Carole's hairy cunt fucked in the jacuzzi

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Not all my adventures are ‘one night stands’. There is one guy called David who has had me on a number of occasions. My husband (Keith) knows all about this and has long since got use to my whore-ing ways.

Keith’s desperately trying to even up the score (massive long way to go) and so if any couple in the UK need a male for a threesome, I can recommend him. Anyway back to my story…

David first fucked me in the pool of a naturist spa we attend and the next time that we were all back there (many months later) sparks flew.

Keith and I had gone to the Spa on a Saturday afternoon and I was already in the jacuzzi, flashing my tits as usual, when David arrived.

He joined me in the tub and straight away asked if I was “up for a fuck in the pool that evening!” Well I was outraged: “What kind of girl do you take me for?” I said and slapped him around the face.

He was shocked but then somewhat relieved when I said “I want to be fucked in the jacuzzi instead!”

I didn’t mean after midnight, like last time, either. I wanted his cum there and then.

Luckily there wasn’t anyone around when I suggested that David let me suck on his cock whilst we were both still in the jacuzzi. Otherwise I think an audience might have made him bottle out. Whereas (if you’ve read my other adventures you’ll know) I love an audience. Even more so if they want to join in too.

David couldn’t fight off the ‘stiffy’ that was building up which made it easy for me to take his cock into my mouth. I sucked on it vigorously and flicked his bell end repeatedly with my tongue and allowed his pre-cum juices to dribble down my chin.

Getting into his stride David was now enjoying himslef and would have been oblivious to anyone arriving in the pool area. After a while I told David to fuck me from behind. He mounted me and started humping away.

I was leaning over the edge of the jacuzzi when two or three people did get into the pool which, as it is alongside the jacuzzi, meant that we could be seen. With these other spa guests just twenty feet away David continued to fuck me for sometime before he shot his load inside my pussy.

I’m pretty sure that the users of the pool knew what was going on but thankfully it didn’t stop David from finishing the job off that he had started.

Afterwards we wondered whether it was possible to have sex in every part of the Spa: the sauna, the showers, the sun terrace and the changing rooms – well, it is.

But that’s a different story…

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2 years ago
I really want to go to a naturist spa, and Watch all the hot naked Milfs mouths water over my Young Cock!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Yep, about time for us to get a passport and book a trip to the spa.
2 years ago
It's a good thing to get used to...glad you took a strange load inside your lovely hairy cunt.
2 years ago
My pussy is getting used to this...