I came to soon

Out in my car on a thurs. night / fri. morning calling at all the usual`s, as well as looking for places i`d not yet found, basically dropping in and stopping at every place i knew as a pick-up point an other places i`d just a hunch about really,i hadn`t a clue really but it`s just so nice to pull over along a lane or in a quiet village, sometimes just any where and grab my bag , hat if i`m wearing one hop out and take myself for a walk. With my heels clicking away and a cool evening breese blowing up and around the exposed flesh of my thighs above my stocking tops and barely covered by a mini skirt or short dress.... + the thrill of being totally 100% feminised.. nails / make up / scent / hair done or a gorge. wig on / my lingerie sexily holding my figure and my boobs gently heaving up and down to as i walk along. All of it increasing the anticipation and the overall excitment of the experiance heightened by the glare of headlights as a vehical approaches , or by a person on or abouts the same heading,so it`s a dead cert i`m going to be observed, trucks often blast there horns at me ,which i like too.So i`d called at Burton wood then over to Broxton along to Lo stock gralam and was in to the Hartford picnic and service area , closed off at night except for the truck stop so there`s a lot of space to be able to walk about,benches to sit down at groupings of bushes and trees to allow some cover and seclusion if required.With time moving on 3 maybe 3/30 am soon to start getting light i was going to call it a day soon ,so pepped myself up and wiggled my ass along the layby past the darkened trucks an there sl**ping occupants 4 or 5 of em? strutted onto the gated cafe` area i went to a bench and sat on the end of the table top and lit myself a ciggy. The truckers will soon start to move about and it`s 60 / 40 whether they`ll go for it if they see me so i`ve a chance of a couple more men tonight yet?.Shift workers going in and going home to pull in , i`ve copped off with a few ea and there. the truckers with an hour or so before they`re to leave are good cos we can spend time being decent round each other lay down chatting and smooching I do enjoy some foreplay it seems to relax us into the mood for some great sex i`ve had some of the best times of all in a sl**per cab even putting a show on , for the driver as well as the guys ,if any that are about music playing and i`ve ben encouraged to give it some provocator, dancing like i was paid to curtains open low dim interior lights on /red as well/ as i stripp my clothes away down to my frilly under wear ,when i`ll usually get the attentions of my host so it`s down to business then, i`ve gotten carried away with things before now to and it`s been broad daylight when we`ve satisfied our man, which has ment i`ve had to exit the wagon clearly visible ,no darkness to cover me, laddered stocking`s and that obviously just fucked look and having to scurry across to where i`d parked sort myself out and get off....though some shameless souls are still up for it and approach me openly . i gotta confess i`m usually still as horny as fuck (mainley because i don`t even get a semi on once i`m fem.so i`ve been going alnight and no relief!, but it`s not what i want or could even acheive if i tried it cos i`m a woman now and it don`t work that way) so if we do decide to carry it on it`ll be a drive to a lane or area where we`ll probley not get disturbed?... once they`ve done ...or once they`ve cum and then gone... i`ll defrock or cover up with a track suit... clear the make-up ear-rings and obvious stuff. I`ll go to Lo stock gralam services and park up a while.the day time rolls by quickly when i`m in that frame of mind and before long it`s getting dark and i`m looking for a spot to get myself dolled up again.This is how i came to soon......i don`t usually get dolled up and move around till after midnight really it`s a bit quieter then see , i prefere it that way , but getting dark at 8pm i`m backin my glad rags 9 / 9.30 and i drove straight into Broxton again... well not even 10pm there were guys everywhere though i didn`t pick up on this till i was out the car and right over the other side of the car park settling into a gang bang"theres no other way to describe it really 10/ 15 /20 people ?all around me jockeying for a position....it was getting a bit outta hand i was being ordered about told how and what to do, pulled , pushed and generally being treated like a piece of meat........."I`D CUM TO SOON". I high tailed it away only to be chased and followed for miles till i shook them off!only then did it occur to me what a precarious position i`d put myself in and it was only just turning 10.30pm I laughed when it dawned on me but honestly it wasn`t funny at all at the time i had really started to panick!!!!!!!.... be carefull out there girls and boys
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Filthy Girl !! :)