Carole’s hairy cunt and the French Maid'

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Going to a fancy dress party or just a theme night at our naturists centre, is a great event for me as I get to dress saucily and flash throughout the evening knowing that there’s an appreciative audience on hand.

One such event had me dressed in a French Maid’s outfit and I deliberately shortened the length of the dress so that it barely covered my pussy. The outfit was meant to be worn with stockings but I decided that it might be even sexier if I took them off and just left the suspender clips dangling from the outfit. To complete the slutty look I decided I’d go commando too!

When Keith (my husband) saw the outfit he commented that if I was to do a twirl everyone would be able to see my bottom and my hairy pussy. Excellent I thought – job done.

We arrived at the event and checked into the room that we would be staying in overnight. The venue has about six bedrooms and so we knew that there would be others staying overnight too.

We surveyed the partygoers to see if there was any one we knew (or fancied)and one couple Keith was interested in meeting was Linda and Mark. To be precise Keith wasn’t the slightest bit interested in Mark (and neither was I) but he really fancied Linda and I was happy for him to have his way as I get a lot more action than he does! If it meant that I had to fuck Mark then so be it.

Keith’s luck was in as they were here. Linda did look sexy dressed in her nurses outfit with her boobs almost popping out of the top. Our plan was to chat them up separately to see if they might be interested in a foursome.

Keith seemed to be getting on well with Linda and Mark was a pushover. Any innuendo I brought to the conversation was greeted enthusiastically by him. I could also tell by the bulge in his trousers that he fancied me. Every time he touched me up I had to remind him that my husband was in the room and might not approve, just to keep him in check.

But our plan came unstuck when Linda said she wasn’t feeling very well. She and Mark said goodnight and retired to their bedroom. Keith was clearly miffed and there weren’t any other couples we fancied or we thought might be up for it.

I could sense that neither of us would be getting any action at this rate.

Then it occurred to me that whilst Keith had in the past seen me receiving a DP from others, he personally hadn’t actually participated in one and he was keen for us to do this soon! So I said why not use this event for him to take me up the arse if I could persuade (ha ha) one of the guys at the party to fuck me.

He was up for it but now we needed to find a lone stud – in a room full of couples!

We were nearly at the point of giving up when Mark returned to the party. Linda was still feeling poorly but he wanted a nightcap before returning to her.

I realised it was now or never and told Keith to go to the bedroom and get ready.

I sidled up to Mark, took his hand and said “Come with me”.
“Where are we going?” he replied.
“I want you to fuck me” I said.
“But what about your husband” he said trotting along behind me.
“You’ll see” I said.

When we got to the room Keith had already set the tripod up and was ready for action.

Mark was hesitant at first but once I sat back on the bed, spread my legs and said “Who’s going first?” he soon got interested. I helped him get his pants off and kneeling on the bed I started to suck his cock. Keith wasted no time and soon he had mounted me doggy style and was ramming into me at some speed.

After a while I pushed Mark on to the bed and straddled him cowgirl style. Soon his cock was buried inside my pussy and this was the moment that Keith had waited for. He positioned himself over the top of the two of us fucking and entered my arse. The pair of them soon got into the right rhythm and it wasn’t long before both were emptying their loads into me.

Unfortunately, Keith didn’t get to fuck Linda that night but on another occasion we both did!

But that’s another story…

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8 months ago
So hot
1 year ago
Adorei a estória. Eu amo buceta cabeluda
1 year ago
Great Story Carole
Got me so hard Wish I was there
2 years ago
i love stories of your photos
2 years ago
Wish they shot their loads on your hairy pussy so i could clean you up
2 years ago
Happy ending indeed!
2 years ago
Looks like Carole got the "nightcap" both her slutty holes.
2 years ago
Fantastic story.
2 years ago
very hot xx
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
A happy ending - in the end!

So to speak...