A Visit to the Club Chapter 4

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Chapter Four
Carl knelt up beside Trish and kissed her sweetly on the lips, “That was so good Trish, My balls feel totally drained. I think I need a drink, anyone else for some Fizz?”
They all sat up, the strong scent of sex palpable in the air of the Red Room.
Anna licked the few remaining drips of Steve’s cum from the corner of her mouth. “Yes that would be nice, I could do with something to cleanse my palate,” she laughed and got up following Carl to the drinks tray on the dresser.
Steve and Trish remained on the bed, “What was that like for you Ste?” asked Trish.
“It was great; Anna certainly knows how to suck cock, how about you?”
“God, it was so horny, Carl hit my G spot perfectly, I thought I was going to gush all over the place”.
“You didn’t do badly,” Steve replied indicating the wet patches on the red bedspread.
“It’s been a great swinging initiation,” she continued.
“And the night has only just begun,” said Carl as he brought their two glasses over to the bed.
“So what should we do next then you lot?” asked Anna as she joined them and raised her glass in a toast.
“Let’s explore the rest of the club, I’d love to see the dungeon,” answered Trish, “What do you reckon Ste?”
“Yeah, sounds good to me, we certainly need to check it out, I’ve got a feeling we’ll be coming here more often.”
“Great idea,” responded Anna, “Just need to fix my hair and my makeup, won’t be a minute.” She placed her glass on the bedside table, got up and disappeared into the en-suite scooping up her dress and underwear as she went.
“Wow Carl, Anna’s got a gorgeous bum and her boobs look fabulous,” said Trish as she watched Anna’s retreating naked body.
“Hasn’t she tho’, mind you, you are pretty stunning, your body is perfect and your white bits make your nipples look beautiful.” Carl answered.
She glanced down at her exposed breasts and noted her nipples were still swollen and now a deep shade of red at their tips fading to a dark pink around the areola.
“They still feel really hard and sensitive,” she responded, feeling a little self conscious as both men drank in the sight of her evident continued arousal.
“Looks to me like they need some attention. What do you think Steve?”
“I think you might be right Carl,” said Steve as he took a sip of Champagne and lowered his lips to her right breast. His lips circled her erect nipple and sucked it into his mouth, a small trickle of Champagne dribbling down her pale flesh.
Trish closed her eyes as she sought to concentrate her senses on the feel of the cold liquid on her nipple. She felt her left nipple also instantly chill as it received the same attention, as Carl copied Steve’s actions. She felt the bubbles from the drink bursting on both of her nipples as both men lapped and sucked at her now almost painfully sensitive nubs. Her free hand found its way to her pussy lips which she spread between her middle and index fingers, sliding the middle one deep inside herself. Bringing out a slick wetness she started a circular massage of her clitoral hood. Within what seemed like no time at all she felt a hot flush extend from her neck down to her pelvis followed by an engorgement of her pussy, her outer labia seemed to swell at the hot feeling. “God I’m going to cum again,” she stuttered and bucking her breasts against the guy’s mouths she experienced a pleasurable feeling radiate from her clitoris and outward to all parts of her body. “Yeeesssss, now!” she cried as the orgasm washed over her.
“Mmmm, that looked good.” They heard from Anna as she stood in the doorway of the en-suite, once more dressed in her revealing black lace dress. “Come on you lot, the dungeon awaits.”
Trish retrieved her clothes and went into the en-suite while the two guys scrabbled around for their clothes and hurriedly dressed. She emerged after a few minutes, once more a picture of loveliness in her black dress, stockings and heels.
She twirled before her audience and said, “I’m ready, what are we waiting for?”
Carl laughed and said, “Well I need a pee and a quick wash of my cock, won’t be a sec.”
Yeeah, me too, after you, don’t flush.”
The two couples entered the dungeon their eyes adjusting to the dimly lit room at the foot of the stairs. The room was about 15’ square with a high vaulted stone ceiling, in the far right corner was a large T shaped cross, beside it was a peculiarly shaped high wooden chair which strongly resembled a school lab chair. It appeared in most respects normal until it was noticed that the seat appeared to have been partly cut away at the front. Straps were apparent on both armrests and their front vertical supports and on the front legs. On the wall between the Cross and the chair a rack mounted on the wall held a variety of straps, ropes and other instruments of pleasure and torture.
In the far left corner was a set of stocks, positioned side on to the door. Clearly visible was the face and hands of a 30 something red head her pale breasts hanging below the bottom of the frame. Beside her was a bald headed heavily tattooed man, his right arm upraised as he started a swing with a multi tasselled flogger. Thwwwakkk, they heard as the leather tendrils whipped hard against the reddened buttocks of the redhead. Milliseconds after the sound, the woman’s face contorted in pain then changed instantly to one of lust, her eyes tightly closed.
“Do come in, don’t be shy. Come and play if you like, Vanessa would like that, wouldn’t you darling?” The woman’s eyes flicked open. “That would be lovely Master, if that is your wish.”
He crossed the room towards them; placing the flogger under his left arm pit he wiped his hands on the black leather. Hello, I’m Boris, would you like to play? I’m Dom and Vanessa is a switch; sometimes she gives, but tonight she’s feeling very sub, aren’t you my dear?” He shook hands vigorously with the two couples.
“Yes Master, very, come back and beat me again, I have been so bad this week.”
“See what I mean? Do excuse me, as I said feel free to join us if you wish.” He went back to his partner administering a hefty swipe on her buttocks with his flogger. She cried out in a mixture of pain and ecstacy.
The two couple looked at each other and then spontaneously burst into gales of laughter.
Carl too Trish by the arm and led her over to the chair near the cross. The other trailed in his wake.
“Have you seen one of these Trish?” he said.
“No, what’s it for?” she replied. Her voice sounding a little anxious.
Carl fished in his inside jacket pocket and pulled out a black mask, which he handed to Trish.
“Here put this on and I’ll show you.”
She hesitantly put on the mask and adjusted it over her eyes.
Carl whipped back his right hand and sent it lashing towards her face, stopping only centimetres away. Seeing no reaction he turned and said, “Just checking, it would spoil things if she could see.”
He went round behind the strange chair and pulled Trish back into it. She sat down heavily and let out a little cry. He pulled her back into the chair until her back was hard against the backrest, when he was satisfied he passed a two inch wide leather belt around her waist and fastened it with a buckle behind the chair. He then placed the two armrest straps around her wrists and cinched them tight. Kneeling down, he fastened the two straps around her ankles and secured them tightly, then he reached up under the hem of her short black dress and jerked her panties from under her bottom and pulled them down to her ankles. He jerked her legs apart and secured each knee to the bottom of the armrest supports.
Trish was now totally strapped to the chair unable to move anything but her head. Her legs apart and her open pussy clearly on show and easily accessible due to the cutaway seat.
Anna whispered to Steve, “We saw one of these chairs once at The F club in London. We spent an hour teasing the girl who was strapped in it; she came so hard we didn’t think she would stop. Let’s see if it has the same effect on Trish.”
“Oh, it will. She is going to love this.”
Leave her to us and when we think she’s ready we’ll let you join in, OK?”
“OK Anna, you know what you’re doing.”
Carl put his finger to his lips and signed for Steve to step back, then beckoned Anna forwards. He gestured for her to move to the left side of the chair while he took up a position on the right. Once more he put his finger to his lips.
The only discernible sound in the dungeon was the Thwwwwacck of the flogger on his sub lady friend and her corresponding cries of anguish and passion. The atmosphere was electric. Trish wriggled in the chair, not knowing what was about to happen. As each blow was administered, Trish jumped as if she was on the receiving end and her face was etched with desire.
Anna pointed to between Trish’s legs indicating the obvious drips of her arousal visible between her open labia to the other two.
They held their positions for about five minutes, not moving and making no sound; allowing the suspense to further arouse the pinioned girl. Trish wriggled further in the chair trying to grind her pussy against something to satisfy her need for stimulation. The movement did nothing more than widen the already spread labia and permit several drops of her lubrication to fall to the floor.
When he believed that the girl was sufficiently prepared he moved quietly behind the chair and in a blur of movement unclipped the rear fastening of her halter neck and pulled it down to her waist exposing her pale breasts with their ruby tipped nipples to the gaze of the trio. Snatching a short length of red velvet rope from the wall rack he threw it around her naked neck and pulled her head back sharply until her face was looking vertically her long brunette hair hanging down the back of the chair. She squealed in surprise at the harsh treatment, then pushed her pelvis forward in a show of arousal. As she did so Anna knelt before her and licked her wide open pussy from her small puckered arsehole to her clit in long languorous strokes of her tongue. The effect was immediate; she bucked her hips forward again and again trying to impale Anna’s tongue into her wet depths.
Meanwhile Carl had tied off each end of the rope onto the hooks on the back of the chair and moved back to the right side. He leant forward and encircled Trish’s nipple in his mouth, he sucked hard drawing the engorged nipple deep into his mouth then slightly released it until his teeth were either side of her nub and bit her hard. She squealed loudly. Carl beckoned Steve forward and pointed to her left breast, indicating that Steve should copy his actions. Trish felt the new mouth replicating the same sensations on her left nipple.
Carl moved his face up to a point above Trish’s mouth and started to kiss her, he glanced down at his wife and tried to match the stabbing motion of his tongue with that of Anna’s tongue as it plunged deeply into her pussy. Anna reached up with her right hand and inserted several fingers deep inside Trish, keeping up her oral stimulation of her clit. Trish was approaching her climax; the occasional drips from her pussy had increased to a small stream that was forming a viscous puddle under the chair. Anna inserted her pinkie finger into her arsehole and was rewarded by yet another thrust of the hips from the captive girl.
Seeing Trish’s almost imminent orgasm, Carl signed the other two to stop what they were doing. They all stepped back from the chair, Steve was perspiring heavily, his cock making an evident tent in his trousers. Anna reached down and rubbed his hard cock through the material. Steve groaned his face contorted in lust. Once more Carl signed for silence with his finger.
Trish made a couple more thrusts with her hips trying to once more achieve stimulation towards her orgasm. Feeling nothing there she sat back hard in the chair her face mirroring that of her partner.
Anna dropped to her knees and unzipping Steve’s flies took his tumescent member in her hand and slid it deep into her mouth. Steve reached his hands behind Anna’s head and he impaled himself deeply into her throat. Anna gagged then adjusting to the pressure she started moving her head back and forth allowing Steve to fuck her throat. After a minute of this, Steve withdrew his cock and smeared the pre-cum and saliva all over her face. She reached behind her neck and unfastened her dress allowing it to fall down over her thighs; she then pulled down her red bra exposing her fabulous tits and wrapped his cock between them licking the tip of his cock with each of his thrusts.
Judging Trish had waited a sufficient time to come down from her impending orgasm he walked over to the wall rack once more and selected a flogger. The handle was about 8 inches long and wrapped in red silk, with a large knot about 2 inches in diameter at its butt end. From the business end there were over a hundred rubber tendrils each about a foot long and less than 1/16th of an inch in diameter. The tendrils felt very soft to the touch as he twirled them on the palm of his hand. He unzipped his flies and allowed his erection to spring out. Moving around to between Trish’s legs he stood away from the chair ensuring he didn’t touch the unsuspecting girl.
He raised the flogger and whipped it hard against Trish’s breasts, she responded immediately once more seeking to thrust her pussy against some form of stimulant. Carl lashed her again and again until her breasts became a dark shade of pink, their tips a dark ruby red. He stood back and observed a white blob of liquid issue from between her labia and drop into the puddle below. Satisfied at the extent of her arousal, he thrust his hips forward and guided his cock deep inside her until his balls were hard against her perineum. She screamed in a show of lust and started to buck herself against his thrusting cock. Once again he started to lash her pink tits with the flogger.
Hearing a hoarse cry from behind him he looked over his shoulder at Steve who had just unleashed a prodigious spurt of cum over Anna’s receptive mouth and face, she greedily sucked his rampant cock into her mouth and did her best to suck every last drop from it. Carl withdrew from Trish and stepped back. Again she sought to keep fucking but found nothing there. She shouted, “You fucking cunt, for fucks sake will you please fuck me. I need to cum!” She collapsed back into the chair once more. Carl smiled at the girl’s cries and reaching behind her head he released the velvet rope. He beckoned to Anna and pointed to Trish. Anna understood immediately; she stood and leaning with her legs between Trish’s thighs kissed her on the mouth, her tongue flicking deep inside her mouth. With the residue of Steve’s cum still in her mouth she transferred it to Trish.
Trish realised what it was and gulped it into her mouth and swirled it around on her tongue, then swallowed it greedily. Anna rubbed her cum covered breasts against Trish’s and then dropped to her knees and re-commenced her licking, after only 20 or so seconds, Trish started to cum. Waves of orgasm washed over her as Anna licked her deeply insinuating her tongue like a cock into her wet cunt. She started a high pitched squeal as her orgasm intensified and gushes of ejaculate spurted from her all over Anna’s face. As each spurt emerged from Trish’s pretty pink pussy Anna gulped it into her mouth as she had done a short while ago with Steve. Trish’s humping slowed, then finally stopped as Anna withdrew her mouth. She shuddered several times in her post-coital bliss, occasionally pushing her hips forward.
Carl lifted the mask from the girl’s eyes and she blinked as she looked around in front of her. She saw Carl stood beside her and Anna still knelt between her legs, over Anna’s shoulder she could see her partner, his cock now hanging flaccid from his trousers, a generous cum stain down the left leg.
She giggled, “That was so much fun, can we do it again? Pleeeeease! God that was sooo horny, I thought you would never let me cum.”
“That was the idea sweetie,” replied Anna, “Glad you enjoyed it. How about you Steve, was it OK for you too?”
“Fuck yes, it was incredible. Never done anything like that before.”

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1 year ago
Thank you so much for the three orgams your stories helped me achieve this afternoon.
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2 years ago
Hi Carl and Anna

First of all thanks for sharing the sweet profile you have got!

I am sam from Lebanon 30 years handsome strait guy, lives in dubai and works in Abu Dhabi in a multinational insurance company. I believe in liberal love. What turns me on is a wife of any friend. I love teasing them secretly (footsie, showing my cock innocently, touching them...). I love clubbing, drinking and erotic plays.
I am very interested in meeting a clean couple as a first time. Pls let me know how we can take it forward.
2 years ago
Nice and erotic story! keep it up. Love to hear more!