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2 years ago
one more thing about adult shops. Sex and the City, the tv show did an episode when one of the girls gets her first jack rabbit. She doesn't even want to leave her house. Being a jack rabbit user for many many years, I knew how great they were. Within a week a girl couldn't find one anywhere.

It actually launched Jack rabbit into new heights, now they have several models. Between that and a movie called "Pirates" a parody film, that became the highest adult movie bought by women spiked adult sales. The adult marked spiked because of those two simple things. People did open adult shops because they thought 50% of the population (actually there are more women than men)would be now open to it...Well they were wrong. Even though online adult stores failed, Amazon and all the major vendors got into the game. For a while vibrators use to be in the top five products bought from amazon. Even wall greens online has vibrators now, let alone Trojan has released it's own line of vibrators.

We are buying vibrators more than guys are guying porn almost. It's a huge market. My friend works in marking or did, they found that 80 some percent of all the gadgets for cell phones and mps players, not including blue tooth, are bought by women to make their gadget's prettier. OhMiBod is a vibrator sorts that is kind of an accessory for your mp3 player. It pulsates to the rythem of the music you are playing.

Okay I'll shut up now.
2 years ago
I know a lot I guess about adult shops, I don't know what that says about me HaHaHaHa. In all honesty it's based on a few reasons. Years ago when I was like 19 or 20 my friend got me really interested in how people tick. She is MD and a therapist who deals in marriage and sex. Actually she is an DO, same thing as a MD just a different oath.

I seen people rent porn from a previous job and been to adult shops for my own needs. Probably the first time I went into one by myself I did sit in the car for 2 minutes before I actually went in. It's not a big deal, that's what they are there for.

I actually met an older women than myself at the time who use to work at an adult shop in NYC and lived above it. She actually became the manger. This was more of a filthy porn store.

In college you sit in your dorm and have some wine and just talk, girl talk. It wasn't shocking to find out that a lot of other women never been to one, but wanted to go and get a vibrator. It basically became a big field trip. This was in 2000-2001 so buying sex toys online wasn't huge yet. Probably the year after or two it became popular.

There are less adult shops. Part of that is the recession but the bulk of it is online shopping. People are still embarrassed to go. There aren't any name brand porn stores so when you go to adult shop you are generally paying top dollar. You can buy a jack rabbit for under half the price online, depending on the model.

The adult shops aren't doing well for that reason. There are other factors as well. Magazine sells are down, even playboy isn't doing well. They had to brand playboy into different things. For many magazines they would work like how you would buy a paper or a book. They have a certain amount of time to sell the magazines and if they don't they are suppose to rip off the cover and send them back. Since they stopped doing that with books and no one wants to collect magazines they just send the cover back. Porn stores would bundle magazines together without a cover and sell them for pure profit. Wither it's a paper, magazine, or book, they really only care about getting the cover back.

People aren't wiling to pay for porn anymore. It's free. Basically the industry is it's own worst enemy. Around 11,000 adult videos are made in the united states alone. They have about 18 months to actually make money off of them. Once that is over, they bundle the rights and license them off to various movie sites. Everything gets lost in translation, and no one is sure who actually owns the rights anymore.

A lot of porn producers change their companies names or go under and don't clam the trade mark. I guess it's one of those things that you don't really want to deal with if it isn't making money.
2 years ago
Great collection too
3 years ago
thanks for the invite...good amateur & british vid selection.
3 years ago
Thank you for your comment

◢◤ ┃
   ▂▬▂       ◢◤  ▎
 ◢◤ ◢◤  ◥◣    ◢◤   ▎
◢▌ ▂◢◤▀◥〓◣▂◢◤   ▍               ▂▬
 ▀▼    ◣▄  ▼   ▍           ▂▬◢◤   ◢◤
  ◢◤   ▲〓▂◣▌  ▌      ▂▬◢◤      ◢◤
  ▍◢  ◣ ▍ ▍▲ ◥▍ ▌    ▂◢◤        ◢◤
  ◥▲ ◢▂◣  ◥◢ ▎ ▌  ▂◢◤         ◢◤
   ◥▍◥▀◥◣▂◤◢ ▌◢◤           ◢◤
     ◢◤▀〓▲◢◤◥◣        ▂◢◤
    ▍▲ ◢〓◣     ▌ ▂▄▬◢◤
   ▐ ▐:░░░:▍▲ ▼
  ◢◤ ◢▐░░░:▼ ▐   ▍◥◣
  ▍ ◢◤.:░░:◢◤▲◢◤   ▎┃
 ▍◢◤.:░░░:▍ ◥▬▬◢◤◢▀
▐ ▍.:░░░░:◥▐◣▍
  ◥▲◥◣:▌  ◥▍
    ◥◣ ▐    ▐
     ◥◣ ▍    ▍
      ▍ ◥◣   ◥◣
       ▍ ◥◣   ◥◣
       ▐  ▐◣▂  ◥◣
       ◥◣   ▍ ◥◣ ◥◣
       ◥◣ ▎  ◥◣ ◥◣
        ▂▲ ▍   ◥◣◥◣◢〓◣
      ◥▂▲◢◆    ◥◣ ◣▂◢▎
      ◢〓◤▀        ◥▬◢
3 years ago
sorry my description wasnt up to par on the buggery initiation, i shall endeavour to compile a more accurate recant on my next upload
3 years ago
Thanks for the invite!
3 years ago

3 years ago
3 years ago
Thanks man, have fun and enjoy
3 years ago
Thanks for the invite...nice favs
3 years ago
thanks for the invite...great vid selection ;)
3 years ago
No, I haven't been back to Boston yet, lol!!!
3 years ago
Thanks for your comment
4 years ago
Best wishes from Ukraine ! Have a nice stay ! Have fun ! Thanks for comments !
4 years ago
thanks for the comment
4 years ago
4 years ago
thanks for the invite
4 years ago
hello thanks for the add
5 years ago
Hi and welcome to xhamster ;o)