Carole's hairy cunt the magazine fuck Pt3

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Having been dared by my boyfriend (Keith) to send off a set of naked photos to a Reader’s Wives publication and then offered the chance to be fucked by one of their readers, while he watched and took pictures, I took up the challenge. For added spice I’d also suggested that my mystery lover should either be under 20, over 50 or black and left Keith to make the arrangements.

However, I got more than I bargained for. I’d just spent the last few hours being pleasured by a Ron Jeremy look alike and then by a passionate toy boy. But I had a good idea of what was coming next when Keith said he had yet another surprise in store.

I freshened up from the last encounter and Keith suggested I should dress similar to the sexy lingerie I had worn in the photos taken by a professional photographer, which had set up this whole adventure in the first place.

The long awaited knock on the door came and Keith went to answer it uttering the words “This one’s for me” and I knew exactly what he meant.

Don’t misunderstand, this guy wasn’t coming to fuck my husband. But he was coming to satisfy a long held fantasy Keith had had of seeing me being fucked by a big black man. Keith knew that I’d had a lot of black men in the past and I’d always gone on about how satisfying the raw sex with them had been. In fact, it was a black man called Duane who had first introduced me to the delights of oral and anal sex many years earlier.

I’d met Duane in a nightclub one Friday night after a very bad row with my then boyfriend (Anthony). Duane took me back to his flat and we fucked on the first date. The following day he shot his load in my mouth and by the Sunday had taken me up the arse. I was just eighteen and he was thirty-one and my then boyfriend would have been horrified if he knew what he had done.

Sure enough when Keith opened the door a tall, handsome and very black man entered the room. I recognised him immediately and thought ‘Oh shit I’ve already fucked you before’. He introduced himself as Kingsley and then it dawned on me. I hadn’t slept with him before (phew), this was the guy who had sent me his photo in reply to the magazine article. The one with the ten inch cock and who had wanted me to put my fingers up HIS arse whilst he fucked my mouth. We laughed about his request but I made it quite clear that he could do what he liked to me but I wasn’t going to finger his arse.

But there was yet another twist to the days events. Kingsley wasn’t alone. He stepped to one side and introduced Frank his taxi driver! It seems that Kingsley had been telling Frank in the car why he was coming to the hotel and had even showed him the magazine photos of my hairy pussy. This had got Frank so horny that he begged Kingsley to let him come with him so that he could sit in the corner and watch.

We all looked at each other and no one could think of a reason why we shouldn’t let him stay and so he moved into the corner of the room and let us get on with the main event of the evening.

Knowing that what was about to unfold was a major fantasy for Keith I decided I was going to put on the show of my life and would exaggerate every act to give Keith the maximum thrill. I also knew that I was going to enjoy it big time.

Inevitably we kicked off the proceedings with me kneeling on the bed. I tugged at Kingsley’s pants until his massive black cock came into view and I then spent ages running my tongue up and down its length, sucking his balls and flicking the bell end with my tongue. I then placed my mouth over the top and bobbed up and down going deeper and deeper with every movement until I had the whole of his cock in my mouth and much of it down the back of my throat.

Kingsley then returned the favour by kissing me passionately. He pushed me back on to the bed and in the same movement ran his hands down the side of my body until they came into contact with my knickers, which he slid off over my bottom and all the way off. I spread my legs wide to enable him (and Keith) to get a good look of my hairy pussy. Kingsley lowered his face to feast on my clit with his teeth and to mop up my considerable juices with his tongue.

After a period of time his tongue left my vagina and maintaining contact with my body he progressed up my body, though my pubic hair until he was level with me. He sucked on my tits and then eased that gigantic cock of his into my cunt and proceeded to fuck me long and hard. I could feel that shuddering sensation building up inside me and climaxed again and again as I called out the much expected phrases of “yes, yes, fuck me” and “harder, harder, push that big black cock of yours up my cunt!”

After a time I suggested we try a few different position and I mounted Kingsley in the reverse cowgirl position. Keith said afterwards that this was his favourite position. Seeing me with Kingsley’s black hands gripped around my pale white tits whilst I plunged my hairy pussy up and down on that lovely black cock really tuned him on.

It was while I was in this position that I looked over to Frank (the taxi driver) and I saw that his pants were down around his ankles and he was vigorously jerking off. It suddenly occurred to me that if I was putting on the show of my life for Keith why not crank it up a notch and get Frank involved in the action too!

I called over to him and said “Don’t let that cum go to waste come over here and I’ll jerk you off over my tits”. Frank moved to the side of the bed and I jerked him off until he shot his load all over my tits and tummy. All the time Kingsley carried on fucking me.

After Frank moved back to his chair Kingsley manoeuvred me into a number of positions, including doggy and with my legs wrapped around his, leading to a brief session of anal. His pre cum seemed to flow regularly throughout the sessions and mixing with my juices meant that my pussy was getting quite white. When he was ready to finally climax he shuffled up my body to shoot a thick stream of cum straight into my mouth and over my face.

Kingsley rolled over and once again I noticed that Frank had gone back to masturbating in the chair from which had had a pretty good view of the events that had just taken place.

With Kingsley's cum still splattered on my face I asked Frank if he’d like to fuck me and he readily agreed. He guided his cock into my now very sticky and whitened hairy pussy and commenced fucking me harder and harder causing the headboard to knock heavily up against the wall. The noise would have been quite obvious to all the neighbouring bedrooms what we were doing and although quite fun at first it soon became a distraction.

We moved down the bed and laying sideways Frank entered me again and continued where he left off. This sight clearly aroused Kingsley who decided that he should get back into the scene and while Frank was screwing away down one end Kingsley was feeding his cock into my mouth once again.

Kingsley was the first to climax all over my tits and as he was rubbing the cum into my body Frank then withdrew so that he could shoot his load over my hairy pussy.

Wow what a day! In the space of six hours I’d been showered, fingered, screwed, groped, sixty-nined, fucked, buggered and spit roasted! I’d been fucked my four different men and had cum dripping out of every hole.

Keith thought that it was quite ironic that my last fuck of the evening should have been with a taxi driver. A subtle reference to my youth when many a Friday night had ended with a fuck from a taxi driver.

But that’s a different story…

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7 months ago
Oh how you turn me on, I'm so jealous, I want you too. I'd love to fuck a real life married whore named Carole xxx
2 years ago
Hot story. I would loved to have been there.
2 years ago
That's the fucking you deserve. What a good little slut, I'm happy for you.
2 years ago
2 years ago
All in all a very busy but fucking satisfying day