The time I took 4 loads

About Christmas Eve in 2006,I was in my job's X-Mas party( I worked in a wood shop),We were 5 in total,with my colleges.We decided to rent a place to watch movies and all,and one of them rent a porn movie,as a joke from the start.They kinda knew I was into Bisex,but never talked about it.We watched the movie and all,until we decided to wank off,nothing homo,just wanking.And one of my partners was seing that I watched him masturbate,and decided to stuck his junk into my mouth...I ended up blowing 4 guys,not so large cocks,but very fun to blow.they came in my mouth,as my face and my own cock.I even blowed one 25 minutes after he came,because I was so into it.We did that another time,in a van near some wood,but this time,each had a turn.Very fun experience i'll try again,if any of you readers would be interested,I am open for sucking cocks for fun,just meeting and all,no prostitution or whatever.I just want to expand my fun.
70% (8/4)
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4 years ago
Not bad... Most of my friends are straight only one let me suck him off and he freaked out the next day and we never did it again.keep it up because right now I am!
4 years ago
nice, we should talk :)