Trying times

i`d been out all night and had only met a couple of fellas around midnight it was about to get

light soon so i`d better get myself off somewhere a little more suitable
as i`m a bit more tarty than usual... i`d been walks.. across the carrigeway and around the estate

ther i`d ventured a fair bit further than antisipated and found myself lost .
having to make haste i headed straight down the main road towards the A556 which inevitably

took me into the path of other road users afew cars ..acouple of
which ,occupants had shouted get em off !. pipping there horn the others had slowed making me

think they may stop or turn an give me some troubles which i didn`t need
but i ignored them and they carried on there way... phew!. I got back onto the 556 and was pass by

a wagon which did stop the trucky asked me if i was o.k and if i
needed a lift which i excepted he dropped me on the opposite side of the dual carrige way to the

hartford layby. so i only had to cross which of coarse put me out
in front of another trucker ,who also nearly stopped , but i found out after he`d realised where i

wass heading and did a full circle to get back to hartford services
where he caught up with me just before dawn as i took my last stroll of the evening . he`d pulled in

as i went over to the entry lane so i had to duck into the bushes
there and not till after i`d seen him start to strip down in the cab did i make a move he`d stood

naked and started fondling himself, i couldn`t actually see his dick but
i guessed by the amount of effort involved he was not about to be shy !!. I stepped down onto the

layby carefully (it can be really off putting tring to get jiggy with it
when yiu`ve a sprained ankle!) on the road i walked with petite steps gently so`s not to make a

row.. but i moved over so i was nearly behind the truck i could just
see in the mirror, he was making his bed i think? , i thought to myself "good boy!".He finished and

stood up turned to the off side and gave me a really clear veiw of his
manhood ! hmmmm impressive A real ding dong dangler not even semi and it swung about like a

church bell!. Idropped behind out of sight and lit a ready rolled spliff
- so`s he`d have sumat tonotice easily- pointing my toes , arching my back head up straight ,

shoulders and bum stuck out i gave it max attack , wiggling it like a propa
little whore bag along side the cab i clicked a heel and stood staring into his dimly lit sl**per, he

turned slowly to face me in all his glory " hmmmmmm very nice babes"
i said and proceded at full wiggle !.So where are you going ?. he shouted... i always do a full

circuit 1st. it helps me relax into the evening/ 5 -10 mins if you`ve not tossed off by then
i`d luv to see you in the all together at the front of the truck!!!!!...... an taking a big deep drag on

my joint i wiggle it to the max again especially for his benefit..* after
that B/D in the bushes i`m well away, oowww god yeah it`s a darlin of an evening cool breeze no

moon and cloud cover but there was just a faint smear of day light on the horrizon
now, which made all a lot more visible including me past the other trucks - still sl**pin- i took my

time an got into the way i am! hmmmm nice as i came back out onto the lane
i could see truks cab lite and he was watching out for me too so i walked where i was more visible

to him.Ifinished my spliff and hooked my left hand onto my hip as i went....
long honey blonde hair wafting about heels clicking my jacket open blowing at the sides an my

bag over my right shoulder. As his door opened he switched his head lights on
, shocked me a little.then off again i couldn`t see and stopped to readapt my eyesand he was ther

right in front of me starkers! ooowwwww i screeched and wrapped my
hand round his dick yes thats a lovely lovely dick darlinand right there in the middle of the road i

bent over slightly to his side and sucked it into my mouth, he pushed
my head down so i complied and devoured all his cock he groaned out loudmy right arm round his

butt area my left fondled his body all overi stopped an stood up with
my back to him i reached between my legs and pulled his meat in so i could clamp my legs to and

tightly he embrassed me and pulled me to him as he did he started
moving himself about foreplay fukin me i responded girating and grinding to him we`ll have to

move from here Mr. it`s getting on now!..he agreed and taking my hand
walked me back to the truck stood and looked up my skirt as i climbed the teps up- always gives

me a thrill being oggled like that... I sat on his freshley made bunkleaning back on my straight

arms legs crossed, i could just reach his cock with my stilletos i stroked him at first then i gently

kicked it so it waved about before getting onto all fours and slipping him back into my mouth.
we`d left the curtains semi open so only if you camre up close could you see an i was sure i`d seen

some movement sayingnothing i started putting a bit of a show on for them by stepping down and

dancing hula up close to him and hoisting my skirt upat the same time rubbing against his cock
"can we put some music on?". he did and afore long i was stripped to my lingerie andheels i was

sat on the bunks edge legs apart as he stood between em kissing me , i sneek a glimpse ea an there

outside to see if there still there i`m still not really sure * that poppers disorriantates, eh, especially

doing those B/D`s like i do!.*. he came down upon me as a fella does snogging my face off! i had my

legs apart and bent at the knees allowing a veiw of my stocking`d legs , and then i caught a glimse

of two figures moving about to see better....................................................................................

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2 years ago
love the style! nice work!
2 years ago
mmmm nice