Surprise turns into a real fun evening.

This is a made up story but maybe someday it will be real I hope.

It all starts with my wife coming home from work walking in, in her trench coat style rain jacket. Walking up to the door she removes the coat and walks into the house with nothing on at all. As she walks into the living-room she sees I am not alone. A mutual friend is sitting on the couch. You say oh sorry did not know there was company. You turn to leave when our friend says why you leaving? You say, because I am embarrassed you are over and saw me this way. Our friend just says why worry from where I sit things look great. You look at him and then at me and I say no need to leave. You should come over and sit on the couch between both of us. You say what the heck and throw caution out the window.
You walk over to the couch very shyly at first then something seems to excite you and you walk over with more confidence. As you approach me you look me in the eyes and plant the most passionate kiss you have ever laid on me around friends. As we kiss our friend reaches around and rubs your pussy. I can tell you are loving having us both give you attention. As you are kissing me you are leaning over but I can tell your legs are getting weak as our friend has speed up the speed of his fingers in your wet pussy. He flicks your clit and you scream from your first orgasm of the night. Now as you lay on the couch looking down as our friend licks your pussy I decide to sit back and enjoy the site of you with another man. I sit back as you tell our friend to spin around so you can suck him and he licks you. You are in a 69 position and I decide to go into the other room and grab some oil to spread all over your body. When I come back into the room you have already started having sex. I walk over and pour the oil all over your beautiful 36b tits and let the oil just bead down your body.
As you two are making out our friend says hey call my house I know my wife is still up. We call her and she talks for a bit. Then you ask her hey go to the computer and Skype chat with us. She agrees and we call her. At first I am sitting at the computer and have it angled so his wife cannot see. But as we chat she says hey what is that noise you watching a porn over there again? I said well yes and no. She asks what I mean. I turn the camera so she can watch and her reaction is what, how did you finally get your wife to be daring and why is it when I am not there. I say well she did not know your husband was here and surprised me. So when she was going to walk away your husband said why leave. And well he started to play and this is the result. As your wife watches on camera she says well why don't you join them and I said well I will but why don't you play on camera. You say oh I started the second you moved the camera to show me your wife and my husband together.
So I walk over to my wife and friend and his wife sees the show and we get to watch her play as well. As we make out on the couch I lick my wife pussy and my friend gets a hot blowjob from my wife. As I am playing with my wife pussy she squirts all over the place and that shocks my friends wife who says man I did not know you squirt. My wife says with a grin oh yes I do. Why do you like? his wife says oh yes a lot. We all continue the playing on the couch and the webcam show. As my friend starts to have sex with my wife I decide to get a camera to record the show and let my friends wife have some time directing what happens. So she says she wants them to move closer to the web cam so she can hear all the sounds better. As they do that my wife and friend start making out again. As they do he rides her bareback and makes my wife squirt three times before he explodes but pulls out just in time to send cum all over my wives face. She usually hates that but she is so over the edge in passion that she wipes it off and swallows as much as she can get off her face. As she does that our friends wife says darn I want to be there next time so I can join in and lick it off your face next time. I make my wife get me off before we say goodnight to our friends but we promised the next time will be an event with all four of us at least.

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6 months ago
id love to take your wife and would love to make her squirrrrrrrt and on webcam so the world can see how freaky she is
11 months ago
Thanks obi_malluda I wish my writing was as good as yours.
11 months ago
Hope it does come true. ;)
2 years ago
Thanks for the comments. I hope I can live this dream and I will try to keep writing. I know it is not the greatest writing but we all start some where right
2 years ago
Wow great story hope you keep writting as well.
2 years ago
Like the start. Hope you keep writting stories. And that would be a nice surprise for all involved :-)
2 years ago
Wow great start. Hope you keep writting and hope this dream comes true.
2 years ago
This is my first attempt at writing a story. Please let me know what you think. I know it is not a true story but maybe someday it will be.