Deep sexual fantasy part 2

I Know it been since last year since wrote about my bring up, and in that time space I have done a lot more.

So remember i was saying that in part 2 I would talk about my fantasy....well to my luck it came through :).

On a cold winter Sunday, coming from a business meeting i made my way onto the Tram from Roosevelt island to Manhattan, trying to find my way to the A Train to get to 181st in Washington heights. Being new to New York i had a difficult time finding the A/C Train which i eventually found, which is at Columbus Circle.

Reaching to my friends house, lets call her Nancy (which isn't here real name) i was very much cold and had a lot of frost bites on my fingers. It being 19 degrees she was very comforting and warmed me up and we ended up making love and getting naked on her couch, little to find out she just had on her robe and her cock was hard as a this is the first time I'm seen a cock i liked it.! so i got on my knees and placed my tongue on her head, with no hands and i began to suck on her 5 inch white cock. she was rubbing my head and that gave me the courage to do a deep throat, man i can feel she loved that shit, calling out my name and scr****g my head. We moved the party to her bedroom where i kept doing what i was doing. Going for her anal sticking my tongue deep inside her and hearing her morning to do it more and more. I did that for almost 15 mins, she told me for a first timer your very good at it. ;)

She being ready to take my 8 inch black cock she reached for her lube and lubed her ass and rubbed my cock and i asked "your not using a condom" she replied "Naw i want it raw" that being said it was to my liking and i didn't complain. While we both were enjoying each other and making a lot of noise, she told me to get on my back and she gave me a rimming, that shit felt gooooood. I've gotten a rimming before but that was the BEST I've experienced. She reaching for the lube to rub it on my anal and i said "What are you doing" she replied "Didn't you say you want to try taking it anal" and i replied "ohh yea" in my head i was scared out of my mind bcuz its the first time i'l be a bottom.

While she was forcing it in me, i was screaming and baling and she told me to relax and breath when she finally got it in she was stroking me slowly and she was also stroking my cock and telling me my ass felt good and tight. When she was deep in me surprisingly it felt good to me and i was telling her to fuck me harder. The feeling was good inside but my rim area was the part hurting me, BADLY.! and most of my balling was base on the pain around my rim area when she was fucking me.

Now she's giving me a break from taking away my anal virginity she started deep throat my cock to calm me down and to get me back hard so she can ride me. While she was riding me she came on my stomach and i told her to wipe it up and put it in my mouth, then she came over me and i started sucking her cock. i told her to get on her back and i continued sucking her cock and, then she said "time for you to ride it now" i got over her and she told me "I'm not putting it in, you do it" again i was scared out of my mind.

Me sitting on a 5inch white rock hard cock was very painful and she kept telling me "relax, relax we are not going anywhere, take your time" and that's exactly what i did and again it felt good, no better so i started grinding on it and i saw her eyes rolled in her head, she was scr****g my legs. i started seeing my pre cum coming out my cock and i was playing with it while riding her, she saw what i was doing and wanted to suck on it. She told me "time for you to cum" we took 1 hour trying to make me cum by jacking me off, fucking me in different positions, nothing doing and we were laying in bed and just talking about random stuff and she also told me her real age which is 46 yrs when i though she was 32yrs so that makes another mark for me being the oldest woman i've had sex with.

While cuddling in bed and talking ,talking she was telling me you got a blockade in your head, that's the reason why you can't cum, "The brain is the biggest sex organ" Nancy said, which is sooo true. I knew what that blockage was but i didn't want to tell her to hurt her feelings.

It being my first time having sex with a tranny i learn't a lot of things.
They do not carry the same feminine sent that a generic woman carries, i didn't pay that part any mind when having sex with a woman but it did occur to me there. That's the reason why i didn't cum bcuz i'm not into men and she had the sent of 1. Don't get me wrong I fucking loved having sex with a tranny and would do it again but when it was time to spit my seeds it wasn't coming out bcuz my brain is the biggest sex organ.

When i was younger i would tell myself that i would NEVER ever take a cock in my ass, shocking how it happened.!


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