Poor Sub Henry

Another story I found back in the day...

Poor Sub Henry

Henry walked into the deserted palace and cautiously peered around. He was sure this is
where he was supposed to meet her.
It seemed like an eternity since he first met her. He had responded to a personal ad on the
Internet from a woman who claimed some experience as a Dominatrix. Her name was
Victoria and she had replied soon after. Through several email exchanges he began to get a
sense that this one was real. He had learned that not all are who they claim to be on the
Internet. Shortly after they talked on the phone and arranged a brief introduction in person. He
still remembered his anxiety and excitement as he drove to meet her that day.
'Hello,' he called out into the dark and deserted room. 'Victoria are you here?'
Suddenly he felt a soft but firm hand on his shoulder. And then a cloth was placed over his
'Don't worry, I'm here.' Her firm and authoritative voice whispered in his ear. 'I want you to learn
from the start to trust me, so now you have no choice but to let me lead you to my lair.'
He smelled her perfume as she guided him to 'her lair'; not knowing what was in store for him,
yet his cock was already swelling in anticipation. She led him into a room and had him sit on
what felt like a bed or large cushion. She quickly removed his clothes and pushed him
backward on to the cushion. Henry felt her thighs straddle his naked form and he shivered
'Are you willing to relinquish all control to me?' she asked.
'Y-y-yes!' Henry stuttered softly into the darkness that enveloped him.
'Good! First you shall address me as Mistress Victoria while I am with you. Do you understand?'
she said in a firm but authoritative voice.
'Yes, Mistress Victoria.' He excitedly exclaimed. His throat hardly working due to his excitement.
'Second you will do what I say and when I say for as long as I wish it.' She smiled seductively
imagining what this may curtail.
'Ye-yes Mistress Victoria' he implored. 'I shall do anything you wish if it pleases you.'
Victoria smiled again and licked her lips. She wondered if he knew what that could mean and she
laughed seductively.
She reached out and stroked his growing cock. He shivered in delight as she did. Victoria
reached down to the velvety softness between her legs and felt her warmth and moistness
there. She cooed with anticipation.
'You shall be tied and made helpless until I deem otherwise. You must learn to please me on
my terms and my terms only. Is that understood?' she demanded sternly.
Henry nodded his assent. He felt one hand and then the other being secured to a immovable
object, but being blindfolded, he still was unsure to what he was tied. Then he felt her soft
hands securing his ankles in a spread eagle position also. He felt helpless and a little afraid,
but his cock swelled with new heat at the prospects that awaited him.
Victoria slid out of her black gown and inspected his body from toe to head. She trailed a
manicured nail up his thigh and scratched lightly at the underside of his balls, enjoying the
way his engorged cock jerked at the sensations.
She placed first one, then two finger inside her wet fanny and squirmed with delight at the
sensations she was building to. The she removed her fingers and caressed his lips with her
scent and juices. Watching as he silently and hungrily sucked them clean and licked his lips
in hopes of more. Oh, there would be more she thought. Allot more for him to drink and savor.

She took his hard, wagging cock in her hand and squeezed firmly. His hips raised
involuntarily and he groaned lustily. She watched his body tense and felt his need increase.
She bent and gently kissed the head of his swollen member, running her tongue over the
small opening at its top. She tasted the first drops of his manhood and savored the salty,
sweet taste that it yielded.
Quickly she rose up and straddled his chest with her strong thighs. She sat upright and felt
his chest sink with her weight and heard him gasp with the effort to breath. Slowly she slid
her wet bottom back across his torso and neck, coming to rest with her quim snugly against
his chin.
'Inhale deeply slave' she commanded.
Henry labored to breathe but did as he was told. He inhaled long and hard, extracting every
atom of her feminine sexuality from the surrounding air that he could. She shivered in delight,
but said nothing.
She sat up on him and splurged her hot fanny across his lips. She reached behind her and
separated her ample cheeks and ground down on his face until she felt his nose pressing
against the tight ring of her anus. Then she released her cheeks and sat down fully over his
face once more. Enjoying the sensations that were quickly spreading through her bottom.
'Ummmph!' came from beneath her squelching fanny as she sat. She felt his nose trying to
breathe and she relaxed her sphincter around it to allow him full smothering access. His nose
slipped into her bottom hole and she squeezed around it, contracting her cheeks as she did
'Ummm……I like this seat slave. It's very comfortable and I feel as though I may sit here for
hours.' She said as she wriggled around on his features.
Her juices were beginning to flow heavy now with the naughtiness that she felt as she sat over
him. She let herself go then and flooded his mouth with her cum as she orgasmed over him.
Rubbing down hard as she came, enjoying his probing nose, which was still held securely
inside her bottom.
She bounced up quickly allowing him to grasp one quick breath before she settled back over
him again. She leaned forward and grasped his hard member and began to stroke it slowly.
'Ooohhhhhhh' she felt more than heard beneath her soaking wet fanny.
She began to rub him faster now. 'Lick me slave! Put that tongue in my fanny and lick for all
you're worth. If you don't I'll sit here all night until you realize I am the Queen and you are
merely my pleasure toy.'
She felt the first tentative licks as he pressed his tongue deep inside of her sex. Quickly he
began stabbing his hot tongue into her flesh, savoring the juices that it held. His nose held
securely in the rosebud of her cheeks.
She slowed her strokes of his cock and sat upright. Engulfing his face further into the reaches
of her bottom. She cooed with joy at the sensations. She had his face trapped in her ample
arse and his nose locked in her sucking arsehole. His mouth was buried in her fanny and his
tongue was driving her wild as she came down his throat.
'AAaarrrRRGgghhhh!' She screamed as the first wave of strong orgasms racked her body.
She shuddered and ground her arse over him with unbridled abandon. She wanted to shove his
whole head in her bottom. She wanted to absorb him fully into her sex and arse. She wriggled
down hard; imagining the feeling it would be to have him enslaved as her everyday seat and
toilet. The thought sent a whole new wave of pleasure through her sexy form.
Henry was running out of air and feared that she would forget to get up. His hands and legs
were tied and there was no way to get out. His nose was fully buried in the tight constriction
of her arsehole and his mouth was full of her magnificent fanny. Stars started to swim before
his eyes and darkness was following. Just then she raised herself off him. His face was
immediately flushed with cool fresh air. He gasped hungrily to revive his burning lungs. But no
more than his second gasp and she descended once more, plunging him back into the
smothering darkness of her backside.
'Open you mouth slave!' she commanded. 'I have to pee and since the bathroom is at the
other end of the hall and your right here, guess which I am going to choose to use?' she
laughed sadistically.
Henry's mind recoiled in shock at what she had said. He knew he was to be the vessel for her
golden release. 'Ummmm….' Was all he could utter with her sitting so firmly on his face once
'Ah, that sounded like a plea. Was it? Maybe you are pleading to have me piss down your
throat. I think you are!' with that she released her pent up bladder and began to piss in his
trapped and waiting mouth. She could hear the splashing of her urine as it entered him and
felt his useless swallowing as she pissed full strength into him. She ground her arse over his
face and f***ed his nose into her arse as she continued.
Henry gulped the hot, salty nectar that flooded his being. He had no choice. It was this or
drown. He felt his nose sliding into her arsehole as she ground over him. He knew he was hers
and she could do anything she wished to him.
Finally she finished and with a wet wiggle got off him and stared down at his pathetic red
face. She watched as he swallowed the last mouthful of her golden elixir and grunted in
satisfaction. She turned then and walked across the room.
Henry could hear her walking away but because he still wore the blindfold he had no idea what
was next. He shivered in anticipation and licked his moist lips clean of her urine.
Suddenly he felt a sharp stinging blow to his chest, then another and another. Soon his whole
torso from navel to neck was criss-crossed with stinging blows.
She reached down and removed his blindfold. Observing her handiwork of red stripes across
him. Henry blinked in the dim light and as his eyes came into focus he saw her there. She was
a vision to behold indeed. She wore a black silk slip that reached to her knees. Her hair and
makeup were perfect and her ruby red lips smiled down at him at she peered into his
awakening eyes.
'Now, you can see your Mistress as she twines you into her submissive slave. I have only
begun your education in submission boy! Before I am through with you, you will beg to lick
my arsehole clean. You will beg to drink my piss and lick the dew off my fanny. You will do
anything I command you to do! Do you understand!'
'Ye-yesss Missstresssss, I understand' he said soulfully hoping it would be enough to please
'Good!!' I want to feel your cock inside me now, but you must not cum unless I command you.
If you do, your punishment will be excruciating.'
Quickly she straddled his loins and grasped his hard cock. Without hesitation she sat down
fully upon its length. She groaned with delight as it filled her hungry void. At once she began
to pump him with her tight vaginal seal as she pulled and twisted his nipples. She threw her
head back and screamed with delight as she fucked him. Pounding herself over her slave as
she rode him to orgasm.
Henry watched her plentiful breast sway and bounce as she rode him. His cock felt as though
it was on fire and his balls swelled with need. His nipples ached with pleasure as she toyed
with him and his body arched to meet her thrusts.
'Ohhhhh!! This feels so good! I think I am going to enjoy having you for a slave Henry!' she
panted. Suddenly her voice was gone and fragile whimpering replaced it as she was
encomparseed in another wave of pleasure.
Henry gritted his teeth and tried not to cum. But her hot bottom and swaying breasts over him
was almost too much. He was going to cum soon and there was nothing he could do about it.

'Uggghh!' he groaned as he felt his load surging towards its goal. Then it was over and he was
shaking in the aftershocks of orgasm.
Mistress Victoria continued to stroke him and milk the final juices free from his withering cock.
Then she leaped off him, turned in mid flight and landed squarely on his face with her full
'How dare you disobey me slave!' she roared. 'Now clean this mess up that you caused. And I
better not find a drop left when you are through.' She yelled down at him.
Henry could only do as she commanded. His face was full of her bottom and his mouth was
receiving his own cum as well as her juices. He lapped eagerly in hopes of appeasing her and
avoiding the promised punishment. He had never eaten his own cum and he was ashamed to
have to do it now.
After ten minutes of his bathing tongue Victoria raised herself and looked down between the 'V' of
her strong thighs. She screwed her mouth into a rage and said 'Oh my! You have done it now.
I warned you not to cum unless I commanded!!!! Now you shall pay and pay dearly.'
Mistress Victoria dismounted his face and headed out of the room. She wanted him to suffer by
anticipating what was next. Secretly she was glad he came. That was what she planned
anyway. This way she could use all the powers at her control to enslave and humiliate him.
Already he had been f***ed to drink her piss and swallow his own cum. Now she would take
it one step forward. One step closer to transforming him into her personal pleasure seat and
'Full' toilet. She headed down the long hall towards the bathroom, plans seething in her mind.
Henry shivered in the dim room. He checked his bonds for the hundredth time it seemed and
found them to be quite secured. He wandered again what he had gotten himself into. He could
not imagine how his torment could grow and the thought scared and excited him. His cock
grew once more in response to his anxious waiting, when suddenly he heard her footsteps
approaching again.
Victoria walked back into the room where her new slave was bound as she left him. She lit a
single candle and brought it close to his swelling balls.
'Shall I burn them off? No, not just yet anyway.' She threatened. Instead she tipped the
candle and watched as the hot wax fell upon his swelling cock and he jerked with the pain.
'Oh, poor baby! Does that hurt?' she laughed.
'Maybe you can make it up to me. Would you like that?' she said as she poured more hot
was over his balls.
'P-p-pl-please Mistress! I'll do anything you say. Just please no more wax on my groin!
Please!' he begged.
'Ummmm. Very well then slave. I left you to take a shit and I am afraid it was a particularly
nasty one at that. And I am quite afraid there was no toilet paper to clean myself with. So,
you have two choices. One, you can lick my bottom clean and I do mean clean or you can
endure more wax until I am satisfied you have suffered enough. And that may take a very,
very long time.' She grinned down at him menacingly.
Henry's mind reeled with the choices. Should he lick her nasty arse as she commanded or bear
the unbearable torture of the wax. His mind could not comprehend and so he said 'I'll lick you
clean Mistress.'
Victoria relished her power over him and smiled down at his upturned inviting face. Slowly she
straddled his form facing his feet. Gently, she moved backwards exposing to his now captive
face the full extent of the mess that he had bargained to clean. She watched, as his
realization of his mistake was evident before him.
Henry looked up at the growing swell of her hips as she neared his face. Her cheeks opening
wider to admit his features. As she did, he both smelled and saw up close the depths to
which he had sunk. Slowly her arse overtook him and he felt lightheaded at the
prospect of her descending weight.
Victoria sat back now; confident he had witnessed the full view of his repentance. She allowed her
arsehole to spread over his mouth as she seated herself. At once she began to cum with the
sensations of queening him in such a state as this.
'Get that tongue in my arsehole boy! Clean it out!!!' she screamed in delight.
She felt his tongue dig deeply into the tight spinchter of her arse's center and dredge the rest
of her waste free. She shivered with the pleasure that it brought her and began to cum again
as she rode his face to new heights. She ground her bottom down full weight. Wanting to
submerge his head in her tight arsehole. Imaging that he was being sucked headfirst into her
hungry bottom where he might live and suffer in her bowels.
Henry was reeling now. Her weight had increased and his tongue was buried inside her
constricting rectum as she ground over him. He was losing consciousness fast and knew
he would soon black out. Still, he continued to lick at her arse and as he did all light faded.
Victoria was in another world. A world of female dominance and power. A world where all men
were to be used as merely a thing of pleasure or convenience for her desires. She ground over
his face without a thought to his well being and gave in to her own perverse sexual needs.
She lost track of the orgasms that she had had and continued to have as she smothered him
in her arse. She wanted it to last forever. The very thought made her
fanny quiver in another spasm of pleasure. Then she would remain on his face until he had
licked every crevice clean. Then and only then would she allow him a breath and piss down
his throat to ensure his meal was complete.
Slowly she regained her senses and realized he was no longer moving. Hurriedly she sat up
and raised her bountiful hips from her seat, his face. She watched as he suddenly began to
breathe on his own once again. Still quite u*********s, but alive no less. She leaned over
and untied his hands. And then she removed herself from her seat and untethered his legs.
As he slept she carefully washed his face and imagined what may lie in store upon his

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1 year ago
I am always turned on with anticipation, wonder, concern and fear when a hot woman says something similar to "Are you willing to relinquish all control to me." Sometimes it is a command. Sometimes it is just insisting that she tied up your and feet so you are helpless.