Deep sexual fantasy part 1

Let me start off saying that i am a spiritual person, deeply believe in god and TRY to follow his way (which is hard being the sexual person that i am)....but i feel like this is a good way to air out my sexual desires.

Imma start off my talking about my sexual experience.

I first lost my virginity at the age of 13 when i first entered high school. The girl that i fucked was 17 years old, at first i didn't find sex to be as great is people say it is(we probably didn't do it to the fullest idk) but at the age of 17 i started have sex again. The reason behind that i was a athlete in my senior year of high school so me and my crew, we had a lot of girls who wanted to fuck us and putting your dick on a peddle stool isn't cool when it comes to your teenage friends. At this time i have really experienced how sex really is but living in a Caribbean island you are somewhat looked down-on if you suck a girls pussy but if a girl sucks your dick its OK (what a fucking double standard).

Never the less, leaving high school and playing professional football(soccor for americans) you got a lot coming on your plate, party's starting from Thursday straight through the weekend until Sundays where there's beach party's, To some extent you can see that I am living the life here. One day I meet up with this light skin girl name Anna-lee, Now for how know me would know that this is the girl who made me in the Freaky, nasty and open minded person that i am.

Anna-lee was 19 when we first hooked up (i was 18), she is a long hair brunette, slim body, big Brest cute ass and dark blue eyes...ohh yea she's a model. When we first hooked up it was just one-nite-stands but it started getting serious, every time our relationship got serious she embedded her sexual beliefs into me. Seeing that she is bi and WAS immature she use to cheat on me a lot, just like my other gf's but for some reason it didn't bother me (idk why). But like teenage relationships we break up and get back together but when we break up she be swinging a lot.

One day her older cousin comes from England with her boyfriend and we went out and chill so anna-lee was like they wanted to do an orgy so I was like yea i'll try it. I've done 3somes and loved it but an orgy with a dude was kinda not in my liking but i went on with it anyway. Getting to the house all of us were getting warmed up and stuff and I could feel a tension in the air i didn't know what it was but it was pretty strong. Me and Anna-lee are making out and she whispers in my ears that she wants to see me get fucked by the dude, at this moment I'm scared because I don't believe in homosexuality and i am not gay i've never been fucked and i don't intent on being fucked.

I have a lot of homosexual friends and they know this, some respect it and some don't like it...(message to yall who don't like my beliefs, I am mature enough to respect something that yall do, respect my beliefs as well).
Back to my story....

I wont draw out the whole story on what happened just know that he didn't fucked me but some touching between me and him did happen (Anna-lee was pissed tho). It was my first orgy and I didn't like it...just like my first time having sex...ding ding ding. Till this day I've never been in another orgy since that incident, Anna-lee if your reading this i still love you and your the reason why i am a nasty, freaky person that Cougars what to fuck...yea i said it cougars.

Now seeing that i'm now on the topic of cougars....imma leave that alone, imma just say this, me and my cougar wife are 1 year happy and i wish me and Tracey could reach many many more :)

In part 2 imma talk about my fetish for trannys, t girls, ladyboys whatever you want to call them, What i would love to do with 1 and why i cant live like that fetish.

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