Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

We walked into the busy Gare du Nord Eurostar terminus with Andy and Loraine and made our weary way up the stairs to the departure platform for the train to London. Just as we all sat in the departures area my phone rang.
I checked the caller ID and saw it was Anne, a lady that we’d been corresponding with using msn. We’d never actually met her but about six weeks ago we’d received an intriguing message from her in our SDC mailbox, it read:
I’ve seen you on here for quite some time and have a big favour to ask of you. I want to punish my husband John, he set me up with 3 guys and they fucked me nearly senseless, this wasn’t what I wanted and to atone for his mistake, I want to make him suffer the way I did. If you’d like to help me make him pay for his error please get in touch. Anne xx
Having seen this, our curiosity was piqued, we replied to the mail and were given her msn address, we added them to our contacts and later that week saw that she was online.
The conversation went something like this:
Hello, this is Carl and Anna; we’re both here and would like chat.
Hi Carl and Anna, Anne here, how are you both?
We’re good thanks, so what is it you want to arrange for John?
I need to make him suffer.
Suffer, why?
Because the three guys he set me up with, nearly fucked me senseless, I couldn’t walk for nearly a day afterwards. They were really brutal.
Wow, that sounds a bit brutal. OK, so how do you want to punish him?
I want a couple to come to our place and make him pay for what they did to me.
So what form will this punishment take?
I want him to be humiliated, I’d love you to fuck over his face and when Carl cums inside you, I want you to sit on his face and make him suck all of your juices and Carl’s cum into his mouth. But he is not to be given any pleasure, in fact he has to stay fully dressed and he’s not allowed to touch you other than with his face and mouth. Then I’d like to fuck you both and make him watch Carl cum inside me and then I’ll sit on his face and he can lick me clean.
Wow, that sounds interesting; he’s really pissed you off hasn’t he?
Yes the bastard, he must suffer for his actions.
Not sure when we can do this, but we’re off to Paris next month and might have some time free when we come back.
We exchanged phone numbers and details of our trip and Anne said that she’d call us on the day of our return.
I answered the phone, “Hi Anne, this is Anna”
I listened as she spoke for a few seconds. “Hold on a second Anne”. I put my hand over the phone.
“It’s Anne, Carl. She wants to know whether we could call in this afternoon”.
“We’ve got nothing planned; we should be back at St Pancras by 4 o’clock, is that too late”?
I once more spoke to Anne and established whether that would fit in with her plans. We spoke for a couple of minutes and I then hung up.
“OK, that’s fine; by the time we get the car and get down to their house it’ll be about 6 o’clock. She says that would be perfect”.
By now Lorraine and Andy were agog with questions about what we had planned with this mystery woman.
“OK, so what’s the deal then”? Asked Carl.
I outlined exactly what Anne had asked of us. Lorraine’s face was a picture; she was almost squirming on the stainless steel bench on which she was sitting.
“Oh I wish we could come and play, but we’ve got to pick the k**s up from my mum’s at 5:30”, she said miserably.
Given our heightened sexual arousal after two days of almost continual fucking, we were both quite excited at the prospect, if a little disappointed that our playmates couldn’t join us.
“There is one way you could help though” I explained their contribution. Andy was very pleased with the idea.
We boarded the train, First class again for the journey home. This time the carriage was quite full. We took our seats as a group of four. In the two seats across the aisle from ours was my elderly gentleman from St Pancras and a young guy of about 25, wearing jeans and a Scissor s****rs, gig T-shirt, reading what looked like a copy of FHM.
I smiled broadly at my elderly gentleman and wished him a cheery “Good Morning”.
He spluttered a little but managed a wide smile in return, “Good morning young lady”.
Carl looked at me quizzically, “And who might that be” he said his voice no more than a whisper.
I leaned against him and whispered in his ear in reply, “It’s the guy I told you about, he was the one at St Pancras that I flashed my pussy at”.
Carl whispered in reply, “You are such a dirty little slut, but I love you”. He rubbed his hand along my exposed thigh, my dress slightly gaping where it buttoned up the front.
“Are we going to have some fun on the way home”, I whispered back to him.
“Up to you”, he said,” I’m game, just don’t get us thrown off the train or arrested”.
I sat in quiet contemplation at what naughty stuff we could get up to in the next few hours.
In the seat facing ours, Andy and Lorraine were getting themselves comfortable, Andy opposite me and Lorraine opposite Carl.
What the boys didn’t know was that we girls had hatched up a rudimentary plan for the journey home. We had both put on cool summer dresses, mine a pretty cream number with a huge green flower design that buttoned up the front. Lorraine looked gorgeous wearing a white dress that just covered her knees. Lorraine had on her red high heels and a pair of over the knee white hold-ups. Both of us had decided to go without underwear, in order to tempt the guys during the journey.
I nodded to Lorraine and we both slightly spread our knees apart. Carl was engrossed in reading the menu and didn’t notice, but Andy noticed immediately my expanse of tanned thigh. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the old gentleman across the aisle pick up his newspaper and place it on his lap as he caught sight of my slightly open thighs. A big smile wreathing his jowly face.
I’m going to take this nice and slow I thought to myself.
As the train pulled out of the station, I again signaled surreptitiously to Lorraine, as one we further widened the gap between our legs.
Andy looked openly at the gap between my thighs as he could make out the dim shape of my pussy in the poor light. Carl still engrossed in the menu failed to notice Lorraine’s thighs come into view above her stocking tops, the tiny little tartan bows on the tops of her knees clearly in sight.
I elbowed Carl in the ribs.
“Ooof”, he turned and looked at me. I pointedly looked at Lorraine. Carl’s eyes following my gaze.
A smile dawned on his face as he was able to see clearly right up to the junction of her spread legs and the pouting prize at the end.
“Mmmmm, that’s nice”, he said, re-arranging his cock in his trousers.
The young guy sat opposite my old gentleman heard Carl’s sigh of appreciation and looked up from his magazine. He saw both Carl and I feasting our eyes on Lorraine’s open thighs and visibly started. He pretended to look back down to his FHM but I could see that his gaze was fixed on Lorraine’s gaping legs.
We maintained our positions for at least another 10 minutes, then Lorraine winked slyly at me and opened her legs another couple of inches. I could now clearly see the delicate pink of her labia as the sunlight streamed through the white jersey fabric of her dress.
I felt a drop of moisture pass from the open lips of my pussy and slide its way down between the cheeks of my bottom. I followed Lorraine’s lead and opened my legs a further 2 inches. My knees were now mirroring hers, about six inches apart.
I decided to up the ante a little. I slid my right hand into the low V of my dress and just rested the tips of my fingers on my breast. My index and middle finger either side of my left nipple, its turgid tip clearly showing against the material of my dress.
Across from Carl, Lorraine’s excitement was clearly visible, both of her dark hard nipples could be clearly seen through the clinging material as they threatened to burst through into the fresh air.
Once more I glanced diagonally across the carriage and wasn’t surprised to see a reaction from the two males. My old gentleman had his hand under his newspaper and there was a definite sign of movement there. The young guy was obviously in some discomfort as his cock was hard as a rod down the right leg of his frayed jeans. Using his magazine as cover he writhed around in his seat as he re-adjusted himself, a small wet patch being clearly visible where his cock had been moments earlier.
I looked across at Lorraine, her eyes were closed and she was smiling. I tapped her foot with mine and she looked up. I glanced once more at the young guy, her eyes followed mine and we both saw what now appeared to be a large wet patch at the bottom of his T-shirt. We could both see a bulge of what could only be his cock, forcing its way up from beneath the waistband of his jeans.
I whispered to Carl, “I’m going to the loo for a fuck with the old guy, is that ok with you”?
“Of course sweetheart, when I see him come back, I’ll come and join you for my turn”.
“No, you can fuck me when we get to Anne and John’s, send Andy, I want to be full up with cum when we arrive at their place and I know you’d love to fuck Lorraine one more time”.
“OK, that gets my vote, I’ll tell Andy when you’ve gone”.
I closed my legs feeling my pussy squelching in its juices and paused at the door to the carriage. The old gent looked up and I indicated that he should follow me.
He looked questioningly at Carl, who nodded his assent.
He struggled to his feet his newspaper barely concealing his erection and followed me out of the carriage.
Seeing me leave, Lorraine whispered hurriedly to Andy, he nodded and she also stood and followed us through the door into the area at the end of the carriage where the two WCs were located.
Seconds later the young guy followed in her wake.
I opened the vacant WC door and pulled Lorraine into the cubicle, the two men stood outside quizzical looks on their faces..
“Come on you two, do you want a fuck or not”? I said, my pussy throbbing in anticipation of an old cock fucking it.
They squeezed into the cubicle as Lorraine and I started to rip each other’s clothes off, both so turned on by our mutual teasing. I pulled the shoulder of her dress down and pounced on her engorged nipples with my mouth, tonguing them furiously as the guys looked on frantically trying to get their stiff cocks out.
We all exploded into a maelstrom of abandoned sexuality, the old man pushed against me from behind his cock sliding along my wet crack until its large head separated my engorged lips and slipped into my wet cunt from behind.
Lorraine and I shuffled into a turn our mouths busy on each other’s exposed tits, the young guy sat on the toilet seat and pulled Lorraine down onto his rampant cock its full length exposed to the air from the open zip of his jeans. She squealed slightly as she sat down, his cock disappearing deep into her. I leant forward giving the old man better access to my cunt from behind, I started to kiss Lorraine’s lips, my mouth no longer in reach of her gorgeous tits. She replaced my mouth with her hand, twisting her nipples violently with her fingers.
Behind me I heard a bellow then felt the old man unload a prodigious amount of cum deep inside me, felling pump after pump of spunk as he emptied his sac into me. This triggered an explosion inside me that culminated in a shriek of ecstasy as I too came. In the throes of my passion I bit hard on her tongue and felt the bitter taste of bl**d in my mouth. This additional stimulation was all that was needed to trigger her orgasm and she slammed up and down hard on the young guys cock, bringing forth a similar explosion of lust as he emptied himself inside her.
We all collapsed in a heap on the floor of the WC, my legs opened involuntarily and I felt the old gentleman’s cum gush from my open lips onto the floor beneath me, pooling into a wide white puddle below my gaping cunt. Lorraine was dragged with me and the young guy’s cock was jerked rudely from her cunt; just at the point of orgasm he shot ropes of viscous cum all over her right shoulder, a couple of jets hitting me full in the face. I liked some from my lips and using my hand scooped the remainder into my mouth reveling in its tangy sweetness.
”Wow”, was the only sound I was able to articulate, my legs still shaking with the ferocity of my orgasm.
We were all comatose for what seemed like ages. Finally the old gent stood up with difficulty. Pulling up his zip he tucked his now flaccid cock into his fly and buttoned his waistband.
For the first time I heard him speak. “Well my dear that was a most interesting diversion for this boring journey, most interesting indeed”. He readjusted his fob watch that was dangling from his waistcoat, slipping it back into its pocket. As he did so he said” Thank you so much, that was lovely, I do hope your husband won’t mind our little indiscretion”.
I turned and looked up into his florid face, “No I’m sure won’t mind, I certainly didn’t, you were just what the doctor needed”. He laughed, “No indeed, Mr Cunningham Jones at your service, Professor of reconstructive surgery. Any t5ime I can be of service, you just have to call”. He extracted a business card from his waistcoat pocket and handed it to me. I slipped it into my discarded handbag on the floor beside me.
“Yes, tits and bums my speciality, though, I’m a bit of a dab hand in the ‘lady-garden’ department too”, he chuckled at his own joke and reaching down with his right hand took mine, raised it to his lips and kissed it gallantly. “When I saw you the other day in St Pancras, I just knew that you were a little bit special, I do hope we can meet again”.
His farewells made, he backed out of the door and disappeared.
Lorraine had by this time composed herself and managed to re-arrange her dress, tucking her boobs into the top. She looked up at the young guy still sat on the toilet, his flaccid cock just peeping from his blue boxers. “And thank you too young man, sorry I fell of when I did, I was so looking forward to feeling your load of cum inside me. As it was, It certainly made me cum with a vengeance”.
He smiled as he tucked himself away, “Ja, mir hat es auch gefallen, zo ein schoene fotze, und zo eng.
Lorraine looked bemused
I translated for her “He said he enjoyed it as well, such a lovely pussy and so tight”!
We all laughed as he zipped his jeans and stood, he helped Lorraine and I to our feet and kissed us both warmly and wetly on our lips and followed the old gent’s steps from the cubicle, closing the door behind him.
Lorraine turned to me and threw her arms around my neck, she kissed me hungrily and whispered, “Fucking hell, was that horny or what? Where do you think the boys are”?
At that there was a knock at the now closed door.
“You two OK, can we come in”?
“Here we go again”, I laughed opening the door wide and letting in our two partners.

Last chapter coming up soon.
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