Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The cab stopped on Avenue Junot, Carl paid off the driver and we looked at the brass plaque beside the gate, ‘Hotel Particulier’, we walked down the little cobbled passageway into the beautiful garden that opened up in front of the beautiful off white painted stone elevations of the town-house. We walked up the pink dappled marble steps to the recessed front door and pushed it open, entering the dimly lit reception room astonished by the for Paris, incongruous red tartan carpet.
Having checked in we were shown to the quirkily named La Vitrine Suite, most of its walls were a lovely camel colour which was echoed in the thickly carpeted floors and striped curtains, the fourth wall, the one behind the bed was a dark rich brown velvet , studded like a Chesterfield sofa but with silver coloured buttons.
A large desk complete with an accountant’s lamp overlooked the room from where it would be possible to watch someone sl**ping in the enormous bed. On one wall was a display cabinet filled with blown glassware objets, all with an erotic theme. We had been warned that the display cabinet on the opposite wall was available for us to deposit a trinket of our own as a tribute to the hotel. I had selected the most beautiful glass dildo that I had decided would be our tribute. First though I had to take the dildo’s virginity in the only way possible, it had to be used to satisfy me, Carl and whomever else we decided to take on our journey of debauchery during this weekend.
I walked into the adjoining bathroom, exactly as described in the Hotel webpage; it was finished entirely in marble and equipped as a Turkish hammam, steam bath. Seeing the bath, reminded me of Heidi, I wonder if she had arrived yet?
I walked to the desk and checked out the room number on the hotel telephone list. She was in the strangely named ‘Trees with Ears’ suite, just adjacent to ours. I dialed the number, it rang for five rings, I decided that maybe she hadn’t arrived yet after all and hung up.
As I turned away from the desk, Carl turned from the wardrobe where, he’d been hanging some clothes and threw his arms around me. “God I love you, you sexy thing. That was so horny on the train, thank you”.
“Thank you too”, I responded,” It takes two, or in this case three to tango, it was horny wasn’t it”.
“Very horny, are we going to meet up with Gosia later? What’s the plan?”
“Well, she’s going to get settled in at her friend’s room at the hotel, then she said she’d meet up with us for dinner at around 10pm, we’ll need to amend the booking from a table for 4 to a table for 6, I’m sure they won’t mind”.
“I’m sure they won’t”, agreed Carl. I’ll have a shower then give them a ring”.
He kicked off his black leather loafers and stepped out of his suit trousers, as he lowered them he looked inside the crutch of the lining. “Hmm, I’ll need to get these dry cleaned they’re sticky with cum, looks like I‘ve been leaking inside them since our fun on the train”.
I picked them up to look, “Carl, there must be a gallon of cum in there, you really should give your cock a better squeeze and shake when you’ve cum, it’ll save on the cleaners bills”, I said laughing as I raised the soiled trousers to my face, inhaling deeply of the strong scent of fresh cum. “Mmm smells good tho’”, I licked the cum tentatively with the tip of my tongue. “Mmmm definitely tastes of you, a slight hint of cunt there too if I’m not mistaken”.
“I wonder who that could be”? chuckled Carl.
Just as I handed Carl his trousers back, the telephone rang.
“Hello, this is Anna”, I said.
“If you don’t get down upstairs to our room in the next five seconds, we’re all going to cum without you”.
“Lorraine, you dirty little cum slut, if you and Andy don’t wait for us, we won’t share our new friend with you” I responded playfully.
“Oh, you mean Heidi? She’s been up here sucking Andy’s cock for the last twenty minutes, we met in reception and realised who she was as soon as we saw her. You’re right she is so like you, a filthy little brunette whore who can’t get enough cock or cunt”.
I laughed, “OK sweetie, you carry on without us, we’re having a quick shower and we’ll join you in half an hour, give Heidi a lick or two for me”.
In the ‘Poems and Hat’s suite on the floor above, Lorraine dropped the telephone receiver in its cradle and looked across the room at her husband of twelve years, Andy.
He was laid on his back on the huge king sized bed, his jeans in a heap around his ankles; a pair of black Calvin Klein’s around his knees. Arranged in a sixty-nine position above him was Heidi. She was naked from the waist down apart from a pair of barely black hold ups with lacy tops. Above her waist she was wearing a shocking pink balcony style bra with black trim. Both of her breasts had spilled from the bra cups and were obviously covered with someone’s saliva as they glistened in the lamplight of the dimly lit room.
“Now where was I” asked Lorraine. “Ah yes, I was busy with your gorgeous nipples Heidi”. She leant forward and took the very tip of Heidi’s dark red, bl**d engorged right nipple into her mouth sucking it deeply into her mouth, her red lipstick smearing around the small dark puckered areola.
Heidi briefly raised her head from Andy’s crutch and allowed his cock to leave the heat of her mouth. She turned towards Lorraine and started to kiss her passionately.
Beneath Heidi’s very wet pussy, Andy extracted his tongue and looked across at his wife kissing Heidi. He reached out towards her and grabbing her by the belt of her toweling bathrobe he dragged her onto the bed, positioning her beside Heidi on her knees, allowing him unrestricted access to her pussy with his right hand as he went back to tonguing Heidi.
As Andy was fingering Lorraine with one hand he was licking Heidi’s pussy. He reached around Heidi’s cute little left-arse cheek and dipped the fingers of his left hand into her wetness, his fingers covered with her pussy’s juice he smeared it all around her sweet looking brown rimmed arse-hole and gently eased first one then two fingers into the puckered hole. The response was immediate; Heidi arched her back, shoving hard against Andy’s invading fingers, forcing them deeper into her. Her face broke away from Lorraine’s long enough for her to say; “Oh fuck yes, I love that Andy, stick more fingers in my arse and fuck it. Fuck it really hard”.
She continued to buck hard against Andy’s hand, so hard that Andy had to stop his cunt licking for fear of a broken nose.
“Lick me lover”, intoned Lorraine as she maneuvered her gorgeous arse into range of Andy’s tongue, lifting the back of the bath robe up over her shapely arse. His tongue flicked out, sliding smoothly between her slippery cunt lips.
Meanwhile Heidi had turned her oral attention back to Andy’s rampant cock. His cock was a magnificent specimen, about 9 inches long it had a small bend to the left and was neatly cut, his bulbous cock-head a deep, deep purple atop his veiny shaft. Had Heidi not been sucking it so assiduously it would have been dripping a stream of pre-cum as a signal of his intense arousal and the imminence of his orgasm. Her head bobbed up and down his shaft, at the top of each stroke she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, occasionally punctuating each swirl with a gentle nip with her teeth. Andy was in seventh heaven he was licking his wife’s dripping pussy, arse fingering another gorgeous brunette who in turn was blowing him expertly. How could it get any better?
But more was to come, Heidi slid her fingers down beneath Andy’s ball-sack and slid her finger to its puckered target, she allowed a rope of saliva and pre-cum mix fall from her lips onto the fingers of her questing hand, lubricating it enough to allow it easy entry to Andy’s arse-hole.
He gave a spastic twitch as her finger slid inside his rectal passage.
As Andy was lapping at Lorraine’s slick slit he became aware of the movement of her fingers as she reached under her crutch to insert three then four fingers into her open lips, as his tongue lapped at her open cunt she increased the speed of her finger fucking. After what seemed like only seconds, but was in reality about 2 minutes he felt a steady stream of cum emerge from between her hand and her labia, he lapped quickly like a dog trying to catch every last drop of her ejaculate. She started to hump her arse back and forth into Andy’ face crying” Fuck yes Andy, lick my cunt push your tongue inside me you bastard”.
Her precipitous orgasm acted like a catalyst to the other two, first Heidi, her arse-hole being stimulated by at least three of Andy’s fingers, caused her to emit small screams of delight as she came violently against his hand, as she did so her cunt pushed a long thick squirt of cum that fell all over Andy’s hairy chest. The sight of the squirting cunt right in front of his face was just too much for him to deal with, his cock erupted in squirt after squirt of thick white gooey cum over Heidi’s tits as they hung down over his tumescent cock. Seeing all his cum going to waste Heidi, quickly re-adjusted her position and engulfed the spurting cock with her lipstick smeared mouth, she swallowed time and time again managing to get most of what remained into her greedy mouth.
The three of them collapsed on the bed, Andy in between the two brunettes, to his left was Heidi, about 5’3” slim with dark brown, almost black hair framing her cute face, to his right lay his wife lazily playing with her still highly sensitive clitoris, just coming down from her orgasmic high of a few moments ago. “Mmmm Andy, that was good, I loved the way you were using your tongue on my pussy, it really made me cum hard”, she said.
“That’s good, but your orgasm had more to do with the fact you were almost fisting yourself, I swear you almost had your whole hand inside yourself”, he replied with a smile.
“Yes that too, it did feel really horny tho, watching the two of you at it, I do love to see you fucking around with another girl”.
“Do you mean me”? Asked Heidi. “I must say, seeing your cock explode like that was really cool and feeling your hot cum squirt on my tits was fab. But I suppose I need to go and have a shower and wash all your lovely cum off or I’ll smell like a brothel for the rest of the night”. She got up from the bed, replaced her ample tits in her balconette bra and slipped her matching pink pants back on. She paused and looked around for a second before spotting her black pencil skirt and lacy red see thru top on the sofa across the room. Squirming her nylon clad feet into her Jimmy Choos, she tottered towards the door. As she reached it she put her hand on the handle and turned towards the bed and its occupants. “Nice meeting you both, see you later”. With that she left the strangers on their bed.
Down in our suite I was wrapped in a fluffy towel from the bathroom, and stood entranced looking at the erotic shapes of the glass objets d’art in the locked cabinet. They were all shapes, sizes and colours. The only consistency was of what they portrayed, either the male or female sexual organ. My favourite was the delicate looking blown glass dildo that perfectly captured the essence of a man’s cock, it was all of ten inches long with all of the veins in stark relief realistically criss-crossing the surface. “Mmmm that would feel good inside me” I pondered. The thought causing a trickle of juice to run down between my recently washed and newly shaven pussy lips. “God, I’m horny again, tonight is going to be one to remember” I mused aloud”.
“Sorry, did you say something”? Asked Carl from the door of the bathroom, a pristine white towel encircling his waist.
“I was just saying that that dildo would feel good inside me” I replied.
“You are incorrigibly horny today Anna”
“It must be all the attention my pussy has been getting today” I giggled.”
“And don’t forget the little water massage you were giving your bum when I walked in the bathroom”
“Mmmm, yes that felt really good, that water spray nozzle is shaped perfectly to give you a nice enema when you’re sat on the bidet”. I added.
Hanging on a small hook beside the bidet was a chrome plated hose, about a metre, long the end had a small trigger on it with an extension that fitted perfectly inside my bottom. Having finished my ablutions I had slipped the hose inside me and filled my bowels with lovely warm water. I held it inside me as I leant back against the wall and massaged my tummy. When I felt that I couldn’t stand the pressure, I had transferred to the toilet seat and voided myself of the water, washing my insides perfectly clean for the anticipated anal fun that would surely occur later in the evening. It was lucky that I had as there were a few little nuggets of shit that had rinsed into the water below. Not so great if you wanted some nice rimming action later, I’d thought at the time.
“Carl, we really have to get one of those hoses fitted beside our loo in the en-suite at home, I think it’s such a good idea, particularly with your love of all things anal”.
“Yes, I was thinking exactly the same, such a great idea; I believe it’s based upon a Middle Eastern design”. Carl agreed.
“Did you change the table reservation darling”? I asked.
“Yes, we have a table for six booked for 10pm at the club. I thought we’d get there for 9 and have a couple of drinks at the bar before we eat”.
“Excellent idea, I’ll just ring around everyone and let them know, we’ll need a taxi for five at about 8:45pm, could you sort that while I go and put my face on and dry my hair”?
I picked up my mobile and dialed the number that Gosia had given me earlier.
It rang 3 times and then Gosia picked up.
“Hi Anna, what’s the plan” she asked her voice a little tremulous.
“You OK”? I asked.
She giggled, “Oh yes,” she paused. “You’ll never guess what’s just happened”.
“No what”?
“Claire has just let me shave her pussy, that’s what. God it was so horny” she replied breathlessly.
“Wow, really. How on earth did that happen”? I asked.
She explained in great detail. “Well, after I arrived, she came down to reception to meet me and we went into the bar for a quick glass of wine. We were sat in the bar chatting and she said that I looked really sexy in my little tartan skirt. I said that it was a really cool skirt to travel in and drew lots of interested looks from both men and women on the train. She said that she wasn’t surprised as she had just caught a glimpse of my pussy as I crossed my legs. I blushed and said that I’d had to take my thong off because all the looks I’d been getting had made me really horny and quite wet and it was feeling uncomfortable”.
She said that my legs looked really long and sexy in my short skirt and that I should wear it more often when I went out. That was so not like her; I was really surprised and told her so. She said that since being in Paris she had experienced a bit of a change in attitude and maybe it was all the sexy men and women here. Women? I asked. She said, yes and explained that she’d had a short affair with a lesbian girl she had met in one of the clubs here. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Apparently they’d only ever kissed a couple of times, but that she thought that she was maybe bi-sexual as when they had been kissing she had been really turned on, but that the girl had a long term partner and couldn’t bear to cheat on her. As I explained on the train, that was so out of character for her,
I was really gob-smacked. Anyway we finished our drinks and went to her room, I unpacked my backpack and said I needed to get a shower and she followed me into the bathroom.
I stripped and ran the shower until the water was the right temperature, as I bent down to pick up the shampoo from the floor, she said, “Oh you’ve shaved round your bum”. I replied that of course I had as I loved to have it licked and the hair really puts some people off. She said that since she’d shaved herself, she’d never thought of shaving there as well. Anyway long story short, she asked me if I’d help her to shave her there as she was scared of nicking herself with the razor. God I nearly came on the spot, all my wet dreams were coming true. First my 3 way with you and Carl on the train and now my best friend, that I’ve lusted after for years asking me if I’d shave her.
She undressed herself and joined me under the needle like hot spray of the shower, God her tiny little tits looked so gorgeous, and her nipples were standing perfectly erect as she soaped herself. I picked up the razor and showed her how I shaved my pubes, straight down across my mound, then I lifted my leg and shaved upwards over my lips and then I squatted down and carefully shaved around my bum hole. All the time she was watching me closely, particularly as I held my pussy lips apart to shave either side of them. She started almost hopping from foot to foot as she watched me.
I said to her, “Do you want to use my razor or do you have your own”, she reached up on to the shelf behind me her nipples nearly brushing across my face and retrieved her razor and shaving gel, She stepped out of the spray and started to work the gel into a lather on the spiky stubble above her pussy. I noticed that as she was lathering her pussy lips she surreptiously slid her finger in between her lips. As she did so her face was wreathed in a look of intense pleasure.
“Do you need a hand”, I asked?
“Would that be alright”? she replied.
I said “Of course silly” and took her razor from her and started to shave down her lower belly towards her mound.
Having dispensed with her stubble, I said, “OK lift your leg and let me do your pussy lips”. She complied immediately holding her pussy lip on the right and pulling the skin taut. I started to shave her right pussy lip, it was just sooo horny she had this look of deep concentration and as I sc****d the razor over her lip she started to bite her lower lip.
“You OK” I asked? She nodded and as I told her to hold the other one I saw that her pussy was leaking juices that were making a clear trail through the lather. Having finished the left lip. I suggested that if she bent over and held her bum cheeks apart it would make doing around her bum hole easier. Without missing a beat she leant forward and spread her bum cheeks wide. What a horny sight that was. There she was the object of many of my wank sessions, in front of me with her pussy gaping and her arsehole winking at me.
I quickly spread some more lather over her hole and made short work of tidying up all the fine golden hairs from around her ring. As I was doing it, in order to keep her skin taut so that I didn’t nick her with the sharp blades my finger accidentally slipped into the gap between her outer lips. She was just dripping like a tap. I could take no more I dropped to my knees behind her and spread her cunt wide and with water running down over my head I started to realize my dream and lapped at her gaping hole with my tongue. She tasted heavenly, such a pungent spicy-sweet taste.
The moment she felt my tongue in her pussy she started humping her bum back against my face.
Her hand appeared like magic between her pussy lips and as she rubbed at her clit she groaned, “Oh yes Gosia, lick me, fuck me, make me cum”.
If you’d given me a cheque for a million pounds you couldn’t have made me happier, I redoubled my efforts at licking her pussy, spread her arse cheeks as wide as I could and started to dart my tongue in and out of her gaping arsehole. Her orgasm followed almost immediately, she pushed herself onto my tongue as she came and I licked up the small trickle of viscous white liquid that dribbled from between her cunt lips.
She stood up and turned towards me, “I’ve wanted to do that with you for months, every time I’ve laid in bed on my own wanking, it’s been you that I’ve fantasized about. You won’t believe how often and in how many different ways that I’ve fucked you, in my dreams”.
“You are joking”, I replied. Did you not realize, I’ve fancied the arse off you for years, ever since the first time when you stayed over at my place and you came to bed naked and d***k. I touched your pussy then and made it wet as you were sl**ping, then frigged myself to a really intense orgasm as I lay next to you”.
“That last time when I stayed at your place, after we came home from the club when the guys got thrown out”?
“Yes” I blushed.
“Well, I felt you touching my pussy as I pretended to be asl**p and then when you were licking it, you made me cum, but I was so confused about my sexuality, I just couldn’t respond to you”. She took me by the hand and led me to her bed. “Now I’m not confused any more, I just want to fuck you”.
She pushed me backwards onto the bed, “Now it’s my turn to pleasure you”, she said as she eased my legs open and started to lick my wet pussy. She knelt on the bed between my wide open thighs, time and time again she licked me from arsehole to clitoris, long slow licks, her tongue insinuating itself deep inside my open lips. I twitched uncontrollably as her tongue worked its magic. As she felt my impending orgasm she concentrated her efforts on my clit, teasing the bud free of its hood. I then felt her fingers move from holding my lips apart and clearly felt them as they entered my juicy wet cunt. First one then two then at least three fingers entered me I started to buck myself against her hand. She stopped her licking, moved her position so that she was beside me and then withdrew her fingers. “Don’t stop Claire, I am so close” I stuttered.
“OK Hunni”, she spread the long fingers of her right hand and inserted the middle two, her little finger and pointing finger were pressed either side of my cunt as she strained to reach my G spot, deep inside. I gave a long drawn out moan as her fingers found the rough ribbed area in my depths.
“Yes, oh yes, that’s, it faster, harder” I cried as her hand started to move faster. I felt like my entire world was centred on her rubbing fingertips.
“Now, oh now, I’m cumming”. My pelvis moved hard against her as I felt squirt after squirt of cum shoot from me over her hand, that was now making obscene squelching noises as it powered into me. She leant over me allowing my ejaculate cover her face and white blonde hair, her mouth wide open to accept my fluids in as she gulped to swallow it.
I collapsed in total exhaustion as she lapped up the remaining juices dribbling from my bright red, inflamed cunt lips.
“Wow Gosia, that is so horny” I said. “I just had to rub my clit as you were telling me, I’m close to cumming”.
“I know, my clit feels like a tiny erect cock, Claire fucked me so expertly I just kept cumming, in fact I feel like I could make myself cum again now”.
Moving my hand from between my legs I wiped the stickiness from my fingers onto the towel.
“Stop it you horny little bitch, save it for later. I know a few people who’d love to hear all about your session with Claire. Can you meet us at the club around 9pm, for a few drinks before we eat”?
“Yes, sure, we’ll see you there at 9. Don’t start the horniness without us will you”.
“Course not sweetie, see you later, mwaaah”
Having been silent for so long during my one sided conversation with Gosia, Carl spoke from the doorway. “I do wish you wouldn’t sit there stroking yourself whilst you’re on the phone, I’ve got a hard on now that just won’t be ignored”, as he uttered this sentence he allowed his bathrobe to open and reveal his monster hard on. He walked across the marble floor towards me, wanking himself slowly as he did, alternately revealing and covering his cock head.
“Come here lover, I’ve got just the thing to ease your swelling”. I grabbed his rampant cock in my hand and pulled it into my wide open mouth.

There's still more to come about our weekend, I'll post additional chapters soon
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