My favorite bus driver

It was back in 2004,when i was 16.This is the first time i share this story so..i hope you enjoy it !
I was always the last one on the bus after school,and my ride home was faar.One day i decide to wank off a bit,without being caught of course.but as soon as wank,my bus driver is watching me.i didnt knew if i had to stop or continue..he pulled off on the side of the road,near a forest trail and comes to me.Next thing i know,he asked if he could touch my 16 year old cock...i wasnt bi or gay but,it turned me on.i ended up sucking his cock,making him a blowjob ! it was my first time anal,and it wasnt bad at all,indeed i liked it.he had one warm cock.after maybe 35 minutes,i sucked his cock until he came in my mouth,and i swallowed the whole.Sorry for not being into detail,i aint a very good story teller but,i had to share this with you.Since then,i hang in public restrooms,and wait for someone to accept my blowjobs.i since then started to blow total strangers and liking it.Feeling the warm cock sensation in my mouth is all i need.I'll post more detailed stores if this one works..thank you :D

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4 years ago
good one
4 years ago
Good story could be long and its what is left to the imagination that counts thanks
4 years ago
sweet ;-)
4 years ago
i like it vever much love to here more