An Unplanned Overnight Stay - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Andy continued into the room, followed closely by Carl. Their faces were a picture, looks of utter amazement that rapidly changed to ones of sheer lust.
Carl was the first to break the silence. “Hi girls, I won’t ask what’s going on, cos that’s obvious, but who is that you’ve got tied up on the bed?”
Andy added. “We could hear you lot cumming from the lift and the smell as we walked in, it smells like a brothel in here. In a nice way of course.” He added, quickly.
On the bed Ilke turned her head towards the talking and seeing the boys she dropped to her stomach and attempted to close her legs.
“This is our new friend, her name is Ilke she’s from Poland and likes big cocks too.” Said Lorraine as she extracted the vibrator from her pussy and lowered her leg to the floor. She reached across to me and handed me the dripping toy, her cum evident all around the bottom rim of its length. I licked all around the cum tide mark savouring the musky taste of her. “Mmmm, you taste good honey that must have been a particularly good cum, watching me torture Ilke?”
She stood up and stretched her arms languorously above her head. “God that was so horny watching you do that, you certainly gave her a fabulous orgasm.”
“It was very sexy, so much pleasure and pain and the feeling of not moving was so good, it made me very sexy inside.” Responded Ilke.
“Hi Ilke.” the boys chorused as one. Carl opened the fridge and deposited two bottles of fizz and a couple of white wine, Andy unloaded his bag of 3 bottles of red wine onto the dresser.
“Well, that’s the work finished, when do we start to play?”Asked Andy.
“You two must be knackered, traipsing round London till this time, what happened?” I asked.
“It’s a long story, but suffice to say it was a fucking long walk.” Carl replied.
“You’re not too knackered I hope, we’ve got a few jobs for you two to do.”
He walked across the room and picked me up in his arms, one arm around my back the other between my legs, the arm of his Navy jacket on my pussy. his hand spread wide over the cheeks of my bum.
“Oops, that’ll need to go to the cleaners on Monday.” I said, laughing as he drew me to his big chest.
Carl looked at the sleeve of his jacket, my cum was spread all along it in a silvery white trail where it had wiped my gaping gash.
“Goodness.” He replied, “You have been having fun, haven’t you?”
Meanwhile Andy had crossed the room to where Lorraine was standing and was now kissing her deeply, his tongue clearly flicking against hers, both inside and around her wide open mouth, she was reciprocating enthusiastically. He pushed her back against the desk and started to caress her breasts, alternately squeezing and massaging them gently. Seeing this I felt a momentary spark ignite in my clit and threw my arms around Carl’s neck hugging him hard against me as I locked my lips with his and started to replicate what Lorraine was doing to Andy. Carl looked down at where his arm disappeared between my open thighs and noticed the appearance of a small dew drop of moisture from between my lips just beneath my clitoris.
He walked me to the bed and gently placed me on it between Ilke’s open thighs, then indicated that I should shuffle up the bed on my back. As Ilke felt my hair touch her inner thighs she once again stretched her legs wide and lifted her bottom off the bed and stretched her bonds to allow her to adopt a kneeling position. Seeing that I was now in position beneath Ilke’s pussy Carl said, “Open your legs wide Ilke and lower yourself onto Anna’s mouth.” She complied immediately lowering herself until I could lick her pussy as I lay there with my head resting comfortably on the bed.
Carl leant over me as he knelt on the floor between my legs; he reached up along the front of my basque and slowly unclipped the hooks and eye fastenings until he had them all undone. He laid the two halves on the bed the eight suspender straps still connected to my sheer black stockings. He then lowered his mouth to my wet pussy. I felt him making long languorous licks, starting at my arsehole he licked between my gaping lips, plunging his hard rod of a tongue deep inside me when he reached their widest expanse, then continued his slow lick up to my clit. The feeling was divine; his practiced tongue knew exactly how to set me off on a one way journey to ecstasy.
As Carl licked me, I replicated his every move on Ilke’s pussy directly over my face, her juices were like nectar, sweet but with a hint of muskiness that tasted delightful.
I looked down at Carl and saw that he was removing his clothes, maintaining his licking; he shrugged his jacket off his shoulders and started to unbutton his shirt. A figure appeared behind him and pushed his hands away. “It’s OK Carl, I’ll take care of that.” Said a half-naked Lorraine as she pulled his shirt back over his shoulders.
As she did so I saw Andy walk to the head of the bed and climb across the pillows, he slid his legs between Ilke’s wide spread arms and slithered down until his hard cock came in range of her eager mouth, she engulfed the entire cock in one swallow leaving his balls resting on her chin. His hips lifted, pushing his entire length deep inside Ilke’s mouth. She gagged a little then, adjusting to his large cock she started to deep throat its entire length.
Lorraine by now had Carl stripped naked she reached between his legs and cupped his pendulous balls in her left hand then sliding her right hand beside her left gripped Carl’s cock in her hand and started to slowly wank his cock back and forth. Carl responded by increasing the frequency of his licks along my slit. He lifted his face from my cunt and said, “Sorry Anna, there’s a bald young cunt in front of me that I just have to fuck.” He moved position and knelt on the bed with his legs either side of my head and insinuated his cock between Ilke’s open lips, she spread her legs a little wider to accommodate his bulbous purple cock-head and pushed back against him. His cock slid to full depth in one slick movement. I immediately fastened my lips around his shaven balls and began to suck first one then the other into my mouth.
For a moment I felt betrayed by my husband, seeing him pushing his full length inside her, that is until I felt Lorraine take his place and was aware of her tonguing me enthusiastically.
I saw Carl’s hand reach down onto the bed beside me; he picked up the discarded blue silicon vibrator, turned the yellow dial to maximum and slid it into Ilke’s gaping arsehole. She jumped as if electrified, her hips spasmodically jerking against both Carl’s cock and the vibrator. He pumped his cock hard inside her withdrawing to its full length then plunging back until his balls were resting on her clit, the two of them were obviously in a place of mutual ecstasy, her cunt releasing a white foamy juice from around Carl’s cock as he rammed it deep inside her. She started to cum, noisily her cries loud and shrill. This had the desired effect for Carl as he followed her on her wild ride of abandonment, his cock gushing spurt after spurt, some going deep inside her and some leaking out around his shaft. I licked furiously, trying to suck his cum into my mouth as it leaked from between the seal of her tight cunt and his rigid cock. I managed to fill my mouth with his bounteous cum and swallowed greedily.
Lorraine was working wonders on my aching clit; her tongue alternately licked and sucked it as greedily as I’d just been sucking Carl’s cum. She removed her mouth from my gash and started to slap my cunt from behind, her fingertips impacting on my clit. One slap two slaps, three, four, five. Her hand beat a tattoo of slaps upon my exposed pinkness until with a cry I began my prelude to orgasm.....hard, my arse twitched as I pushed back against her ministrations.
Then I came, a gut wrenching dry cum but a stormer nonetheless, the feeling started in my clit as Lorraine slapped it for the last time then went straight to my brain causing the room to erupt in a kaleidoscope of brilliant coloured stars as the orgasm swept over me. My legs collapsed beneath me and I sagged onto the bed, feeling a wave of strength-sapping lethargy sweep over me, draining me, as my cunt exploded in a fabulous sensation of lust.
At the top of the bed Ilke was oblivious to what was going on at the foot. She was greedily gulping Andy’s entire length into her mouth. Watching us climax, Andy was carried with us and unleashed a jet of milky white cum into the back of Ilke’s throat, she gagged once more, feeling jet after jet explode in her mouth and all of a sudden becoming aware of the excitement that had become almost palpable in the room she joined in our abandon and came as Carl’s cock unloaded it’s last string of cum inside her.
Only Lorraine had yet to cum, while she had been slapping my clit she had slipped the full length of my glass dildo inside her pink lips, using the bend in the dildo to best advantage, she massaged her G spot until, as she watched Ilke cum she plunged it once more into her depths and joined us in a G spot orgasm that sent ejaculate spurting across the bed in her sexual release.
The five of us collapsed on the bed, by now Ilke’s bonds had worked loose and she curled in a foetal ball in the centre with the four of us at various positions around her body.
We all started to come round slowly.
I lifted my head from between Ilke’s legs, my face covered in gobs of Carl’s cum.
Carl followed suit, he lifted from his prone position over Ilke’s arse and withdrew his cock with an audible slurping sound, its flaccid length still a commendable six or seven inches, the foreskin enveloping his glans. He wriggled free from the crush of bodies; stood up and walking on unsteady legs to the fridge, opened the door and withdrew a bottle of bubbly.
“Who’s for fizz?” he said as he started to fill the mixed assortment of glasses available.

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