An Unplanned Overnight Stay - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“So tell us Ilke, we both know each other well and know what we each like, what really makes you cum very hard?” Asked Lorraine.
She stood still in the middle of the room, her face a picture of hesitation and indecision, her face still bathed in my drying juices, the ends of her hair still very wet.
“I not know if I can say to you. Is how you say, slightly unusual.”
We looked at her expectantly.
She continued. “I like to make like prisoner, with bindings, maybe a little pain too.” She blushed and looked down at her feet as she shuffled them nervously.
“Is that all.” I burst out. “I thought you were going to say something weird or something.”
“Weird, what is this weird word, what it mean?”
“You know, perverse, sick or something.”
Realisation dawned on her cute, heart shaped face and it was suddenly wreathed in smiles.
“You not think it is weird.”
“Of course not sweetie, it’s perfectly normal, we like some of that too, occasionally.”
“Not too much pain though, eh.” Said Lorraine.
Ilke walked across the room to the wardrobe and took her holdall out. She put it on the bed and unzipped it. Reaching in she extracted a small bag. “My play things.” She said by way of explanation as she removed a mass of black silk from inside it. She shook out the ball of silk and it unfurled it revealing to be a number of long black silk scarves.
“Theses are very good, so soft and very strong.”
“Anything else.” I asked.
She reached into the holdall and withdrew a couple of small floggers and a big black leather paddle with a heart shaped hole in it.
I had a flash of inspiration, nodded briefly at Lorraine and pushed Ilke face down on the bed. I immediately then jumped on her bottom and grabbing her hands, pulled them around behind her pinioning her to the bed.
Seeing what I was doing, Lorraine caught on fast, she grabbed two of the scarves and made a slip knot in each and slipped them over the recumbent barmaid’s wrists. Ilke started to struggle against her ties as Lorraine pulled her arms to each side of the headboard of the bed and tied one either side. As I held her on the bed, Lorraine then grabbed her left ankle and tied it off to the foot of the bed then followed suite with her right. Seeing that Ilke was now spread-eagled and fastened securely to the four corners of the bed I took my weight off her and stood over her. “So Ilke, you like to be punished, let’s see what we’ve got in store for you. I repositioned the camera ensuring it would take in the entire bed then I reached onto the bed and picked up one of the floggers, it was made of a black, silk wrapped bungee cord, at the base of the handle was a monkey’s fist knot about 2 inches in diameter, the handle was about 6 inches long and wrapped in red silk. The rubber threads emerged from the end of the red binding in a string of rubber threads, too numerous to count, but at least several hundred of them, ready to inflict pleasurable pain on the next victim of its ministrations.

I swished it through the air just above Ilke’s thighs, as she felt the wind of their passing she raised her bottom several inches. I lifted the hem of her dress exposing her perfectly formed arse cheeks, a pink glow attesting to her arousal. I raised the flogger about two feet above her and whipped it suddenly down across both cheeks, it slapped with an audible thwack, leaving a faint pink mark on both cheeks. I raised it higher and repeated the manoeuvre, Thwack!
Higher this time, Thwwaaack, followed by a high pitched keening from Ilke as the marks now turned red across both cheeks. Reversing the flogger I pushed the monkeys fist into the juncture of her spread legs moving it around her gaping cunt, coating the knot with her juices, she pushed back hard against the handle, trying to impale herself upon it.
“Oh no you don’t, you don’t get to cum just yet awhile.” I said as I pulled it away from her thrusting pussy. I looked across the bed at Lorraine. She was leant against the desk by the window, one leg up on its edge with her thong pulled to one side with one hand. With the other she was rubbing the head of the butt plug between her gaping lips and smearing her juices all over her crack from front to rear. Its surface glistened in the lights from the bedside lamps, slick with her juices.
“Don’t stop now my dirty little whore cunt. Watching you do that to Ilke is making me so horny and wet.” Her face distorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she slid the butt plug into its rightful place in her arse. Slowly she slid it in forcing it through the resistance of her sphincter, and then as it overcame the resistance she slid it home until the only thing visible was the diamante jewel on the end. “Gnnnng that feels good.” She said. Picking up another of Ilke’s floggers she’d placed on the desk in readiness she started to slap her open cunt lips with the flat leather laces that comprised its business end. “Whip the bitch Anna, make her squeal. Every time you whip her, I’ll whip my cunt as well.”
Returning to my task I first dangled the fronds on Ilke’s wide open gash and then drew it back and flicked the end straight down between her open legs. As the ends slapped her opening she jerked spasmodically, emitting a cry of pure lust. “Yes Anna hit me again iss sooo good”. As she raised her hips off the bed exposing more of her open wetness, I drew the flogger back and hit her once more on her exposed cunt. Once more she jerked. She managed to get her knees under her the silk bindings at full stretch. Keeping her chest and face firmly pushed against the bed she presented a perfect target for more assaults on her gaping cunt. I then switched targets and inflicted blow after blow on her arse cheeks. I alternated from one to the other, occasionally hitting the same one repeatedly so she was unable to predict where the next lash would be administered.
I stood up and walked over to my overnight bag,
Ilke seemed surprised and turned her head to see where I was going. “Put your face on the pillow, don’t watch me.” I said sharply, my tone clearly indicating that the order should be obeyed immediately. She dropped her face onto the pillow and shuddered at her helplessness.
I took out a small lilac covered, padded bag from the case and unzipped it. Reaching inside I extracted my favourite glass dildo, a blue silicon waterproof vibrator and a chrome plated vibrator.

With these in my hand I returned to the bedside and knelt down at the foot of the bed between Ilke’s feet. I picked up the flogger and lashed her hard between her legs striking her arsehole with the tips of the fronds. She once more emitted a cry of pleasure and pain as the lash hit her delicate flesh.
I turned on the chrome vibrator and felt it come alive in my hand, licking all along its length I moved it to the now red puckered strawberry of her arsehole, my saliva hanging in a rope from my lips to the tip of the vibe. Ensuring her arsehole was well lubricated I slid it gently into her; meeting no resistance whatever, as it penetrated her most private depths.
She started to twitch as she felt the vibrations travel around and through her inner membranes. Quickly I snatched the flogger once more and lashed both of her bottom cheeks and then started to pay particular attention to the area around her arsehole. She bucked uncontrollably at the assault on her senses. Sensing, she was close to orgasm I picked up the curved glass dildo and slid it into her gaping wet cunt, no lubrication was required as she was literally running with her juices several small trails apparent on the inside of her thighs and a small white droplet hanging from the hood of her clitoris. Positioning it to give maximum attention to her G spot I stroked it in and out and round and round as I lashed the exposed flesh around the invading objects I had placed inside her body.
With a huge cry of passion she started to cum, her sphincter pushed the vibrator out of her arse as she convulsed; jets of fluid squirting out of her cunt around the glass dildo. Squirt after squirt hit me in the face and chest and ran down all over my brand new basque. I dropped the flogger and extracted the dildo from her and leant forward to lick her gaping cunt and arse. Both of which were an inflamed dark pink colour. I became conscious of more cries of ecstasy and glance across at Lorraine who was ramming my blue silicon vibrator in and out of her dripping cunt, ramming its full length deeply into herself furiously, as she orgasmed.
Hearing yet another noise behind me, the sound of the room door opening I saw Andy enter the room a full carrier bag in his hand and a look of shock on his face.

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