Carole's hairy cunt - the magazine shots

a birthday treat I had some sexy pictures taken by a professional photographer.

My boyfriend said it turned him on to think of another man ogling my naked body. He dared me to send the photos to a Reader’s Wives type publication but said that he didn’t think I’d have the nerve.

Over the coming weeks he urged me more and more to do so and said if I did he’d be happy to let one of the readers fuck me while he watched and took photos.

I kept saying no but secretly I too was getting turned by the thought of exposing my naked body to all of the magazine readers.

After one session on my bed when I nearly broke my dildo shoving it into my cunt so vigorously I succumbed to the temptation and sent off the pictures together with my caption which read:

“My boyfriend has dared me to send you these pictures but doesn’t think I have the courage. If I do he’s promised that he’ll let one of the readers fuck me whilst he watches and films. For extra spice I’d like the man to be either under 20, over 50 or black.”

I bought the magazine for the next two months but no inclusion. I’d almost forgotten that I’d sent the photos off when an envelope arrived from the magazine enclosing a letter from one of their readers. I rushed to the newsagents and bought a copy of the magazine. The shopkeeper gave me a knowing glance and I wondered whether he had recognised me from the magazine.

As soon as I got outside I tore open the magazine and one of my photos was even on the front cover with the caption ‘See more of Carole on page 62’.

With my heart thumping I flicked through the pages and there on a double page spread was my naked body with the main photo showing my legs spread wide and my hairy cunt on full view. They’d also included my caption about wanting to be contacted.

My legs turned to jelly as I walked back home, thinking that every one I passed might be recognising me.

Over the next few days more envelopes arrived from the magazine enclosing letters from readers. First it was one letter, then two, then six and eventually I’d received over sixty letters all from readers telling me what they’d like to do to me and some with photos of the weapons they would be using.

‘Liam wanted to fuck me on my back with my legs wrapped around him while he sucked on my tits.’

‘Jeff wanted to take me from behind with both his hands groping my hanging tits. He wasn’t sure though whether I would want him to cum in my cunt or up my arse.’

A number wanted me to suck their cock so that they could cum on my tits, on my face or in my mouth.’

Over the coming days my boyfriend and I had great fun with him acting out most of the suggestions except, thankfully for Kingsley’s who had wanted to fuck my mouth whilst I put my fingers up HIS arse. Keith would have had trouble with this anyway as Kingsley had a massive black cock that must have been ten inches long.

After the thrill of receiving these letters we got down to deciding who was I going to meet and fuck for real. Keith said he’d select one as a surprise and make all the arrangements.

But that’s another story…

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2 years ago
Happy with Kingsley fucking my brains out but didn't fancy sticking my fingers up HIS arse - eek.
2 years ago
Wow Kingley's request was most exciting