Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The taxi dropped the four of us on the corner of Rue Marcadet, The club was in a delightful old 13th Century, two storey building that occupied the corner plot, the main the most striking feature was the circular tower topped with a conical slate tiled roof. On the right side of the tower was a recess that was covered in a burgundy covered canopy, beneath which there was a small black painted door.
Lorraine and Andy exited on the right side as I got out of the right rear door; Carl meanwhile, paid off the driver and uncoiled his 6’3” from the front passenger seat. We crossed the wide pavement and knocked at an old brass knocker in the centre of the door. Just like a bad old horror movie the door squealed open on tortured hinges. “Sounds like that needs some lubrication” said Carl.
“Not like these two” replied Andy, indicating the two of us stood behind the men.
“Cheeky bugger”, said Lorraine, digging Andy in the ribs.
Lorraine looked absolutely stunning; she was wearing a short black dress, with a strap crossing only her right shoulder, her left shoulder naked; which accentuated beautifully, her 34D breasts. Emerging from the hem of her skirt that failed to cover the smooth cheeks of her bottom; her legs were covered in sheer, glossy, black stockings with sexy red back seams that had a pair of tiny red bows at the top of the black lacy tops. Her small feet were encased in bright red patent shoes with 5” heels and a slight platform sole that added to her height. Her hair was up in a French pleat that revealed her long willowy neck and displayed perfectly the beautiful Swarovski drop earrings to best effect. The final touch however, was the red lacy elbow length gloves she wore on both of her arms.
In contrast, I was wearing one of my favourite play dresses, it was a totally see through lacy short dress that finished an inch below the lacy tops of my holdups and showed off my figure to best effect. The neckline was high and my shoulders were bare. To accentuate its see through nature I had opted for a tiny black transparent thong, just a tiny triangle that barely covered my pussy at the front showing a hint of the strip of black pubic hair that pointed the way to my pussy and was just a line of pearls down the crack of my arse. I had decided to give my new girls some freedom this evening by going bra-less. My light brown nipples were not very obvious at the moment, but no doubt with some stimulation, they would be plainly visible for all to see.
Carl wore a white tux jacket and black trousers over a black shirt with no tie and Andy wore a full black tux, white shirt and bow tie, they both looked gallant and exceptionally handsome.
As the door opened Carl presented the invitation he had received in his email from the club earlier this evening. The doorman ushered the four of us through the doorway as Carl explained that three further guests would be joining us within a few minutes. The un-cooperative Parisian taxi driver refused to allow Heidi into the cab with us so we had arranged a back-up plan and Gosia and Claire would be picking her up from our hotel as they passed.
The entrance hall of the club led directly into the bar, a red glow highlighting the arched doorway, we approached the sparsely occupied small bar and each grabbed a stool. We two girls in the middle, Andy beside me and Carl on Lorraine’s left.
“Bonsoir Monsieur, what can I get you and the beautiful ladies”?
“Champagne I think”, Carl looked at the bar, “Yes we’ll start with a bottle of the Louis Roederer, if that’s OK with you folks, he looked at us for our assent, we all nodded in agreement.
“But of course Monsieur, a bottle of the Louis Roederer, it can be nothing else for such beautiful lovers”.
We all laughed at the fawning barman as he removed the foil and popped the cork.
“So how was your trip on the Eurostar”, asked Andy, looking with no embarrassment directly at my tits.
“We had a lovely trip”, I responded feeling my nipples swell and grow erect under his gaze “. We had a really horny little interlude with this lovely young blonde, Gosia her name is. She kept us entertained for just about the whole way here, such a horny little thing”.
Overhearing my response to Andy’s question, Lorraine looked at me expectantly. “Come on you dirty bitch, let’s hear about it, Heidi mentioned that you two were up to your usual tricks on the train, but couldn’t enlighten us.
For the next 5 minutes as we sipped at our Champagne as Carl and I jointly regaled our fuck buddies with our exploits with Gosia.
“Can’t wait to meet her babe, she sounds like our kind of girl, I presume she’s into girls as well”?
“Yes very much so, in fact she’s just lost her cunnilingus cherry this evening with the girl she came here to stay with”.
“How do you know that? You didn’t help her did you, you little slut”?
“We had a quick chat on the phone, just after I’d showered, it was so horny listening to her telling the story, Carl and I had to have a little quickie, before we dressed. We needed another shower, but it was certainly worth it”.
“So come on, tell me all about it, I need to hear the lot”, she said opening her legs as wide as her dress would allow, revealing her red lace covered mound as she did so, her bl**d suffused pussy lips clearly visible as she did so.
I started on Gosia’s story, by the time I’d got to the end of Claire’s shave; I could see that Lorraine was getting really worked up. She leant into me and nuzzled my neck, nibbling on my ear. I shuddered as I felt her lips on my earlobe, a lovely cold then red hot sensation rushing down directly to my clit suffusing it with bl**d. I looked down between Lorraine’s widely spread thighs, her arousal was obvious, and the centre of her red lace panties was showing a wet patch at least 2 inches long.
“Horny hunni”? I asked as I slid both of my hands up her thighs over her black lacy stocking tops on to her lightly tanned slim thighs. I stopped the fingers of both hands at least an inch short of the edge of her panties, where the gusset covered her wet gash.
“God, yes”, she answered in a tremulous voice, husky with arousal.”That is soo horny, is there more to come.”?
“Oh yes” I responded and it’s at least as horny as the part I’ve already told you”.
I slipped my fingertips under the edge seams of her panties, insinuating the forefingers of both of my hands between the gaping outer lips, spreading her cunt wide beneath the lace.
As I continued with Gosia and Claire’s story, I started to gently swirl my fingers up and down between her lips. As I did so she started to lean back a little onto Carl’s chest. Automatically it seemed, Carl reached around her body and cupped Lorraine’s breasts in his hands. As his fingers started to gently pinch and tweak her nipples, I felt Andy reach around and cup mine in his hands.
Us two girls sat on a pair of barstools facing each other, me playing with her pussy as our respective husbands groped our tits from behind. Heaven on Earth.
Lorraine opened her eyes, looked at me and reached for my knees with both her hands; she opened them and lifted the lower hem of my dress to a point just level with my pussy.
“That’s better, now I can get at you, gorgeous” she whispered in my ear as she once more nuzzled my neck. As I continued with the horny story Lorraine started to slide her lace covered fingers down the front of my thong, she pulled at the front, and I felt the delicious sensation of the pearls scr****g over my arse-hole as the thong was pulled forward. She slipped her right hand into my freely lubricating slit and crooked her fingers inside me, pulling my cunt towards her. I could clearly feel the lace of the gloves on her fingers, slightly rough on my inside walls.
While she and I were playing with each other, a few more patrons had entered the bar. As we had monopolized the stools at the bar they were sat at the small intimate tables that ringed the circumference of the small room.
We were obviously entertaining the lascivious customers well, as one or two were quite obviously starting some serious foreplay, one couple even going so far as to have the femme in reverse cow-girl position bouncing up on a magnificently erect circumcised penis that emerged from Monsieur’s unzipped fly.
“Bravo Mesdames, another bottle of champagne, this one is on the ‘ouse, n’est pas” said the barman, obviously pleased at us for warming up the rest of his guests.
“Oh, eeearrrgh, that feels good, don’t stop what you’re doing “ I said to Lorraine all attempts at story telling now abandoned as her rough lacy fingers plunged in and out of my dripping cunt. Her red lace gloves were now clearly soaked right up to her palms as she rammed her fingers in and out of me. I could do nothing more than reciprocate, the fingers of both my hands were now together as if in prayer and were plunging into her widely spread cunt, the soaking crutch of her panties between my palms.
As if by magic, the pair of us exploded in orgasm at the identical moment, Carl reached for my face to bury his artistic tongue deep into my mouth stimulating the intensity of my cum. Seeing this; Andy did the same to Lorraine. As Carl sat back from his position leaning around Lorraine, she felt up his neck with her right hand and finding his mouth, slipped her hand, covered with my hot wet cunt juices, deep into it. He slurped eagerly sucking like a baby at a teat his tongue licking across her cum soaked palm. Not wishing to be left out Andy reached forward and grabbed both my hands and pulling them either side of my neck he sucked ardently at Lorraine’s juices smeared all over them.
“Fuck that tastes so good Lorraine, you taste lovely”. “Hey, give me a lick” I whined playfully. “It’s so long since I’ve tasted my horny little cum slut bitch”. I pulled my hand from Andy’s mouth and crammed her hand deep into my mouth tasting the sweet essence of my favourite fuck buddy.
Lorraine laughed out loud, “Come on Anna,, I need the loo, you coming”?
I stood up on very shaky legs and followed her across the bar to the two doors set side by side and opened the one marked ‘Dames’.
I entered first and as I stood in front of the mirror Lorraine placed her hands on my shoulders and spun me round. “Kiss me my bitch” she uttered her voice full of pent-up lust.
Her mouth found mine and our tongues entwined frantically licking deep into each other’s mouths. We stood there kissing for what seemed like an age.
“God, I’m really bursting “, she said as we broke away from each other.
“Anything I can do to help”? I asked pressing firmly on her lower belly.
“Oh, you bugger, you just made me pee a little” she squealed.
I saw the pale golden dribble make its way down the inside of her left leg and pool in her red patent leather shoe.
“Take off your pants”. I said with some urgency.
She reached under her short black dress and pulled her miniscule red lace pants down, it was the first time that I had seen them properly, “Oh they are gorgeous” I said taking them from her hand. The wispy front triangle was a perfect match for her gloves that still adorned her hands and arms, the back comprised an open triangle of diamante stones with six strings of stones hanging from the top rope, in each corner a small silver ring linked the jewels to the two side straps and the thong that linked the gusset. I put them under my nose and inhaled the musky smell of her cum and fresh pee. I sucked the sopping gusset into my mouth extracting her juices onto my tongue, tasting her.
She squatted over the toilet and started to unleash a mammoth stream of piss from between her engorged lips. I reached down between her legs and gently played with her cunt my fingers covered in the hot yellow gush, sliding easily into her slick depths. Once more I placed my wet fingers in my mouth and savoured the womanly taste.”God you taste lovely” I sighed
She hurriedly wiped herself with a tissue from the nearby roll and reached for my hips pulling me towards her. She grasped the side strings of my black thong and eased them down over my hips as I stepped out of it. She reached to the side of the sink and picked up her sopping wet thong and held it apart, gesturing for me to step into it. I complied and she turned me around, the thong still at knee level. She pulled me back towards her and I staggered then sat down heavily on her lap facing the mirror.
She opened her legs wide and said, “Go on you little slut, your turn, to pee “, linked her hands in front of my stomach and started to compress my full bladder.
I needed no further urging and unleashed my own hot stream of piss straight down between and onto her inner thighs, into the toilet bowl below. She, sensing time for payback placed the fingers of both hands into my stream and brought her two thumbs up into my wide open pussy, the stream being diverted even more as it hit her hands. I seemed to be pissing forever, the gentle ministrations of her fingers bringing me to the brink of orgasm. My flow started to ease and she removed her fingers from between my soaking thighs.
“Wow, that was so horny” I didn’t realise pissing could be such a turn on, it was so hot on my hands and legs” she whispered in my ear.
“Isn’t it tho”, I replied, “Carl and I have often played a little at water-sports its’, quite exciting, in the right surroundings”
She laughed, “Like in the Ladies loo”?
“Mmm, must admit, that was a first, but so horny, wasn’t it”?
She nodded her agreement and stood up. She picked up my thong and slipped it on, “This’ll confuse the hell out of the guys”, she laughed.
I stood in turn in the cramped toilet and pulled her pants up my legs, “Oooooh they’ve gone quite cold now”. I said.
“Don’t worry, that hot pussy of yours will soon warm it up.
We each took our turn at the bidet, washing the remains of the piss and cum from our pussies and legs. We then took it in turn to touch up our somewhat smeared makeup, finally reapplying our lipstick. She looked at me quizzically.
“What’s going on inside that beautiful horny head of yours”? I asked.
She said, “I’ve got an idea, she reached to the rear of my dress’s neckline and undid the two press studs holding it together, as she released it, it fell forward exposing my breasts with their fully erect nipples, she put another coat of her bl**d red lipstick on her lips and placed a big red kiss on my right breast just above the nipple. “That’s it, I’ve put my brand on you, now everyone will know that you’re my filthy little cum slut bitch”. Once again I felt bl**d suffuse my nipples and clitoris my pussy dribbling yet more lubricant into Lorraine’s thong.
“Fucking hell, you have got such a deliciously dirty mind Lorraine”.
We picked up our clutch bags and left the loo, looking around the now crowded bar for the boys.
Seeing no sign of them where we had left them at the bar, we walked across the room and commandeered the remaining two empty barstools.
“Looks like they’ve lost their seats now too”, she said.
“No problem, we’ll be going through to the restaurant as soon as the others arrive”, I replied.
She picked up the Champagne bottle and tipped what remained of our second bottle into our two half empty glasses.
“Mademoiselle, Excuse moi, parley vous Francais”? I heard from behind my right shoulder. I looked around to be confronted by the most gorgeous, stereotypical looking French man, tho unusually he was well over 6 feet tall. .
“Non, je ne parle pas Francaise”. I replied in my best schoolgirl French, exhausting my vocabulary in the one sentence.
“You ladies are English”? he continued.
Yes, like Le Rost Bif”, quipped Lorraine.
A huge smile lit up his handsome face. “I speak a little English” My name is Jules and this is my good friend Charles” he said gesturing at another tall guy at his side. Charles looked more Dutch than French towering at least a foot above Lorraine and me.
Jules took my hand and kissed its back, breathing deeply of the aroma of sex still apparent on it despite the quick wash I’d had.
“But Mademoiselle”!
“Madame”, I interrupted.
“Madame, this is very. How you say? Confusing”, he paused. “My friend and me we saw that you had on zee black panties before and now I see you have zee red ones”.
Lorraine and I broke into gales of laughter. “We share everything Jules, our men, each other, our panties”. I replied causing a further look of confusion on his gorgeous face.
I leant forward and kissed him full on the lips, holding the kiss for at least 5 seconds. As I pulled away, Lorraine lent across in front of me and followed my example, if anything kissing him a little longer.
“See, Jules, we share everything”.
A look of comprehension crossed his face, he turned to Charles and rattled off a veritable tirade in French.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a group of ladies enter the bar from the street door. I nudged Lorraine in the ribs with my elbow. “The others are here, let’s go and meet them”.
We said our goodbyes to Jules and Charles and tripped across the bar in our precariously high ‘fuck me’ shoes.
“Heidi”, I shouted across the noisy bar.
Heidi, turned and looked in my direction, catching sight of us, she waved briefly and pointed towards us. The other two girls waved and smiled broadly. As we met in the alcove just inside the door Heidi and I each threw our arms around each other and kissed provocatively, drawing admiring glances from around the bar. The rest of us all exchanged kisses and Gosia introduced Claire to me and Lorraine.
“Come on you lot” said Lorraine, “Let’s go find the guys”.
We all trooped across the bar to find the restaurant, as we passed our two French conquests we gave them a wave, their mouths hung open at the sight of so many sexy willing and seemingly available, sexy females. In stark contrast to the fairly brightly lit bar, the restaurant was almost in darkness. We started to pick our way around the tables until we were approached by the Maitre’D.
“Mesdames, you have reservations, n’est pas”, he asked in a very dark brown voice.
“Yes Monsieur, in the name of Carl and Anna, a table for 7”. I replied.
“Bon, please follow me Madame”, he led us around a dim corner to a booth lit by a single table lamp, the cutlery and glassware sparkling in the dim lighting.
Carl and Andy were sat there already deep in conversation.
Carl spied us approaching and stood up. “Ah Ladies, here you are then, we were just trying to decide whether to send out search parties, we thought you might have been waylaid by some horny French guys”.
Lorraine and I looked at each other, “Close but no cigar love “, I replied, we both laughed.
“So who is this gorgeous young lady Gosia”? Carl asked, looking at Claire.
“Hi Carl I’m Claire”, said the tall, blonde girl holding onto Gosia’s arm tightly as she offered Carl her hand to shake.
“Hi Claire” we all said, almost as one.
Seeing Claire’s hand, Carl seized it and planted a big wet kiss on her pink gloss lips.
I held out my hand to her, “Take no notice of the old man he’s too horny for his own good. Welcome to the party Claire, it should be loads of fun tonight”.
“Yes, so Gosia was telling me back at the hotel. This is my first time at one of ‘these clubs’, I must admit, I’m a bit scared by it all. I have no idea what to do, or what happens. Other than lots of sex of course, but who does what to whom and how will I know what I have to do and when to do it”. She blushed furiously, her face suffused with bl**d. The pinkness covered her neck and chest and the tops of her breasts that were covered demurely by the bodice of her purple basque. “I hope that these clothes are OK, Gosia said they would be alright, dress sexy she said”.
Carl laughed, “You sound like my daughter, she always has lots of words when she’s nervous”
Claire laughed nervously in reply.
“As I just said, take no notice of him Claire, he loves to tease”. I said trying to reassure the poor, shy girl.
“Shall we all sit or are we standing to eat” asked Andy, shuffled around the table and patted the banquette beside him as he looked up at me. I sat. The others followed my lead and took their seats around the oval table.
“Here Heidi, you’re next to me”, said Carl from his end of the table. Heidi sat down on the banquette on Carl’s left, with Lorraine taking the chair on his right, her back to the restaurant. With Andy sat between Heidi and me on the banquette Claire and Gosia took the vacant chairs that were left. Gosia beside Lorraine and Claire on the chair opposite to Carl on the right had side of her new lover Gosia.
The seating organized exactly as Carl and I had planned back at the hotel, I was reassured that we were going to have an incredibly stimulating start to our evening of Debauchery.

This Chapter is dedicated to my dirty little cum slut Lorraine, xxx

Look out for the next Chapter, where the group all play together and I introduce a new character or maybe more.

As ever all comments and costructive criticism is welcome
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