Carole's hairy cunt photographed for the firs

One of my greatest pleasures is sunbathing naked in my local naturist park with my hairy bush and tits on show. I know that any men (or ladies) passing by are getting an eye full and hopefully enjoying what they see.

This exhibitionism all started really by accident many years ago.

I’d been given a Make Over and Photo session from my boyfriend as a birthday present. These are luxury events where a make-up artist and hair stylist get to work on you until you look very glamorous and then a professional photographer takes pictures to produce a portfolio for you to have as a keepsake.

I was thrilled with the results and Bob the photographer was a dream to work with making me feel very special and all the time commenting on how beautiful and glamorous I looked.

Buoyed up by the experience and not wishing my special day to end I was nervous but excited when Bob suggested that my boyfriend might also like to see some photos of me in some sexy underwear too.

After the make-up artist and hair stylist left Bob showed me to a drawer where there were a range of lingerie items and he suggested that I choose some for the photo shoot.

I selected a black push up bra, black fishnet stockings complete with red suspender belt and a red, heart shaped, backless pair of knickers.

I was surprised but also quite excited when it was obvious that Bob expected me to change into the lingerie whilst he stayed in the room. I took off my dress and then my knickers and Bob couldn’t resist a “Mmm very nice” comment as my hairy bush came into view.

I removed my bra and by then Bob was positioned behind me and I could sense that he could see right up my pussy and arse as I bent over to peel my stockings on slowly one by one. This thought made me tingle all over (and still does to this day).

Bob snapped away with his camera whilst I posed in various provocative but tasteful positions.

I commented on the fact that I’d be in for a good time once my boyfriend saw the pictures and Bob suggested we move it up a gear to really give him a thrill.

My heart was thumping but my head said I should decline. However, this was a ‘one off’ experience and I might regret it, if I didn’t live for the moment. So I thought damn it, why not and readily agreed to whatever instructions Bob threw at me .

At first he suggested I kneel on the bed and place my thumbs into the front of my knickers and pull the top down to reveal some of my hairy bush.

Next he suggested I let the bra drop on to my tummy so that he could get a shot of my tits.

It wasn’t long before I was stark naked flat on my back with my legs spread wide apart and a camera directed right up my cunt.

Bob suggested that my nipples should be more erect and my pussy glistening as if I’d just had sex. So he tweaked my nipples with his finger and thumb and caressed the inside of my thighs, lightly brushing my clit as he reached the top of my legs.

I was now a quivering wreck and when Bob announced that the photo shoot was over I said “You can’t leave me in this state!” He didn’t need any further persuasion and within seconds he had removed his pants and was sliding his cock up my now very moist vagina.

He pinned my arms above my head and sucked on my tits whilst he continued to fuck me long and hard. Wave after wave of orgasm came over me until eventually Bob filled my cunt with his cum.

When I showed the photos to my boyfriend he said that it turned him on to think of another man ogling my naked body.

Much later when we were swapping stories of our sexual exploits before we met I confessed that Bob had taken much more than just the photos.

Instead of getting angry Keith said he’d guessed as much and that if I insisted in fucking other men in the future then the least I could do was to let him watch!

And so the adventures began…

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2 years ago
Sweet story, I enjoyed reading it.
The links to the pics adds so much more intensity
To the reading! Thanks for sharing.