A Visit to the Club - Chapter 1

This starts quite slowly, so you need to give it a little time

A Visit to the Club

Chapter One

As she walked into the luxuriously appointed but dimly lit bar, she became aware of how few people there were in the bar area.
Must still be early, she thought to herself. I hope Ste won’t be long. She checked her watch, only 9:20, she’d arrived much too early for her meeting with her partner, Steve.
The bar was decorated in a minimalist style that oddly looked perfectly co-ordinated with the rough stone walls of what appeared to have been a stable in former days. A number of the original iron works in the walls still remained and a couple of the original loose boxes had been converted into intimate booths with tables and benches for four to six people.
She was dressed in a short black, skin tight dress with a high halter neck collar that fastened in the nape of her long neck, Her legs were encased in sheer glossy barely black stockings and 4 inch heeled black patent stilettos that accentuated her smooth muscular calves. As she walked across the bar towards one of the vacant bar stools at the end of the bar, she felt eyes follow her. Trish was 25 years old and she and her long time partner Steve were to meet in the bar of the club at 10 pm. Steve had been delayed at work and had asked her to meet him in the exclusive club so that they wouldn’t waste any more of the evening meeting at his home as would usually be the case.
She felt slightly ill at ease as would be expected of one so young in an environment with which she was unfamiliar. As she took her seat at the bar she hoisted her petite derriere onto the stool showing a long expanse of stockinged leg and a little flash of smooth slightly tanned thigh above her stockings. She demurely adjusted the hemline of her dress and wriggled until it covered her lacy stocking tops. Feeling self conscious as she did this, she glanced nervously around the bar to see if her minor indiscretion had been observed. Satisfied that no-one was looking she picked up the drinks menu from the bar top and perused its contents.
The barman approached her and said, “Yes Madam, what can I get you?”
She deliberated for a few seconds. “I think I’ll have a glass of Champagne please.”
“Do you have a preference? We have Piper Heidsieck, Lanson or Veuve Cliquot.”
“I’ll have a glass of the Veuve Cliquot thank you.”
“A wonderful choice, that one is my favourite too.” He replied conspiratorially.
Her choice made, she leant back against the backrest of the white leather bar stool, feeling some of the nervous tension she felt, starting to drain from her body. She toyed absently with her black diamante clutch purse as she thought of the events that had led up to her presence in the bar.
She and Steve had a wonderful relationship; they lived in different locations due to their well paid jobs and only managed to meet up every few weeks for a long weekend. These brief times together were spent in a whirlwind of hedonistic pleasure; they often spent the entire day in bed together enjoying each other’s young bodies. They had also developed a healthy interest in pornography that helped fuel their intense erotic marathons. The last time they were together at the beginning of the month they were chatting about their fantasies following a prolonged bout of lovemaking.
“You know Trish; I’d love to see you making love to a woman that would be so sexy.”
“I don’t know Ste, not sure if I could do that. It really makes me horny watching girls making love in movies. But doing it myself, well, I’m not sure it would feel right. I wouldn’t rule it out, but it would have to be the right girl, one that I really fancied. Like that brunette in the vid we watched earlier, she was so hot.”
“Yeah, that’s what made me mention it, I saw the way you were touching yourself as you watched them licking each other, and it was obviously making you really horny. I’m not sure how we’d go about finding someone. Haven’t you got a friend that you fancy?”
She picked up a pillow from the bed and threw it at his head.
“No I haven’t you pervert, I’m not fucking my friends, that would be so wrong and anyway they would think I’m a lezzer or something.” She laughed aloud at the idea. But thought briefly to herself that there was one of her friends that she could picture doing it with! “What would you say if I asked you to suck the cock of one of your mates from the Rugby club?”
Steve replied, “Yeah good point, that ain’t ever gonna happen.”
That seemed to be the end of the conversation as they got up and went to the kitchen to have something to eat.
Later that evening they were both on the sofa drinking wine. Trish wearing an oversized T shirt of Steve’s him wearing a rugby shirt and a pair of boxers.
Trish raised the subject again.
“Ste, you know what we were saying earlier about me making love to another girl.”
Steve perked up visibly and looked at Trish as she was sat on the sofa beside him.
“Yeah. Have you had second thoughts. I bet I know who it is you want to give one to, it’s that Sophie you work with, I’ve seen the way you always seem to be groping each other when you’re dancing.”
Trish blushed slightly as Steve had correctly identified the girl she had been thinking of earlier.
“No, but yes. I mean....If I were to do it with one of my friends she would be the one I’d choose. But what I meant to say was how about if we did it with another couple instead? Look at how many of those swinger’s videos we’ve watched. They always make us both really horny all that fucking and sucking going on.”
Steve turned to face Trish and picked up both of her hands and held them in his as he looked her deeply in the eyes.
“Are you sure? You don’t think it might screw things up between us? I wouldn’t want to ruin it just for a casual fuck.”
“No I don’t think so, we’re both adults, we both adore sex. I don’t think that sharing each other is any worse than using toys on each other or watching porn to turn us on.”
Steve blushed crimson red. “Well, I have to confess, I’d love to see you sucking another bloke off or see him fucking you. I had a wank the other day thinking about that exact thing. Am I weird?”
Trish laughed, “See, you pervert. You’re half way there already, but no you’re not weird. It makes me horny too; the thought of you watching me fuck someone else and seeing you do it at the same time. In fact I can feel myself getting wet at the thought of it. Here feel.” She moved Steve’s right hand between her legs and insinuated his fingers into her wet warmth.
“God, you are wet. Check me out too.”
She slipped her hand down the front of his boxers and felt the slickness of pre-cum on the head of his uncircumcised erect penis.
“That’s a deal then.” She replied, as she scooted across the sofa and straddled Steve’s lap feeling his hardness in the soft wetness of her spread legs. “Your task should you care to accept it, is to find us a couple to fuck in the next two weeks before I come back down here.”
Steve groaned, “OK I accept but if I do, you’ll have to go along with it and we can talk about it afterwards.” As the final s of afterwards left his mouth he slid his full length deep inside her slickness until his shaven shaft had completely impaled her.
As she sat in the dimly lit bar she smiled to herself at their conversation of a fortnight previous and felt herself becoming aroused at the memory of their frantic lovemaking that had followed. So, had he managed to arrange something so quickly? When they’d spoken earlier that day on the phone he was totally non-committal and gave her no information other than what he would like her to wear and where they were to meet up. He’d better have arranged something, it had cost a fortune to get her to this bar stool, hairdressers, manicure, pedicure, new stockings and the horrendously expensive taxi to this place miles from his home. Judging by the drinks menu it would cost an arm and a leg for drinks alone!
As her eyes had now grown accustomed to the light she looked around and took stock of the others in the bar. It all seemed to be couples; there were probably only about eight people in all in the room. Six of them occupied small tables one table of four and a couple sat on their own and one other couple sat at the other end of the bar. All seemed to be fairly affluent judging by their clothes and ranged in age from mid twenties to late fifties. The couple at the bar were particularly striking; she was early forties dressed in a long black lace dress which clearly showed her scarlet underwear. Her hair was dark and done up in a chignon at the back with a few wisps of hair framing the right side of her face. Fabulous breasts by the look of it and a very toned looking body judging by the way the dress clung to her slim torso. He was wearing a black linen suit and a black T shirt, he appeared to be very tall and tanned with a broad chest and long legs, and his feet were encased in a pair of black leather loafers and no socks. He looked to be mid fifties judging by his greying blonde hair and the wrinkles either side of his eyes.
Now there is just the couple we should be getting fixed up with, they would do nicely. She felt a slight flush as she imagined the couple in bed with her and Steve. A gentle warmth spread from between her legs and grew in her lower tummy. My god, I’m getting wet, what’s the matter with me. I know I feel horny but this is ridiculous.
She averted her gaze, conscious that she was staring and that the lady had seen her looking.
Looking down at her glass of Champagne she picked it up and took a sip of the golden fluid. The ice cold drink burst in a thousand bubbles on her tongue and she felt an almost immediate hit from the alcohol.
“Mmmmm, that’s good.” She said aloud leaning back on her stool once more as she swallowed. She felt a touch on her left forearm and started in surprise.
“Hello, my name is Anna. I saw you looking at us and thought I’d come over and introduce myself.”
Trish started at the interruption to her thoughts and turned towards the intruder.
“Oh, hi, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to stare. I was just admiring your dress.” Trish lied.
“Yes it is fabulous isn’t it, it conceals but still reveals all at the same time, I’m glad you like it, it’s the perfect outfit for this club don’t you think?”
“I’m not sure what this place is really.” Replied Trish. “I’m supposed to be meeting my partner here shortly, he had to work late.” The words gushed from her mouth in a torrent, indicative of her nervousness and her embarrassment at being caught staring.
“Why don’t you come over and join us until your partner arrives and we’ll tell you all about it while you wait.”
“Ermmm, I’m not sure. I’m not sure I should, I don’t know you and wouldn’t like to intrude on your evening.”
“Don’t be silly, we’d love you to join us, Carl was only just saying how gorgeous you looked and how you appeared to be a little nervous on your own.”
“If you’re sure it’s ok, it is a little daunting being alone in what is obviously a couples club.”
“Here, I’ll take your drink; we can move to a table, there’s a free one over there.” She pointed to a table in the corner of the bar that had four chairs, all vacant. Her partner, Carl seeing her gesture picked up their two glasses and an ice bucket containing a bottle of Champagne and moved across the floor and met them as they arrived at the table.
“I’d introduce you to Carl properly, only I didn’t catch your name.” Said Anna.
Trish giggled nervously and said. “No I’m sorry, I’m Trish.”
Carl having placed their glasses and the ice bucket on the table took her hand in his and said. “Hi Trish, I’m Carl and this is Anna. It’s our first time here too, nice place isn’t it?”
Close up Trish saw how striking Carl was, he had laughter lines around his eyes in a face that had obviously spent a long time outdoors, he had obviously been a very active individual if his physique was anything to go by, broad shoulders a deep chest and trim waist indicative of his efforts at fighting against his middle age.
Trish felt an electric current pass between the skins of their palms as she shook his hand and flushed slightly as his eyes travelled from the top of her head to her toes as he looked at her, smiling broadly as he did so.
“Carl, behave yourself, you’re embarrassing the poor girl with your staring.”Said Anna and chuckled as she admonished her husband.
“Sorry, was I staring?” He replied, grinning broadly. “Sometimes I just can’t help myself.”
“Ignore my horny husband, he does love to see a pretty brunette, they are his biggest weakness. But then I can’t complain my colouring is almost identical to yours.”
Trish laughed, and then sat in the proffered chair held out from the table by Carl.
Carl and Anna took the chairs either side of hers.
“Can I top you up.” He asked. “I noticed you are drinking the same Champagne as us.”
“Thank you, that would be lovely.” Replied Trish, holding up her glass to be filled.
“So, tell us, what brings you to this den of iniquity?” asked Carl, a beaming smile on his face.
“Well, my partner Ste, I mean Steve, arranged it. We live quite a way apart because of our jobs and this is one of our weekends together. Her thought we could come here to meet up as he is working late and we wanted a nice night out to start the weekend off in style.”
“Well, you couldn’t have chosen a nicer place, they’ve really done it up nicely, so much nicer than those grotty clubs in the Midlands isn’t it Carl?”
“I should say so, some of them are pretty horrible, they turn the lights down low and imagine you can’t feel your shoes sticking to the carpet. I won’t tell you what the seats feel like. Grotty doesn’t begin to describe it.”
“That doesn’t sound very nice; it looks like Ste chose a good place then. So what kind of a club is it, there doesn’t seem to be much going on, there’s not even a dance floor that I can see?”
Carl and Anna looked at each other quizzically at Trish’s remarks.
“Didn’t Steve tell you Trish?” asked Anna.
“No, he just said he’d meet me here as he’d heard it was a great place. He’d spoken to someone on msn about it earlier in the week and said that it was highly recommended and we’d both have loads of fun here. We weren’t supposed to meet up until 10 but it took much less time to get here than I thought it would.”
Carl looked down at his watch, “Ah only twenty to ten, he won’t be here for a little while. You’re welcome to sit with us till he arrives.”
“Thanks, so come on spill the beans what kind of place is this? It looks very upmarket whatever it is.”
“I’m not sure quite what you were expecting Trish, but this is a newly opened swingers club, it’s only been opened a few weeks.” Replied Anna.
Trish nearly choked on her Champagne, “The bugger, he didn’t tell me that, you wait till I see him, exclusive new club he said, he just forgot to mention it was for swingers.” She began to laugh. “The sod! He is in so much trouble.” Tears streamed down her cheeks as she continued laughing.
Carl and Anna joined in her laughter, seeing the funny side of the situation. Soon the three of them were laughing uproariously attracting glances from the others in the bar.
“So presumably you didn’t check out the website before you came here?” asked Carl.
“No, it didn’t cross my mind, I just thought it was a night club type of place, maybe I should have? Now I know why he said to put on my favourite undies and stockings. He is in so much trouble.” she re-iterated.
“So if this is a swingers club, where are all the beds and stuff, don’t people have sex in these places? It doesn’t look like that would happen here.”
“I wouldn’t be too sure about that, I imagine it gets quite lively in here in a few hours. People don’t normally arrive until round midnight and then party till three or four in the morning.” Anna responded.
Carl said “Here check out the website,” he handed Trish his iphone and clicked on a link that brought up the club’s webpage. “You can have a virtual tour, they’ve got play rooms a couple of Jacuzzis, a stage with a pole for dancing, it’s very well equipped. They must have spent a fortune setting it all up.”
Trish scrolled through the pages her face a picture of incredulity as she saw all the facilities that the club had to offer. “Wow they’ve even got a dungeon; they certainly cater to all tastes.”
She stopped on a page, “And look at this, they call it the harem, there’s an orgy going on in this picture.” She passed the iphone to Anna.
Anna smiled as she took the phone. “I have got to ask, is this a complete surprise, are you and Steve into swinging, or is this the first you’ve heard of it?”
Trish returned her smile, “Well, we have discussed it before and last time I was down I set him the task of making it happen for us, but I certainly didn’t expect him to act on it so quickly. He’s such a horny little sod; I should have guessed he’d get it sorted. Typical randy bloke!”
“And who’s idea was it?” interjected Carl.
“Errrrm, mine I suppose.” Said Trish, blushing scarlet to the roots of her hair.
“And what was that you were saying about typical randy blokes?” he responded. “I have to say that it was Anna that got us started in the lifestyle in the first place, we’ve been swingers for ten years now. It seems to be quite a common trait amongst swinging couples in our experience”
“Really, what’s it like? Do tell me.”Trish replied leaning forward, eager to hear all of the details.
Anna and Carl took it in turns to fill her in on all the details, regaling her with the many meetings they’d had with various couples. She was particularly intrigued by the weekend they had spent in Paris with a couple of swinging couples they knew and was absolutely fascinated to hear of their exploits on the Eurostar, where they had met and engaged in an erotic mutual masturbation session with a random Polish girl who had shared their carriage.
“So there you have it.” Said Carl finally leaning back in his chair. “Are you still keen on going through with your fantasy?”
“God yes, your stories have really made me errrm.”
Anna interrupted “Wet?”
Trish blushed, “Well, yes actually, very much in fact. But first I’ve got to pay Steve back for setting me up.” She glanced down at her watch and realised that over half an hour had passed as the couple had told her of their exploits. She felt incredibly turned on, particularly as she’d been told of Anna’s bisexual encounters and could feel that her panties were soaked with her arousal.
“How can I give him some pay back?” she asked the couple as she wriggled in the chair, trying unsuccessfully to make herself comfortable.
“I know just the thing.” Anna replied. “Here’s what we’ll do.”

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1 year ago
Great beginning, hard to believe that Trish is really such an innocent - we are going to read on .....
2 years ago
oooh! i must read on! xx
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story, it seems a bit non real t send the lady there alone at the beinning, but can also be a nice strategy