Carole’s hairy cunt and the slut moves on

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My affair with Duane lasted for about three months before we went our separate ways. No doubt he moved on in order to ‘educate’ some other young blonde. Hey ho it was fun while it lasted and I needed to spread my wings anyway.

About the same time my friend Marie got a job in the Netherlands and invited me to join her and share her bedsit. That’s when the slutty behaviour really got into top gear.

Marie was every bit as promiscuous as me and it wasn’t long before the bedsit resembled a knocking shop! At first we were quite discreet leaving coded messages in the flat to indicate that one of us was ‘entertaining a gentleman’! But after a while we dropped the etiquette and as soon as we got through the front door we were ripping the clothes off that night’s ‘one night stand’ and would end up fucking him wherever the mood took us, in the sitting room or in the kitchen.

It became quite common for one of us to come back to the flat to see the other being humped over the arm of the sofa, kitchen table or giving the guy a blow job!

Occasionally, Marie and I would fancy the others ‘date’ and we’d both end up doing him. No complaints from the guy with one of us riding him cowgirl style whilst the other was grounding their pussy into his face. Normally we’d decide who was taking up which position by who had just been fucked solo. But now and again the lucky guy would make the decision for us and choose who’s tits or face he was going to cum over.

It was during these sessions that Marie and I got to enjoy each other too. I guess it was inevitable really.

With one of us sat on the guys cock and the other sat on his face and both of us facing each other we started to kiss for a giggle and to excite the guy.

Soon the kisses got more passionate and eventually we were sucking each others tits and licking each others pussies. The guys loved it!

I don’t think either of us considered for one moment that we’d give up guys but it certainly made a fun alternative to masturbating on nights when there were no guys around.

Because our flat was located in between The Hague and Amsterdam the place was buzzing with European country representatives and foreign tourists. As a result the notches on our beds were quite impressive: Dutch; Belgian; German; Italian; French; Irish, English, American and Asian all got to have their way with us and we loved every minute of it. Proud to do our bit for international relations!!

Many of the guys visiting Amsterdam had come to enjoy the delights of the red light district and so we gave them what they were looking for free!

After a while our behaviour got dirtier and dirtier (or sexier and sexier). We started setting each other sexual challenges that the other had to go through with.

Some of these were quite outrageous…

But that’s a different story.

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4 months ago
Loving the slut stories , you and Marie, now that would be a challenge for any man xx
2 years ago
I want two hot babes to work my Dick over, I'd drill em so hard their pussys would be sore for days!!!
2 years ago
love this hairy pussy she looks like a woman to be fucked
2 years ago
Liked the part of you and Marie doing the guys together. You could grind that hairy pussy on my face all day long
2 years ago
Carole, I wish you would write a book. It sounds like it would have to be a series but, that's fine. I would read each one and look forward to the next.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I've just finished reading carols hairy cunt andthe slut moves on. She's my kind a girl. I intend to read the rest of your stories as time permits. from the notes and other info on your profil page you both seem like my idea of a happy contented couple, I'm glad to see it!! I'll be looking for more from youall in the near future. Later
2 years ago
I just adore you stories !!! You seem wonderful
2 years ago
OK, OK I know I'm a slut!

But now I'm an International Slut!