The Older The Better

Recently I've met a man around his 60's that always came by my park outside my appartment.Since I've been developing a fetish for older mens,I gave it a shot even if he was a total stranger.It only took 3 days to be "closer" with him and I jumped right to conclusion: When is the last time you've had sex? He answered 19 years ago. Even if I wasn't sure of his sexual orientation,I started to tease him and make remarks like "How could I help you" or "I'm a very discrete man".He then admitted a secret fetish for younger man (I'm 20) and He won't have any problems trying it one day.30 minutes later,He is laid naked on his living room chair while I ask him what he would love me to do while he gets his cock hard.I started by making my fingers wet and rubbing my asshole to rubbing my cock wet to jacking off both of our cock at the same time while I press mine against his.When his old cock was rock-solid I gave him a wet and dripping blowjob.I could feel by the hardness of his cock that he absolutely loved it.He said to slow down because he didn't want to finish too early so I started to rub his cock on my asshole from fast to slow and asked him to eat my hot hole so He could fuck me.Slowly,I pushed his cock in my slippery anus.Very slowly because by the sounds of his moans,It looks like he would of filled my ass with a 19 years old hot load of spunk right quick.When his entire cock was filling my hole,We went from doggystyle to him on top of me while I suck his nipples,which made him harder and horny even more.He went longer and harder than I expected for a man his age.As he was ready to unload a hot cumload,I left him with 2 options in those exact words:
"Wanna cum in my tight asshole or you let me suck that cum out of your cock"
He chose the blowjob so I went fucking nuts on his cock like never before.Maybe it's me but I get a fucking hard-on by tasting my ass on a cock,which made me fucking horny.Just seconds before he came,I said to him to let it all out in my mouth and face.20 years of cum all over my face,it was the hottest spunk of all time.I continued to suck him dry when he said "Next time,it's your asshole"

If you guys love my story,I could write my other sex stories with him :)
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