The Emma J Chronicles - Part One

These four stories are all written about my dear friend Emma J

The Emma J Chronicles

Chapter One

Emma hadn’t been able to concentrate all day. She still found it uncomfortable to sit, even though it was now Tuesday and the party had been on Saturday night.
She stretched her long nylon clad legs under her desk and raised her bottom off her chair, “God I am still so sore”, she said to herself.
Just then her iphone rang, the ringtone identifying her husband Mark. She picked up, “Hi hun what’s up”, she asked.
“Nothing’s up, quite the opposite in fact. You remember Jason from Saturday night”?
“Oh, yes, how could I forget, he’s partly responsible for the fact I can hardly sit down. Have you spoken to him, what did he say”?
“Yes I’ve just been speaking to him, he wondered if you’d be interested in a very lucrative proposition”.
“Depends what it is”.
“Some high rolling businessmen are in town and this guy, Mr X, whoever he is, is trying to arrange some female entertainment for them, apparently they are absolutely loaded and money really is no object. They want to arrange it for Friday night. What do you reckon? Are you up for some more high paid fun”?
“Right now, all I want to do is sink into a nice warm bath; I don’t think I have ever been this sore in my entire life. But I must say that ‘money is no object’ sounds interesting. What’s the deal”?
“Jason has no idea; he said that this Mr X will mail me the details shortly”.
“Oh Mark, I’m not sure, last Saturday was supposed to be a one off, I’m not an e****t or a hooker, the main reason we did it was for the film for Adam. I’ll need to think very carefully about”.
“Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking, maybe we should think it over and discuss it tonight at home. Dead busy here, can’t really talk now. Love you see you at home tonight”.
“OK honey, see you later, put that casserole in the oven if you’re home before me, love you too”.
Emma leant back in her executive chair and put her stockinged feet up on the desk, her mind was in complete turmoil. The gangbang with Jason’s team-mates had aroused her intensely; she couldn’t begin to imagine another time she had cum so hard so often. The humiliation by the ten guys had opened the floodgates of perversion in her sexual being like nothing before. The fact that they had left her a total of £5000 as they’d left had awakened more than just avarice in her, it had turned her on that the men had wanted her so badly they were glad to pay her for the use of her body. She had had similar feelings when negotiating with punters for pictures and videos of her performing specific sexual acts for them. Since the k**s came along they’d given up the swinging scene and this was how she and Mark got their extra sexual kicks. The frisson of desire that this negotiating gave her was always guaranteed to turn her insides to quivering jelly and make her drip.
Deep in her reverie, she didn’t hear her office door open as her boss, Marcus strode into her office.
“Sorry Emma, I hope I didn’t wake you”, he said in his usual arrogant condescending manner.
Emma dropped her feet to the floor and swivelled her legs under the desk, giving him an accidental flash of her stocking tops. She saw him swallow and his eyes open wide.
“No Marcus, you didn’t. I was just deep in thought over the Harrison’s deal”. She prevaricated quickly.
“Mmmm nice legs, stockings too. I’ve always admired how you dress for work. Maybe you should dress up nicely and I’ll take you to the Dorchester for dinner. A diamond always looks better in a nice setting”.
“Marcus, I’ve worked either with or for you for the last five years and you know I’m happily married to Mark. And anyway what would Annabelle say”?
“You know me Emma, just k**ding around as usual”, he said as he fingered his wedding ring, actually thinking to himself, “She’d fucking kill me”. Then moved his hand up and straightened his tie and brushed some imaginary lint form his Hugo Boss suit jacket, obviously nervous and embarrassed about his poor attempt at a come on.
“Oh yes, I came in to ask if you can stay later this evening, we’ve got a conference call with the
States at 5pm, should only last about an hour”.
“Yes Marcus, that won’t be a problem, are we doing it in the conference room”?
“Yes, see you there at a quarter to, so we can discuss things first”.
“OK Marcus, see you then”.
She watched him turn and look briefly in his reflection in the window. He ran his fingers through his thinning light brown hair, smiled at himself, shot his shirt cuffs and left her office.
“Vain prick, you have got more chance of fucking Lady Gaga than you have me”, thought Emma as he closed the door behind him.
Once more her thoughts returned to the offer Mark had received, she replayed some of the events of Saturday night in her mind and felt the familiar tightening in her belly that signalled her arousal. She once more turned in her chair and put her feet on her desk, as she did so she felt a dribble of moisture ooze from between her pussy lips. She looked around, the blinds were down on the internal windows, no-one could see her from the main office.
She slowly spread her legs and lowered her right hand to the front of her white lace panties, then slid the long fingers of her left hand between the buttons of her white blouse and gave her right nipple a hard tweak that caused her to moan with desire.
“Fuck, dare I”, she thought as she caressed both her clitoris and her nipple, “Someone could walk in anytime. The thought of masturbating right here and right now only heightened the sexual charge she was feeling at the memories of the weekend. And she couldn’t deny it the possibilities of this new offer.
“No”, she said to herself. “I can wait till later; anyway I’ll only make a mess of my skirt. But fuck, I feel so horny, I really need to cum”.

Chapter Two

Emma pushed her empty plate away from her and took a sip of her glass of Pinot Noir.
“OK Mark, now we can talk about this deal with the mysterious Mr X or whatever he calls himself, did you hear anymore since we spoke earlier”?
“Yes, he sent me an email earlier and then he called me about seven, just before you got in”, he said checking the clock on the wall of their open plan kitchen diner.
“So what do you know about any of these guys, are they friends of Jason’s”?
“I know nothing more about them than I’ve already said Em, only that Mr X is on the board of directors at Jason’s club and asked him if he knew anyone that might be suitable, he of course after last weekend’s fun thought immediately of you. His email was really business-like, laying down conditions and methods of payment. Oh and he wants you to sign an NDA before anything happens, apparently they are a bit touchy about anything getting out about this to anyone”.
“Well that’s a good thing, isn’t it, it means that they won’t tell anyone either. That takes a load off my mind. Imagine the shit I’d be in if anyone at work heard about it”.
“Yeah you’re right Em, especially that knob Marcus”.
“He made a pass at me today, dirty letch. Asked me if he could take me to the Dorchester for dinner”.
“No way, the arsehole, I hope you told him no”.
“Of course I told him no, don’t worry about Marcus, I know just how to handle him and anyway if he came on to me physically, I’d put him on his arse, you know what a flabby unfit specimen he is”.
So come on Mark, back to this deal, did he tell you what the terms are, when where and how much”?
“It’ll be a meet in a suite in hotel of your choice in town, all expenses paid for the weekend. Plus of course your fee, which you have to set. And if they’re satisfied you’ll get a bonus on top”.
“Wow, I have to set the fee, remember that film with what’s his name..................... Robert Redford, Indecent Proposal wasn’t it. Let’s ask them for a million”?
Mark started to giggle then Emma joined in. As the giggles turned into gales of laughter Emma said.
“Shush you’ll wake the k**s”, and put her hand over her mouth to stifle the laughter.
“So how much would you want to do this Em”? I’m cool with it if you are. Does sound like a horny proposition and you were saying only the other day you need to change your car, this’ll make a great down-payment for it”.
“OK, let’s be sensible about this. It was such a turn on last weekend, not just the sex but the whole situation, the giving up control and being used like a filthy slut really made me cum so hard and the cash really was just the icing on the cake”.
“Yeah, it really got me going too, I never would have believed that watching ten guys fuck and cum all over my wife would have that effect on me. I even had a wank in the toilet at work just after I spoke to you”.
“That’s a coincidence, I nearly had one in my office, it made me so wet. I’m sure I was stinking of wet pussy when we were doing that conference call. So we’re agreed that it’s a really horny situation and it won’t upset either of us and as you say it will help get that new car for me. So how much should we charge them to use and abuse my body”?
“It’s your body Em, you have to set the price, what do you think they would pay”?
“OK, did they say how long they wanted”?
“Nope just that they wanted a night of fun, he said there will be two other girls there and you’d be expected to do some Bi stuff too. So you’ll be really enjoying the evening, I know how you like the girls”.
“This gets better and better, not had any girly fun since we stopped swinging, must say I really used to enjoy that and I quite miss it. I bet they won’t be ugly bugs either, if they’ve had the same offer as me. Tell you what why don’t we charge by the hour, say £500 each, that’s fifteen hundred an hour, is that too much do you reckon”?
“No, if they are as loaded as Jason said, that’s just change to them”.
“Fuck Mark that is making me so horny, I can feel myself dripping, just thinking about it”. Emma opened her legs and pulled her skirt above her stocking tops, exposing her panties to Marks sight, the gusset was soaking wet.
“And what do you think it’s doing to me, look at this”.
Mark stood up from the table and showed Emma the huge tent in his trousers, a tent with a small wet patch at the end of his ‘tent-pole’.
“Come here babe, I’ve got just the thing for that”. She pushed the dishes to one end of the table and put her left stockinged foot on the table and spread her thighs wide. Then reaching down she pulled the crutch of her panties to one side, exposing her wet engorged pussy lips to her husband.
“Come on Mark, just fuck me, no foreplay, just stick your hard cock in my cunt and fuck me, use me like a dirty slut”.
She leant back on the table and quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her white lacy bra down and exposed her tits then started tweaking her nipples and massaging her tits.
“Mark unzipped himself and reached in and pulled out his thick cock, a dribble of pre-cum dripped onto the front of his trousers. With his trousers around his knees he took two paces, held the lips of Emma’s cunt apart and pushed his cock to its full depth in one stroke.
“Oh fuck yes, she exclaimed, that’s good, I so need to cum, fuck me like a whore and make me cum. fuck my wet cunt, oh God yes that’s good.
Mark pistoned in and out of her, obviously as horny as she was. “Fuck Em , I ain’t going to last long”. He continued to ram his thick cock into her gaping wide cunt, until after a minute or two of fucking he was starting to feel his cum boiling up from his heavy cum filled balls. “Fuck Em, I’m gonna cum”.
“Oh yes Babe, fuck me hard, fill my wet cunt with your cum, fuck I’m close too, Fuck meeeeeeee”!
So saying she started to cum, the contractions that started as she came were just too much for Mark, his cock erupted deep inside as he rammed into her, on each out stroke his cock sprayed, thick ropes all over her inner thighs and dripped down in a long string from between her bum cheeks. As she reached the absolute apex of her orgasm she started to gush, Marks cum was diluted by her own juices erupting form between her engorged labia and joined his cum in a large pool on the hardwood flooring.
Mark slumped forward over Emma’s prostrate body and kissed her lovingly.
She responded, her mouth opened and they locked tongues, each swirling around the inside of the other’s mouth.
Emma pushed Mark away and took a breath, “Wow, that was intense, do you fancy an early night”?
“Oh yes, can’t think of anything or anyone I’d rather do. Before we go though what are we going to do about his offer thing”.
“Fuck it let’s do it, I am so horny at the thought of being paid again I could almost cum just thinking about three strangers fucking me for a couple of hours, especially with you filming it for us to watch together later”.
“Ah, I meant to tell you that, absolutely no cameras, no filming, it’ll just be you and them in the room. Is that ok”?
Emma sat up and slipped off the wet table her bum covered in their combined juices. She reached across and picked up a napkin and wiped herself, deep in thought. “That’s a shame; it means you won’t be able to see them fucking me, that’s half the fun”.
“I know Em, I’m gutted, I was really looking forward to seeing you in action again; still we’ve always got the gangbang vid we can watch, that is so horny now that I’ve spliced all the footage together”.
“OK honey, let’s go for it. It’ll still be horny and we can have a nice weekend together in a posh hotel, come on let’s go to bed, I want to feel your cock in my arse. I am just so horny”.

Chapter Three

“So Mr X”, said Mark. “Emma has agreed to your conditions. Let me see if I’ve got this right.
One, No cameras, but Em can have a phone as long as it doesn’t have a camera.
Two, Emma and me both have to sign an NDA.
Three, We choose a nice hotel and book it for the weekend, you of course pick up the tab”.
Mr X interrupted.
“Ah Mark, there’s been a change of plans, my colleagues and I will be in Paris on Friday so we thought perhaps you’d like to use our suite in the George V for the ahh .......event. You can book any hotel of your choice at our expense and of course stay for the weekend, entirely at our expense; we of course will pay for the flights with British Airways, First class naturally”.
“Oh, OK, I don’t think that will be a problem, we both like Paris”. Mark agreed.
“Getting back to the conditions, Number Four, You will pay Emma before the ah.... event, we thought maybe £500 an hour, if that’s not too much”?
“Mark, I find talking about money is so vulgar, shall we just say that Emma will be well remunerated certainly as much if not more than you wish, plus if my colleagues and I are content we will double her fee as a bonus, how does that sound”?
“It sounds perfectly OK, Mr X, perfectly OK”. Mark punched the air in jubilation.
“Anything else Mr X”?
“Yes, just a detail, my driver will pick Emma up from your hotel, you can text me the name when you have booked it. Oh and we insist that she will do whatever we want her to do. There will of course be nothing extreme, we’re not a****ls. She will be expected to make love to the other two girls of course; I assume she won’t object to that”?
“No, that’s fine; in fact Em really enjoys being with girls too”.
“OK then Mark, your tickets will be waiting for you at the ticket desk in Terminal 5. I look forward to receiving your hotel details; send them to me on this number. Please tell your lovely wife that we can’t wait to make her acquaintance.”
The line went dead; obviously Mr X wasn’t one for protracted goodbyes.
Mark turned to his laptop and typed Hotels Paris in Google. It opened on the Booking.Com page and Mark clicked on the Hotel de Vendome at the top of the list. “Ah rated Superb”, Mark said to himself as he scrolled down through the description and checked the photos. “Yes this will do very nicely, Em will be blown away when she sees the rooms” He checked its location. “OK it’s on the Place de Vendome, can’t get more central than that, near Notre Dame and The Louvre. Perfect”.
Mark entered the dates, specified an extra-large bed in a deluxe suite pressed Enter. He whistled as he saw the price come up. “That’s not that bad”, he said aloud, One thousand seven hundred and four pounds for three nights. “It’d probably cost them more in London”. Mark hit the ‘book now’ button and after entering his credit card details quickly printed off the confirmation email and slipped it in his jacket pocket.
Mark tapped out a text to Mr X informing him of their hotel choice and pressed send.

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