Carole's hairy cunt magazine fuck 2

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You need to pick up the story (and photos on my Profile page) from part 1 where…

“I suggested that Dave might like it if I gave him a blow job. I sucked on his large cock for a while, licking it up and down whilst squeezing his balls. All the time he was fondling my tits.

Then he said he’d like to take over and jerk off over my face. I let him and soon he was pouring his sticky cum in my mouth and over my chin.

Dave soon left and I moved to the bathroom for a much needed shower. However, Keith said not to be too long as he had another surprise for me.”

I hadn’t been in there for five minutes when the door opened and in walked Keith accompanied by a fit young man. “Carole, this is Justin and he’s here to fuck you”. Now this was more like it.

I found out later that Justin was barely 19 and had been egged on by his friends to write to me as his long term girlfriend had just been made pregnant by one of his so called friends. This was his payback time.

I also found out later that I was not only his fist MILF (the description used in the magazine heading about me), I was the first girl he’d seen with a hairy pussy and in fact, I was going to be the only other person he had ever fucked as he had been faithful to his girlfriend.

Keith suggested that rather than waiting for me to finish Justin should join me in the shower and we could have some fun in the water before getting down to the serious business.

We fondled each other in the shower and to get him in the mood I played with his cock and lowered my mouth over it for just a few seconds. But I’d forgotten the impetuousness of youth and he shot globules of cum in my mouth and over my tits as I pulled away (more in surprise than anything else as I like the taste of cum in my mouth).

Still no drama, he was young and would no doubt recover quite quickly, especially with some very physical encouragement from me.

Justin was sweet. He asked politely before making any move. “Can I touch your breasts” he enquired. To which Keith replied “Considering what you are about to do I think that’s a given”. “Can I kiss you on the mouth” was also another request and he cupped my head as he kissed me passionately on the lips. This guy was making love to me not just there to fuck my brains out.

And so it came as a surprise when he said that he’d always fantasised about having anal intercourse and as his girlfriend had always refused, would I let him fuck me in the arse.

I, of course, agreed and after a suitable period of time I got on all fours and with the aid of some additional lubrication, Justin guided his cock into my arse slowly and gradually until he eventually he had the whole of his penis buried inside my arse. He fucked me in this position for a little while before saying that he’d like to climax in my pussy instead.

I lay on my back pulling his foreskin further and further back before inserting it into my hairy pussy. What Justin lacked in experience was more than made up for in stamina and because he had already cum some while earlier he could maintain a speed and thrust equal to my cries for him to fuck me harder and harder. Now he really was fucking my brains out.

Eventually Justin could hold back no more and emptied his balls into my very thankful cunt. But I had one more new experience for him to enjoy and insisted that he lick my pussy to clear up his sticky cum.

I was genuinely sad to see Justin go and I think a tiny bit of me fell in love with him. Before he left he asked Keith if he could have one of the photos he had taken so that he could show his mates that he went through with it. Keith happily obliged and I expect that a photo of my arse with his cock in it is doing the rounds amongst all his friends.

Nearing the end of my exhausting day I was ready to sl**p when Keith announced that there was yet another surprise awaiting me.

But that’s another story…
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8 months ago
you're such a whore, lucky Justin xxx
2 years ago
So glad Justin was a better experience. I'd love to see M. with someone that she could give first experiences to.
2 years ago
Wish i could have fucked someone like that when i was 19.
2 years ago
love it
2 years ago
No sleep til Carole is a sticky worn out cum it.
2 years ago
2 years ago
One of my more memorable adventures