Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

We had gone for the fixed menu, deciding that it was better to eat fairly quickly to allow us the maximum play time, both in the restaurant and later in the club’s playrooms.
The first course was Foie gras and whole-meal toast with a small side salad. We decided that a further 2 bottles of champagne that would do the course justice.
The sheer decadence of the Hors D’oeuvres was enough to get the sexual tension at fever pitch, never mind the antics that Lorraine and I had got up to earlier.
I looked across the table and spied Carl, his face turned towards Heidi, whispering in her ear. I decided to be a voyeur for a few minutes, relishing what he was doing. I could clearly see his left hand positioned in the vicinity of her pussy as he started to gently suck her right earlobe into his mouth. As he tongued her ear his hand started to move up and down. I closed my eyes for a moment savouring the intensity of the image I had conjured in my imagination. His hand lifting the hem of her clingy white dress, his fingers walking their way up her over the knee white hose, past the blue ribbons that held them just above her knees. Slowly, ever so slowly parting her thighs as his hand travelled higher toward the goal of her wet and waiting pussy, barely concealed by her sheer white thong. I felt a tap on my arm that broke the spell of my fantasy.
“You OK”, asked a concerned looking Claire.
I giggled, and then sighed, stretching like a cat. “Yes sweetheart, I’m fine. Just having a moment to myself, I’m back with you now”.
“Sorry, I thought you’d maybe dropped off to sl**p”.
“No”, I gestured at Carl with my head. “I started to watch Carl seducing Heidi and got carried away with my imagination of what he is doing to her”.
She giggled nervously, not really understanding the etiquette of a swingers club.
“Don’t you get jealous watching him with someone else”?
I laughed aloud, “God no, we’ve been swinging for eight years now. I’ve seen him fuck lots of lovely girls and for that matter he’s seen me fuck lots of gorgeous blokes, oh and quite a few girls for that matter”, I added.
She did one of her blushes and giggled as she felt her face flush with bl**d.
“His technique looks like it’s getting some results judging by the way she’s kissing him. It’s started to make me feel quite randy”.
“So how did you enjoy your afternoon with Gosia”? I continued, determined to make her as horny as possible before the evening proper, started.
Once more she blushed scarlet. “Gosia, told you, she told me she would, and I thought she’d be too embarrassed to admit she was a lesbian”.
“Gosia’s no more a lesbian than I am and I’ve just had an enormous orgasm from Lorraine’s hand, look how wet the fingers of her gloves are”, I pointed to Lorraine down the table to her left. Whose gloves were quite clearly still soaking wet.
She looked me in my eyes, realization suddenly dawning. “You mean I can still fuck guys then”?
“Of course silly, just because you get off on girls as well doesn’t mean you have to be a full blown lesbian, unless that’s what you want”.
She leant across the narrow space between us and kissed me delicately on the lips, “Oh thanks Anna, I was afraid that I was something perverted, I felt so ashamed”.
“Nothing to be ashamed off Claire, I love fucking girls too, just think, you have the best of both worlds, double the opportunities for a fuck too”. I smiled at her obvious relief.
“In that case”, she said as she slid down in her chair and pushed her foot clad in its open toed shoe into Andy’s crutch across the table from her.
He coughed, splattering a fair amount of his champagne onto the table in front of him.
“Wow, I didn’t expect that he spluttered, wiping his chin with his napkin, as he did so he also slid further down the banquette giving Claire easier access to his bulging trousers. I looked around the rest of our party. To my right Andy was having his cock rubbed through his trousers by Claire opposite. On my left, beyond Claire; Lorraine and Gosia were deep in conversation with Lorraine’s hand inside the V of the décolletage of Gosia’s royal blue dress, whilst at the end of the table, I could see that Carl had progressed to inserting his right hand into the plunging neckline of Heidi’s white dress, her full left breast and its engorged nipple occasionally coming into view as he rolled it between his fingers.
“Well that’s just the 1st course, I wonder what the next 2 courses will bring”, I muttered to myself”.
The erotically charged atmosphere was almost narcotic in the way I reacted to the scene of wantonness unfolding before me, far from feeling left out; I drank in the scene and felt my pussy moistening at the sights and sounds. I looked around what I could now see of the restaurant, seeing more now that my eyes had grown accustomed to the dim lighting. At every table I could see, there was a sex act of one type or another going on. At the far end of the room, I could clearly see a rather elderly gentleman in a dark lounge suit fucking a luscious 30 something with long blonde hair from behind, taking her doggy style across their table for two, her unfettered breasts swaying back and forth has he hammered into her.
At a nearby table, two couples; their genitals freely exposed were mutually masturbating, the squelch of wet pussies and pre-cum covered cocks clearly audible above their moans of ecstasy.
It gave me an idea.
I raised the hem of my dress to my lap and reached behind my neck unclipping the fastening at the back of my collar. The front of the dress pooled in my lap exposing my full breasts, their engorged nipples standing proud, the red lips from Lorraine standing out clearly visible. I then reached for my clutch bag, opened it and took out my favourite vibrator, opening my legs wide, I positioned my knees against the table’s edge and started to slide it in and out of my now very wet pussy.
“Wow”, I heard from my left, I turned to face the sound of the voice, it was Claire. “Can I help”, she asked sweetly.
“No Hunni, you carry on with Andy, I think you’ve made him quite horny”.
“OK, you’re right that wouldn’t be fair”, she dropped onto the floor and crawled on all fours under the table. As she reached Andy’s legs she reached into his lap, unzipped him, extracted his monster cock from his open fly and started to lick the head of his engorged cock, her tongue swirling around its massive clean cut head.
I continued with my voyeuristic masturbation.
As Claire dropped onto the floor both Gosia and Lorraine looked in my direction, their faces absolute pictures. “You dirty slut”, squealed Lorraine, a huge grin creasing her face. She roughly opened Gosia’s dress wide exposing both of her small breasts and lowered her mouth to her little perky left nipple, sucking and biting at it. Gosia leant back on her chair, legs akimbo her right hand was fingering herself through the open slit at the front of her dress, her left enmeshed in Lorraine’s hair holding her tight against her tit.
I watched the two of them playing for a while, switching my vibrator on I concentrated the head of the rabbit against my erect clit, free of its hood seeking attention. As the vibrations increased, I slid it deep inside my wet cunt positioning the bunny ears either side of my clit.
At the far end of the table, Carl had opened the front of Heidi’s white dress fully and was openly tonguing her right breast, his right hand obviously wanking her as he did so. She, so overcome by his attentions was laid back against the banquette, running her hands through his short blonde/grey hair purring like a cat.
Just as I felt my orgasm approaching, I spied the Maître’D approach our table. He stood beside me and coughed politely.
My hand withdrew the vibrator, slick with my juices. “Permittez moi Madame”, he took the dripping vibe from my hand and wiped it decorously on his white apron. Now clean and dry he handed it back to me.
“Le deuxieme plat Madame”
Two waiters scuttled round our table clearing the remnants of our first course from the table, entirely unconcerned at the sights of debauchery before their eyes.
One by one my dinner companions straightened their clothing, hurriedly replacing breasts into their respective dresses and Andy struggling to get his still erect cock back into his trousers.
“Entrecote au poivre” announced the Maitre’D.
Almost as if minutes before we weren’t all engaged in some kind of sexual activity Carl looked around the table and said, “Don’t let it get cold, tuck in”.
We all ate ravenously, the perfectly cooked steak running with bl**d, mixing deliciously with the pepper sauce.
There was silence for at least 5 minutes.
Gosia, broke the silence, she looked in Claire’s direction and said, “This is sooo delicious Claire, how is yours”.
Her mouth full of steak, Claire struggled to reply. ”It’s gorgeous, reminds me of something I was eating earlier, but not quite as tough”. We all burst into laughter, the ice broken once more.
Totally replete we pushed our empty plates away from us and the delightful staff, cleared the table.
Carl beckoned the Maitre’D over. “Does anyone want a dessert”?
Groans echo’d around the table.
“Cancel the desserts Monsieur, we’ll just take coffee and port with our cigars, Merci”.
The Maitre’D wafted away to the kitchen.
Carl extracted a pair of Churchill cigars in their aluminium tubes from his inside pocket and passed one to Andy.
“Anyone else for a cigar”? he asked.
“Have you got one of those little Davidoffs Carl” I asked.
“Sure”, he took out a small white packet and extracted one for me.
“There you go”.
None of the others were smokers so sat back in their seats as we lit up the aromatic cigars.
He and Andy dropped the white tubes on the table.
“Gosia sniggered, “I’ve got just the place for one of those tubes” as she picked up Carl’s.
She turned to her new found lover, “What do you think Claire, will it fit”?
Having overcome her earlier shyness Claire turned to her and said, “I can think of at least two places that will fit quite nicely”.
We all sat in pleasant contemplation of our good fortune at being together in such erotically charged surroundings and d***k our coffee and port and savoured our cigars.
Resting his stub of cigar in the ashtray, he turned to Heidi on his left. “Well Heidi, so what do you think of our gathering”?
“Carl it’s wonderful, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me here, excellent food, delicious champagne and such lovely people it’s been fab”.
“So far”, I added from my end of the table. “The night is yet young”, glancing at my Hermes watch I said, “Goodness me it’s 1am already”.
Carl chuckled, “My favourite time of night, who’s up for some fun”?
“Me”, “Me”,
“Me”, “Me”,
“Me”, “Me”,
Echoed around the table.
“Let’s go do it then, I’ve reserved a king size bed in a playroom just for us, you can spend the time in there or you can partake of whatever else you fancy in the rest of the club, it closes at 4 am though. I can recommend the outdoor Jacuzzi in the back courtyard, sex under the stars is so much fun”.
With that Carl stood and walking around to my seat he took me by the hand and helped me to my feet. “Madame, may I offer you my services”.
I stood and curtsied to him. “Oooh sir, you are so bold”. We headed off towards the playrooms at the back of the club, the other five following in our wake.
Having threaded our way up the tiny winding stairs we were confronted by a pair of doors ahead of us. Carl gallantly threw open the right hand door and ushered us in. The sight that met our eyes was one of total mindboggling debauchery, arranged on the 7 foot wide four poster bed were at least 4 couples all in various states of undress coupling in every way imaginable. Nearest to the foot of the bed a large lady totally naked was laid face down, her voluminous white satin knickers around her ankles. Pumping hard into her clearly visible brown puckered arsehole was a skinny black guy with a clean shaven head and the biggest cock I have ever seen, it must have measured at least 10 inches from tip to groin, his thickly veined foreskin being pulled back on every in-stroke into her tight hole. The large lady’s face was buried in the downy blonde pussy of a tiny little girl, obviously only just out of her teens; she was lapping noisily at the sticky wet conjunction of the girl’s thighs. Sat over her face another shapely red head sat grinding her pussy into the girl’s eager mouth as she leant forward kissing the black guy. Either side of the four were two couples, two tanned guys on one side in the 69 position, on their sides sucking furiously at each other’s rampant cocks. On the other side, evidently their respective partners, were two Brunettes in a similar position.
One of the brunettes looked up at our intrusion and beckoned us over to join them.
“Merci Madame” I said, “Sorry wrong room”.
We backed out of the room and entered the left hand door.
“Wow, Gosia, did you see that, those two guys were sucking each other off”, said Claire excitedly. “That looked sooo fucking horny”. She lifted her black netting overskirt and started rubbing at her pussy through the black trimmed purple pants she was wearing.
Seeing this Gosia, threw her arms around the masturbating girl’s waist and started to snog her hard, dragging her to the massive bed in the centre of the room.
Lorraine looked at Andy, “I must say that looked really horny lover I don’t suppose you and Carl’d like to entertain us girls would you”? Andy glared and shook his head.
I looked at Carl, this was a fantasy of mine that he’d satisfied on a few occasions for me.
He shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t mind if you girls’d like to see it”.
Lorraine looked beseechingly at Andy, “Please Andy, just this once, I’ll do anything you want, anything”.
Andy blushed to the roots of his spiky strawberry blonde hair. “No fucking way”, was his immediate response.
“Go on Andy, be a sport, we always entertain you blokes with some girl on girl action. I said playfully.
“Go on Andy, I will if you will, it’s only a cock after all, but no kissing anal or cumming in mouths, OK” Carl replied. “It’s just like sucking your thumb”.
Andy visibly weakened under the pressure.
“OK, just this once, understand and before you ask I am not homophobic, I just prefer to keep cocks where they belong’ preferably in nice juicy cunts”. “And in bums, or have you conveniently forgotten last night Andy” responded his wife Lorraine.
“Lorraine”!!! said Andy blushing once again.
Carl shrugged off his jacket and shirt exposing his large tanned chest, He placed them on a chair and then kicked off his shoes, removed his socks before dropping his black trousers.
He was completely naked, his large uncut cock showing the first signs of an impending erection, Claire looked up from the bed her face now between Gosia’s, blue stocking clad legs. The blue dress hiked above her waist exposing her cleanly shaven cunt and the scorpion tattoo just above her pussy.
Carl looked at Claire’s exposed arse, the purple thong nestling between her globular bum cheeks.
“Mmmm” he said, I know where this fella is going after our show, he slid his hand between Claire’s cheeks and slipped his fingers under her thong into the wetness beneath. “Right here”. His cock visibly grew before their eyes. He seized it with his right hand and started to wank it back and forth as he slid the fingers of his left hand deep into Claire.
“Come on then Andy, let’s have some fun”, he grabbed Andy by the hand and led him over to the bed, turned him around and sat him on the edge beside the two girls.
He reached down and unzipped Andy’s trousers. His huge 9” cock sprung out of the open fly.

“Wow, that’s a big un” said Carl in admiration as it stood straight out a definite bend to the left apparent to all. “I bet that’s done some damage in its time”, he laughed as he spat on his hand and started to wank Andy’s cock back and forth. He knelt between his less than willing participant’s legs.
“This won’t hurt a bit mate” he said as he dropped a long string of viscous saliva onto the exposed purple head of Andy’s cock. He lowered his head onto the cock-head and taking it into his mouth he started to tongue the end.
The girls crowded around the boys watching the show. One by one they either reached into their groins to rub and finger themselves or, with me leading the way, discarded their clothes.
Nearly naked, just wearing Lorraine’s red lacy thong, I lay down beside Andy and started to unbutton his dress shirt and undo his bow tie. He reached across to me and cupped my right breast in his hand. “Mmmm,it feels just like Lorraine’s, just perfect”.
Slightly more relaxed, he lay back fully on the bed as Carl started to move his mouth up and down his long shaft.
Lorraine was stood at the bottom of the bed intently watching Carl give her hubby a blow job, “God that is sooo horny, I’m absolutely dripping”, she said as she placed her right hand over her left breast and started to knead it firmly, squeezing the erect nipple between her fingers. Beside her, Heidi had just removed her white dress, leaving her white hold ups and sheer white thong, She kicked off her clear plastic, porn-star style shoes and moved closer to Lorraine, insinuating her fingers into the front of my black thong her fingers heading lower to Lorraine’s pussy.
“This looks like Anna’s thong”, she said to Lorraine as she hooked her fingers deep inside her wet pussy.
“It was, spoils of war”, giggled Lorraine.
Carl was really going hard at Andy’s cock, he briefly extracted the engorged head from his mouth and said, “Don’t forget, no cumming in my mouth”. He returned his mouth to the cock and re-commenced his sucking.
Andy by now was past worrying about his inhibitions he sat up and reached for Carl’s fully erect cock, grasping it in his hand he started to wank the foreskin back and forth
“We’ll have to move mate”, said Carl.
They moved around on the bed moving into a 69 position, on their sides just like the guys in the other room.
Andy took Carl’s erect cock in his hand and lowered his mouth to his cock-head.
As Andy’s mouth engulfed Carl’s oozing cock-head Lorraine redoubled her efforts on her tits, she had pulled the front of her dress down exposing the pair of beautifully enhanced orbs to the air, and she was kneading them furiously and alternately grasping, squeezing and twisting the nipples.

Heidi was now on her knees in front of Lorraine her head buried beneath the hem of her dress slurping noisily at her pussy, my thong pulled down to Lorraine’s ankles.
While the girls were getting it on I had not been idle, I’d managed to get Andy stripped naked, Carl was still sucking furiously on his cock to the point where I noticed that Andy’s arse had started to twitch. I tapped Carl urgently on the shoulder, he looked around and I beckoned his face clear of Andy’s cock and sank my own mouth over the enormous purple cock-head. I’m not sure quite what it was that triggered it, but within seconds Andy pulled back slightly then slammed his cock hard forward, right into my welcoming mouth. As it was buried as far as it would go, he unleashed rope after rope of thick cum, I swallowed furiously to keep pace with the enormous ejaculation.
“Wow, Andy you had a hell of a load on there”. I said having finally swallowed all of the salty cum. A few trails dripping down either side of my mouth and off my chin.
Extricating herself from Heidi’s eager mouth, Lorraine slid her black dress to the floor and stepped out of my thong. Wearing just her stockings and shoes she knelt on the bed, leant forward and removed Andy from Carl’s cock. He looked around and watched her closely as she grabbed Carl’s cock by the neatly shaved base and crammed its 8” deep into her slutty red mouth. As she did so, I positioned myself behind her and took over the job that Heidi had started, slurping up from her hard red clitoris to the puckered rosette of her arsehole
Andy, knelt up on the bed and started to wank his now somewhat flaccid cock back to life. After a couple of seconds of trying, Heidi grabbed his cock knelt on the floor beside him and using her mouth and hand brought him back to a full erection.
On the far side of the bed Gosia had just started to buck her cunt into the eager mouth of her lover, her squeals built up into a crescendo as she came furiously, any emissions from her orgasm being lapped up by Claire’s long tongue. As her convulsions and post orgasmic twitches slowed down she grasped Claire either side of her head and drew Claire’s mouth up over her sweaty body to her lips and kissed her deeply, “Wow, Claire that was so good, where did you learn that”?
“From you, I just remembered the night I was so d***k and you did it to me, I’ve been dying to return the favour ever since”.
Lorraine was milking Carl’s cock like an expert, as she moved her hand up its shaft she imparted a small twisting action, swirling the tumescent head with her tongue. Watching Carl’s cum face start to form, I knew he would soon be emptying his balls for the first time into his lover’s throat. I’d guessed right, within a few seconds he started to buck his hips up towards Lorraine’s receptive mouth, with a roar like a bull he unleashed a torrent of cum deep into her throat.
“Fuck yes, I’ve waited so long to be doing this”, Carl said as his cock stopped it’s twitching.
“Come here Lorraine”, he held her by her chin and gave her a long tongue-twisting, fluid-swapping kiss. As he released her face he said, “That was an awesome blowjob thank you”!
“You looked like you were enjoying Andy’s attention too”, she replied
“Fuck yes, a blow job is a blow job, who cares who’s doing it”?
So at last Lorraine and Andy and Carl and I had finally had the first full 4some action we’d waited so long for, over interminable msn chats we’d articulated our lusts and horny thoughts, now finally we’d all played together for the first time.
During the culmination of the two blowjobs, Heidi had not been idle, Andy, his erection now as stiff as a flagpole, was looking around desperately for a receptacle in which to place it.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me on top of him, I gladly acquiesced and straddled his waist, my knees sinking into the soft mattress.
Heidi helped to insert his swollen glans into my dripping pussy, I felt the large cock-head splitting my lips wide as she eased it into me,
“There you go sweetheart, enjoy Andy’s big cock, it looks so fuckable”. She said.
As he eased his cock inside me, I felt myself being opened wide. Fortunately I was very slick and it slipped deep inside of me with no problem. Heidi manouevred herself so that she was able to alternately lick me and suck his balls into her willing mouth.
Gosia and Claire were watching intently at what Heidi, Me and Andy were doing. When Heidi’s tongue poked its way into my bottom the pair of them reached across to Carl and pulled him over to their side of the bed.
“Come on Carl, we need some loving too” said Claire.
Carl moved across the wide bed, he lifted Claire into his favourite ‘doggy’ position and slid her purple pants down her legs. He insinuated his tongue into her wide open labia and started to lick her wet pussy. She in turn started to tongue Gosia’s mouth, each time Carl pushed his tongue into her pussy, she licked Gosia’s mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside her.
Carl knelt higher and positioned his bulging cock at the entrance to Claire’s wet pussy.
With a massive push he buried his 8“deep inside her open cunt.
“Fuck me “, intoned Claire. As Carl pushed deep inside her.
Carl picked up his rhythm, soon he was shoving his stiff cock deep inside the willing orifice before him. He speeded up slamming his cock deep inside the young girl, who pushed back against him matching his thrusts perfectly.
Heidi, feeling that her tongue was by now redundant on my pussy, rolled onto her side and latched onto my erect nipple. She tongued me expertly, licking and biting me to a point where I was ready to cum, feeling Andy’s cock plunging in and out of me and Heidi sucking my nipple I rapidly approached the point of no return.
With a gasp and a cry I started to cum, my cunt spasming on Andy’s cock clutching with my cunt lips onto his hard cock, sucking all the juices from him as he squirted his cum deep inside my welcoming cunt.
Heidi rolled onto her back, her hands seeking her pussy.
In the fog of my orgasm I realised that of all of us in the room Heidi had given her all and received little in return.
I pushed her on to her back and lay beside her.
“Your turn now sweetheart” I said as I lowered my lips onto her erect nipple.
“Oh yes, I soo need to cum now, I’m so horny”, she replied.
Our joint ministrations quickly brought Heidi to the point where she was thrusting her beautiful shaved cunt hard against Gosia’s tongue.
I slipped off the bed and locating my clutch bag withdrew my rabbit, I turned it on to full power and slid it neatly into Heidi’s wide open cunt.
Positioning the rabbit’s ears either side of her clit I turned up the power, she felt he vibrations deep inside of her cunt and almost immediately started to cum.
I moved the head of the toy so that it would have the most effect on her G spot and kept up the pressure. Within seconds I was rewarded with a spasm from her hips as she started to cum.
“Fuck yes, keep it there, I’m cummmmmmmmmming, She thrashed around on the bed like a mad woman, pushing hard against my toy as it was pushed deep inside her.
As she came her cunt started to squirt copious amounts of juice high into the air, showering down onto my face and hair, I redoubled my efforts in her cunt.
Then above all the noise from Heidi, I heard.
“Fuck yes, push harder, fuck yes, I’m cumming” as Carl unloaded yet another jet of cum deep inside Claire. She, not to be out done replied, “yes you fucker, fuck my cunt, I’m cumming now”.
The 7 of us lay quietly on the large bed our immediate needs satisfied, our bodies replete with the abandoned sex we’d all experienced.

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