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Carole’s hairy cunt ‘flashing’ o

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My friend Marie got a job in the Netherlands and invited me to join her and share her bedsit. That’s when the slutty behaviour really got into top gear.

Marie was every bit as promiscuous as me and it wasn’t long before the bedsit resembled a knocking shop!

After a while our behaviour got dirtier and dirtier (or sexier and sexier). We started setting each other sex challenges (dares) that the other had to go through with.

At first it was quite tame, like ‘flashing’ in public.

My first ‘dare’ came about on a train from the Netherlands to Germany. There was no point in doing it unless there was an audience and so I would wait until the train was pulling away from stations and then I’d give the passengers on the platform a ‘flash’ either of my tits or my hairy pussy.

Some pretended not to notice (the Dutch and Germans seem to take nudity in their stride) but the young lads nearly always greeted the sight with cheers and a wave.

After a while the dares got quite outrageous.

They covered all types of challenges:

Fuck a bald guy; fuck a fat guy; fuck a short guy; fuck an old guy; fuck an ugly guy, fuck a barman, fuck a waiter and so on. You name it and it was probably on our list.

Somewhere in Holland there’s a fat, short, bald, old, ugly guy who thinks he’s got a good chat up line whereas a rum and coke was all that was needed to get into our knickers.

Friday night soon became "fuck fest Friday!"

But that’s a different story…

Posted by CaroleX 2 years ago
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5 months ago
I want to find out what the forfeit would be for the non completion of the dare ??
1 year ago
I do like your idea of "pulling a train"
1 year ago
I am so hard Great story even better it's true too
2 years ago
lv the stories get me wet
2 years ago
I still like a 'challenge'. And definitely a 'flash' whenever I can!