the highest tally would win the game. To ensure no fibbing we had to take a Polaroid photo of the guy as proof of the encounter.

I always won. However, I did cheat!

But that’s a different story…

100% (7/0)
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5 months ago
MMMMM a two week sabbatical every year xxxx
1 year ago
I have always said sexual experience hones the sex performance to a high degree. Carole, welcome to the nth degree of sexual achievement.
1 year ago
AWESOME I like it alot
2 years ago
Intriguing. That'd make some nice pics: a bbd fucking that pretty mouth of yours.
2 years ago
2 years ago
You do the maths!

I make it 150!!